Tổng hợp word formation bắt đầu bằng R trong tiếng Anh

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Nắm Vững WORD BUILDING - WORD FORMATION - WORD FAMILY - CẤU TẠO TỪ là cách "Nhanh Nhất" Giúp Em Mở Rộng Vốn Từ!. Dưới đây là danh sách tổng hợp word formation bắt đầu bằng R trong tiếng Anh mà các em nên biết trong tiếng anh.

RAIL (N/V) - hàng rào, đường ray/ rào lại, đặt đường ray

Lime was quarried in Rockland and shipped by rail to distant points, but this was an industry in decline.

DERAIL (V) - làm trật bánh

Any train travelling at a decent speed is going to derail when it hits something solid and immovable like a car.

DERAILMENT (N) - sự trật bánh xe

Please note these announcements were collected before the derailment in case anyone thinks they are currently making light of the situation.

RAILING (N) - hàng rào, sự mắng nhiếc

Moving blindly, he barked his shin, found the railing and climbed the steps.

RAILROAD (N/V) - đường sắt, chuyên chở/ du lịch bằng xe lửa

It was America's first railroad operating regular passenger and freight service.

RAILWAY (N) - đường sắt, đường xe lửa

The railway generally operates to the summit station from Whitsun to October.

RARE (ADJ) - hiếm

The Microsoft-Ballmer split may be the rare case in which an amicable divorce leaves both parties richer.

RARITY (N) - sự hiếm có

They are so desirable because of their aesthetic features, their durability and rarity.

RARELY (ADV) - đặc biệt, bất thường

The gradual prolongation of the AH interval is a feature that rarely occurs in accessory pathway conduction.

RATIONAL (ADJ) - có lý trí, có chừng mực

In my analysis of this tripartite division I shall identify the rational soul with the ego, or self-obsessed reactive mind of Buddhism.

RATIONALLY (ADV) - có lý trí, có chừng mực

Looking at it rationally, we have a great house, and the only thing we lack is a bit more space.

IRRATIONAL (ADJ) - không hợp lý

The view that emotions are irrational was eloquently defended by the Epicureans and Stoics.

IRRATIONALLY (ADV) - bất hợp lý

There is certainly a level at which irrationally rapid rate cuts will completely reverse the equation.

RATIONALISM (N) - chủ nghĩa duy lý

This battle for God was an attempt to fill the void at the heart of a society based on scientific rationalism.

RATIONALE (N) - nhân tố căn bản

I can never understand the rationale behind some of the things that women do these days.

RATIONALIZE (V) - hợp lý hóa, theo chủ nghĩa duy lý

There was the bitterness over the recruiters' deception, but they tried their best to rationalize what was happening.

RATIONALIZATION (N) - sự hợp lý hóa

The convenient rationalization that our weapons potpourri will confuse the enemy into fear of misbehaving is absurd and threatening.

RATIONALITY (N) - sự hợp lý

Western rationality and pride in democracy can seem an intolerable, parochial conceit to those whose lives have been so violently disturbed.

READ (N/V) - (sự) đọc

Until now, we have read this history as a hero story in which the clever human lineage triumphantly conquers the world.

READER (N) - độc giả

So the reader must resort to the apparatus and notes to figure out what interpretation is driving a given modernization choice.

READERSHIP (N) - số người đọc tạp chí

Nonetheless, this is a wonderful book to present the ideas of one strand of economic demography to a general readership.

REREAD (V) - đọc lại

The researcher read and reread the verbatim transcripts to identify and extract significant statements.

MISREAD (V) - hiểu sai, đọc sai

I misread the piece to mean that both liberals and conservatives favored embryo research.

READILY (ADV) - vui lòng, sẵn sàng

Because of the long residence times typical of most bodies of groundwater, contaminated aquifers are not readily restored by natural processes.

READINESS (N) - sự sẵn lòng, thiện ý

Nursing personnel can plan procedures at moments when a baby shows behaviors that indicate a readiness to interact.

READY (ADJ/V) - sẵn sàng

If residents strengthen the city's identity, they will be ready one day to leave the mainland and form a city-state akin to Singapore.

UNREADY (ADJ) - không sẵn sàng

Despite his ten billion years of preparation, he found himself to be unready.

REAL (ADJ/N) - thực tế

As interest rates have begun to rise, the real estate market nears the top of the roller coaster ride.

REALLY (ADV) - thật ra

The rich and the poor are worlds apart yet we are never told or never see the really horrific scenes.

UNREAL (ADJ) - không thực tế

The cars and houses, while occasionally showing signs of human habitation, look unreal, like toy models set against a colored background.

REALISTIC (ADJ) - hiện thực

I'm not going out there going for the green jersey straight away but, should it be realistic after eight days, then I'll go for it.

REALISTICALLY (ADV) - một cách thực tế

Whether he can realistically hope to overturn the sizeable Labour majority in Barking is perhaps doubtful.

REALITY (N) - thực tế

We should not be giving special treatment to someone purely on the strength of their spending power but the reality is that we have to.

REALISM (N) - chủ nghĩa hiện thực

Political realism in essence reduces to the political-ethical principle that might is right.

SURREAL (ADJ) - không giống thực tế

Also can't help sparing a thought for the families of last year's tsunami victims for whom this must all still seem surreal.

REALIZE (V) - nhận thức

You would realize that too if you had to live on German jelly and bean stew for six months.

REALIZATION (N) - sự nhận thức rõ

He was now drug-free and working for a temporary staffing agency, but the realization of what he had done to his life was catching up with him.

RECEIVE (V) - nhận

So does being able to receive the sacraments from the several priests and deacons who are allowed to minister on death row.

RECEIVER (N) - người nhận

The double receiver means viewers can watch one digital channel while recording another.

RECEPTION (N) - sự nhận

Usually, someone will greet you at a reception desk and show you where to go.

RECIPIENT (N) - người nhận

The recipient can the either review the changes or overwrite the previous address card.

RECEPTIONIST (N) - người tiếp khách, lễ tân

I've hired a receptionist and I have a paging device in case something does happen.

RECOGNIZE (V) - công nhận

He has grown to recognize that the distinction is a bad one and that the artificially separated elements are mutually supporting and necessary.

RECOGNITION (N) - sự thừa nhận

The machine beeped in recognition of the code and the numbers flashed momentarily across the screen.

RECOGNIZABLE (ADJ) - có thể công nhận

This unit is extraordinarily rich in organic carbon and readily recognizable in the field and in downhole logs.

RECOGNIZABLY (ADV) - có thể công nhận

They're recognizably human characters with serious problems of their own and lives that don't always stay on placid waters.

UNRECOGNIZABLE (ADJ) - không nhận ra được

It's become so unravelled in the course of his revisionism that it's completely unrecognizable and nonsensical now.

RED (N/ADJ) - màu đỏ

The advocates of this theory were correct in stating that a black wall would be warmer than a red or brick-coloured one.

REDNESS (N) - màu đỏ, đốm đỏ

Signs of mastitis include lumps in the breast, redness, heat and tenderness, and milk solids coming from the nipple.

REDDISH (N) - hơi đỏ, đo đỏ

The bright reddish object to the lower left of the center is a BL Lac object at the center of a cluster of galaxies.

REFER (V) - tham khảo

Please refer to section 2, paragraph 4 for the appropriate information.

REFERENCE (N) - nguồn/ sự tham khảo

She also questioned the adjustment of market values by reference to Savill's Index.

REFEREE (N/V) - (làm) trọng tài

The referee refused to comment to the media afterwards why he abandoned the match.

REFERENTIAL (ADJ) - để tham khảo, có liên quan

The claim, of course, was that referential uses of a description are a function of pragmatics, not quantifier scope.

REFUSE (V/N) - từ chối/ đồ bỏ đi

You refuse to help and then criticize me for not doing it right? You're impossible!

REFUSAL (N) - sự từ chối, quyền ưu tiên

In his report to the board, Mr Moore recommended refusal of the application.

REGARD (V/N) - xem như, có liên quan tới/ sự chủ ý

It is a good idea to ask the retailer what its terms and conditions are with regard to the return of goods.

DISREGARD (V/N) - không để ý tới, sự bất chấp

But remember it's still too early for the nightwalkers to disregard their reflective gear.

REGARDLESS (ADJ) - không đếm xỉa tới

This is the case regardless of whether the employee is paid on a daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, or other basis.

REGARDLESSLY (ADV) - không đếm xỉa tới

The only problem was that Iron didn't quite realize that her observations were more often than not accurate, but let her continue regardlessly.

REGRET (V/N) - hối hận, sự luyến tiếc

Nhớ tham khảo cách dùng ving và to inf nhé, như regret khi nào dùng ving, khi nào dùng to inf nhớ học kĩ IELTS TUTOR đã hướng dẫn

We deeply regret that this ad ran and we apologize if some individuals have been offended by its content.

REGRETTABLE (ADJ) - đáng tiếc

This sort of quota is regrettable, but it is the only solution to the crisis.

REGRETTABLY (ADV) - một cách đáng tiếc

I would like to express my formal thanks to the NHS Trust and to the doctor I saw that evening, whose name regrettably now escapes me.

REGRETFUL (ADJ) - hối tiếc, ân hận

The professional soldier is one who is cold, dispassionate and regretful in his duty when forced to kill.

RELATE (V) - liên quan, có quan hệ họ hàng

Succinct summaries describe the structural features and relate other minerals to the one being viewed.

RELATION (N) - bà con họ hàng, sự liên lạc

To investigate this, we used regression to examine

the relation between response and the current value of the incentive in US dollars.

RELATIVE (ADJ/N) - tương đối, quan hệ/ bà con thân thuộc

In the assessment of substances for toxic characteristics acute toxicity is usually a first step in providing information on relative toxicity.

RELATIVELY (ADV) - tương đối, có quan hệ với

The role of the geosphere itself as a chemical containment barrier is relatively difficult to evaluate.

RELEVANT (ADJ) - thích hợp

Almost every assertion is backed by a sackful of evidence, statistics or relevant quotations.

RELEVANCE (N) - sự thích hợp

This present political relevance of the Dreamtime helps to blur the distinction between past and present.

RELEVANTLY (ADV) - một cách thích hợp

But what relevantly here could be said to be the damage due to the negligence of an independent contractor engaged by the occupier?

IRRELEVANT (ADJ) - không thích đáng

With the latter, the hero becomes almost irrelevant to the life of the ordinary person.

RELY (V) - tin cậy, dựa vào

What we cannot rely on any more is solidly predictable attendance at uninteresting concerts.

RELIABLE (ADJ) - chắc chắn, đáng tin cậy

If you get it pure from a reliable source, it gives you the energy to pursue a project to the very end and get it as right as it will ever get.

UNRELIABLE (ADJ) - không tin cậy được

Memory fades with time, and as a result the evidence people can provide on the stand becomes progressively more unreliable.

RELIANCE (N) - sự tin cậy

A distinguishing feature of the postwar period was in fact its exceptional reliance on unfree labour.

RELIABILITY (N) - sự đáng tin cậy

The audience is left to question history, in particular the reliability of primary sources.

RELIABLY (ADV) - chắc chắn, đáng tin cậy

In fact we are reliably informed that Burnby Hall Gardens at Pocklington had never seen anything like it.

REMOVE (V) - bỏ ra

Boil the chicken and use a spoon to remove any scum that floats to the surface.

REMOVAL (N) - việc dời đi

You can do a search on calcimine paint removal and find lots of different tips.

REMOVABLE (ADJ) - có thể mở ra được

To create the top pillow on the stack, cut a bucolic scene from toile fabric and position it in the center of a removable pillow cover.

IRREMOVABLE (ADJ) - không thể chuyển đi được

Today, as an unelected Brussels official, he is unaccountable and irremovable.

IRREMOVABLY (ADV) - không thể chuyển đi được

Why, nothing, of course, given that the political system that permitted it to happen is irremovably entrenched.

RESEMBLE (V) - giống với

They now seem to resemble an unscrupulously privatised enterprise that was formerly a monopolist on the domestic market.

RESEMBLANCE (N) - sự giống nhau

And the story bears a curious resemblance to accounts of tech start-ups or college kids cutting class to become dot-commers.

RESIDE (V) - thuộc về, cư trú

Britain and several others, mostly in the Caribbean, grant the right to vote to Commonwealth citizens who reside in those countries.

RESIDENT (ADJ/N) - cư trú, nội trú/ người trú ngự

James is a contributing writer and a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.

RESIDENTIAL (ADJ) - (thuộc) nhà ở

Most analysts say a realignment in the residential property market was inevitable.

RESIDENCE (N) - chỗ ở, sự cư ngụ

The hotel is a temporary residence, so maybe you'll soon move from wish to actuality.

RESPOND (V) - đáp lại

The plan was comprehensive in taking into consideration actions needed to prepare and respond to emergencies at each level.

RESPONDENT (ADJ) - đáp lại

But if he is named as a respondent, he is a respondent party to the proceedings, is he not?

RESPONSIVE (ADJ) - sẵn sàng đáp lại

Whereas print and TV media is linear and one-way the internet is interactive and responsive.

UNRESPONSIVE (ADJ) - khó động lòng

Counsel asked to adjourn to the next day as the witness seemed like she was disinterested and unresponsive to questions.

RESPONSIVENESS (N) - sự phản ứng nhanh

This state of unresponsiveness could be adoptively transferred to partially immunosuppressed recipients.

REST (V) - yên nghỉ, nghỉ ngơi

As for the rest of the players, I've been thinking about putting them all on the transfer list.

RESTLESS (ADJ) - không nghỉ

At dawn the next morning I stood in my skivvies on the balcony of my room and surveyed the restless sea.

RESTLESSLY (ADV) - không ngừng nghỉ

I paced restlessly around my small cell, stomach twisting with anxiety, and hunger.

RESTIVE (ADJ) - cứng đầu cứng cổ

Here is an impoverished country with a restive population demanding improvements to their lives.

RICH (ADJ) - giàu có

Although she's now rich and famous, she remembers her meager beginnings as a child from a poor family.

RICHLY (ADV) - giàu có, phong phú

He is wearing a dark indigo suit, elegant in its tailoring, a fine white shirt, and a richly colored tie.

ENRICH (V) - làm giàu

Put it in stark terms and industrial workers, poorly paid, are asked to enrich young men who are already very wealthy.

RICHES (N) - của cải

Yet the only real hope for the Sahrawis may now be the foreign oil companies competing to exploit the riches off the Atlantic seaboard.

RICHNESS (N) - sự giàu có

The richness of these museum collections is dependent upon generous donations.

RIVAL (ADJ/N/V) - đối địch/ cạnh tranh

His birthplace is not known, though Aberdeenshire and Galloway have made rival claims.

RIVALRY (N) - sự cạnh tranh

Their rivalry had been one of friendly competition and challenging each other to go to the extreme.

UNRIVALLED (ADJ) - không gì sánh được

It's failure is based on unrivalled extravagance and excess, poor management and a desire to ignore any form of business or common sense.

ROB (V) - cướp

They rob parked cars and have studied the habits of their targets before going into action.

ROBBER (N) - kẻ cướp

Last Tuesday, the 64-year-old jeweller was shot dead by a robber during a raid on her shop in Nottingham.

ROBBERY (N) - vụ ăn cướp

Detectives in Accrington today renewed their appeal for information about a robbery in which a shopkeeper was believed to be coshed with a gun.

RUN (N/V) - quãng đường/ chạy

If only the wealthy can afford to run for public office, are we more a plutocracy than a democracy?

RUNNER (N) - cầu thủ chạy đua

He is wiry, bearded, a life-long mountaineer, skier and runner and one of Scotland's leading endurance riders.

RUNAWAY (ADJ/N) - trốn tránh, người chạy trốn

Industry observers predicted that Batman Forever merch would be the summer's runaway hit.

RUNWAY (N) - đường băng

He and model of the moment Lilli strut down the runway to a chunky house bassline.

FORERUNNER (N) - người báo hiệu, tiền bối

Mr Freeman said some people were opposed to anything they saw as a forerunner of development.

RUNNER-UP (N) - người đứng nhỉ trong trận chung kết

In addition, there is one set of specially produced Wainwright mugs on offer as a runner-up prize.

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