Tổng hợp word formation bắt đầu bằng S trong tiếng Anh

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Nắm Vững WORD BUILDING - WORD FORMATION - WORD FAMILY - CẤU TẠO TỪ là cách "Nhanh Nhất" Giúp Em Mở Rộng Vốn Từ!. Dưới đây là danh sách tổng hợp word formation bắt đầu bằng S trong tiếng Anh mà các em nên biết trong tiếng anh.

SAFE (ADJ/N) - an toàn/ két sắt

Interlocks and circuitry are provided to effect safe automatic sequencing of the joggling machine.

SAFETY (N) - sự an toàn

To meet flight safety objectives, the system also directs signals and data to cockpit voice and flight data recorders.

SAFELY (ADV) - thận trọng, an toàn

The following herbicides can be safely applied to labeled newly transplanted stock, with the restrictions noted.

UNSAFE (ADJ) - không an toàn

But they were quickly forced to withdraw as the heat built up and the fire chiefs declared the building unsafe.

UNSAFELY (ADV) - không an toàn

The article goes on to say that young people are using the structure of the bridge unsafely.

SATISFY (V) - làm thỏa mãn

There is enough gold in the vaults of central banks to satisfy world demand for 10 years without another ounce being mined!

SATISFACTION (N) - sự thỏa mãn, sự trả nợ

But surely he must get a glow of satisfaction when his music is touted as life-changing?

DISSATISFACTION (N) - sự không bằng lòng, sự bất mãn

As a result, Union leaders are unhappy and their dissatisfaction is made clear.

SATISFYING (ADJ) - làm vừa ý

Recently I had a satisfying clear-out of 400 videos and 300 books, about half of them unwatched or unread.

SATISFYINGLY (ADV) - một cách vừa ý

In the movie's satisfyingly high-concept plot, there is more at stake than a man's sense of self in a big city.

SECURE (ADJ/V) - an toàn/ củng cố

Secure attachment gave children the courage to explore, and exploration allowed for new experiences.

SECURELY (ADV) - an toàn, chắc chắn

I stood before my apartment door, cracked my neck for good measure and then exited, locking it securely behind me.

SECURITY (N) - sự an ninh, tổ chức bảo vệ

In addition, it may be possible to recycle some security devices no longer in use.

INSECURE (ADJ) - không vững chắc

Say phooey to all your gloating girlfriends who spend V-day with any old bloke just because they are too insecure to make it on their own.

INSECURITY (N) - tính không an toàn

This insecurity persisted as I entered my teens, and my desire to be thin consumed my life.

SELF (N/ADJ) - bản thân/ cùng loại

Self help support programmes provide temporary help and not life long dependence.

SELFLESS (ADJ) - không ích kỷ

It's a measure of the selfless charity of the donor that she did not want her name mentioned.

SELFLESSLY (ADV) - không ích kỷ

Whether you're rafting a river or hiking atop a glorious mountain, we know you'll enjoy the beauty that nature so selflessly offers us.

SELFLESSNESS (N) - lòng vị tha, tính không ích kỷ

Your determination, selflessness and courage have brought that freedom struggle forward towards its attainment.

SELFISH (ADJ) - ích kỷ

For Scotland's only representative in the game's biggest tournament, the motives are purely selfish.

SELFISHLY (ADV) - ích kỷ, lúc nào cũng nghĩ đến lợi ích bản thân

Ironically, the point Williams was railing against was that all human behavior is selfishly motivated.

SELFISHNESS (N) - tính ích kỷ

I was a few paces on before I even considered my selfishness and lack of empathy.

SHORT (ADJ/ADV) - thiếu hụt, ngắn

They moan at the door now and again, asking for it to be opened so they can check the suitability of the weather for a short excursion.

SHORTEN (V) - ngắn lại

A fuel with a higher cetane number will shorten the time during which unburned fuel is emitted to the atmosphere.

SHORTAGE (N) - sự thiếu

It resuscitated the home-building industry, ended the shortage of dwelling units, alleviated civic panic, and boosted municipal revenues.

SHORTLY (ADV) - không lâu nữa, tóm lại

They came together shortly before the service and spontaneously joined hands under a gray sky.

SHORTCOMING (N) - thiếu sót, khuyết điểm

Another shortcoming of the book is Atkinson's diffidence in examining the role of an airmobile division, the Army's only one.

SHORTHAND (ADJ) - dùng tốc ký/ ghi bằng tốc ký

Each supports the other by writing letters composed of little more than their own shorthand dialogue.

SICK (ADJ) - ốm đau

IELTS TUTOR có tổng hợp từ vựng về bệnh tật cũng là topic thường gặp trong IELTS

The adverse effects of iron tablets are mainly feeling sick, abdominal pain, diarrhoea or constipation.

SICKNESS (N) - bệnh, sự buồn nôn

Great care is taken to acclimatise trekkers to increasing altitudes to avoid problems with altitude sickness.

SICKLY (ADJ/V) - có vẻ ốm yếu/ bao phủ màu tang tóc

I entered the school and was met by the sweet, sickly smell of flowers and the dead.

SICKENING (ADJ) - kinh tởm, làm thất vọng

A look of repulsion for the sickening display of uncontrolled emotion and loud drunkenness was plastered on his clean-shaven face.

SIGHT (N) - tầm nhìn, quan sát

However, the sight that appeared before her quickly took her mind off of the cold.

SHORT-SIGHTED (ADJ) - cận thị, thiển cận

I was slightly short-sighted, so on top of the eye patch I had huge correctional lenses.

NEAR-SIGHTED (ADJ) - cận thị

But I think defining yourself as 100 per cent anything is kind of near-sighted and close-minded.

FAR-SIGHTED (ADJ) - viễn thị

How can we be so far-sighted as to miss the obvious things right before us?

SIGHTSEE (V) - tham quan, du lãm

When you have a limited time in a new city, and are therefore unable to sightsee or indulge in tourism, you take what you can get.

SIGHTSEEING (N) - sự tham quan, ngắm cảnh

Also, make stops for bathroom breaks, leg-stretching, sightseeing and drink refills.

INSIGHT (N) - sự nhìn thấu, sự hiểu biết sâu sắc

Families had an insight into the history of the village thanks to a pair of archaeologists.

SIGN (V/N) - ký tên/ dấu hiệu

Rather, emancipation was a historical tragedy and the end of Reconstruction was a clear sign of God's favor.

SIGNATURE (N) - chữ kí, kí hiệu

The signature drink features aged balsamic vinegar and charred, wood-roasted tomato puree.

SIGNIFY (V) - biểu thị, báo cho biết

Yet such a strategy does not signify polar opposition between tradition and modernity, endogenous and exogenous.

SIGNIFICANCE (N) - sự quan trọng, sự đáng chú ý

Thus, the presence or absence of an apertural slit does not necessarily have significance for high-level taxonomy.

INSIGNIFICANCE (N) - tính không quan trọng

Canadian consumers appear to have understood the insignificance of the health risk.

SIGNIFICANT (ADJ) - quan trọng, đầy ý nghĩa

Since he quit Labour in 1997 he has been working in public relations and will take a significant cut in income to take up the new job.

INSIGNIFICANT (ADJ) - không quan trọng

The flowers seem small and insignificant during the day but at twilight they glow in the fading light and look beautiful.

SIGNIFICANTLY (ADV) - theo một cách truyền đạt có ý nghĩa

News and live programmes were significantly affected, but there were no blank screens or dead airwaves.

INSIGNIFICANTLY (ADV) - tầm thường, vô nghĩa

My argument is slightly, but not insignificantly, different.

SILENCE (N) - sự im lặng

There was only silence, so either he knew which clause it was, or had reasoned it out.

SILENT (ADJ) - yên lặng

After a while her posture lent itself a graceful, long-legged lope

when she ran, or a silent stride when she was walking.

SILENTLY (ADV) - yên lặng, âm thầm

Instead of sleeping, though, I cried silently, my tears soaking the pillow.

SILENCER (N) - bộ giảm âm, cái chặn tiếng

Police discovered a stash of weed and an assault rifle fitted with a sniper's scope and a silencer.

SINCERE (ADJ) - thành thật

I mean a more subtle form which is displayed by even the most well meaning and sincere people.

SINCERELY (ADV) - thành thật

Still, whichever methods you decide to employ, I sincerely hope that they go on to forbid the banns in no uncertain manner.

INSINCERELY (ADV) - không thành thật

Students would not succumb to their desire to insincerely reproduce what their teachers profess.

INSINCERE (ADJ) - không thành thật

The monotonous words sounded fake and insincere, as if they were predetermined and he was only reciting the memorized lines in some sort of play.

SINCERITY (N) - tính thẳng thắn

Dr. Sunya values credibility, honesty and sincerity as most important qualities.

INSINCERITY (N) - tính không thành thật

This column can even take credit for regularly defending him against the charge of insincerity.

SKILL (N) - sự khéo tay, kĩ năng

There is disconnexion, and there is progressive decline in handwriting skill.

SKILLFUL (ADJ) - khéo tay, tài giỏi

With their skillful hands they even made the asparagus and peas taste good.

SKILLFULLY (ADV) - khéo tay, tài giỏi

Curried Vidalia-onion fritters, lightly battered and skillfully fried, come with a sweet-sour tamarind dipping sauce.

SKILLED (ADJ) - khéo léo, lành nghề

To her, the ideal teacher was skilled in all things, even writing on the board quickly and efficiently.

SOCIAL (ADJ/N) - thuộc xã hội / cộng đồng

However, when we take social networking online, we lose this vital piece of information and categorization.

ANTISOCIAL (ADJ) - phản xã hội

Apart from the fact that I would never have any friends, don't you think this is a bit antisocial?

UNSOCIAL (ADJ) - không thuộc về xã hội

A majority of mothers and 79 per cent of fathers frequently work at unsocial hours.

SOCIALIZE (V) - xã hội hóa

Everybody, and I mean everybody, has some economic incentive to socialize health care cost.

SOCIALLY (ADV) - với tính chất xã hội

He's uncouth and socially immature, but all he really wants is to have a few friends.

SOCIETY (N) - (lối sống) xã hội

As a student, I did a fair amount of acting with the university dramatic society.

SOCIOLOGY (N) - xã hội học

Professional sociology differs from its lay counterpart here in a number of ways.

SOCIOLOGIST (N) - nhà xã hội học

The sociologist Michael Mann took a detour from his epic study of power in human history.

SOCIABLE (ADJ) - thân mật

It's made them so much more confident and they are much more sociable than they were.

UNSOCIABLE (ADJ) - khó gần

They also lost enhancements to pay for working unsociable hours and weekends.

SPACE (V/N) - để (khoảng cách)

The club has been accused of crowding too many people into too small a space.

SPACIOUS (ADJ) - rộng rãi

This spacious room catches the early morning light with windows both to the front and side.

SPACIOUSLY (ADV) - rộng rãi, có nhiều chỗ trống

Each page of score is spaciously laid out, meticulous and uncluttered.

SPATIAL (ADJ) - (thuộc) không gian

The tools of graphicacy are maps, diagrams, photographs, and other spatial documents.

SPEECH (N) - lời nói, bài diễn văn

Some people in the audience tittered nervously during an awkward pause in the speech.

SPEECHLESS (ADJ) - không nói được

The other diplomat was still speechless, and through his anger, cracks of panic were showing.

STABLE (ADJ) - ổn định

Most organic substances react with oxygen exothermically, but are quite stable, because the activation energy to do so is so large.

UNSTABLE (ADJ) - không ổn định, hay thay đổi

Tailless birds are highly agile and manoeuvrable, but aerodynamically are statically unstable.

STABILITY (N) - tính ổn định, sự vững vàng

The Tokugawa brought peace and stability to the country, but at the costs of a repressive political style.

INSTABILITY (N) - tính không ổn định

In addition, autonomic instability, insomnia and sensory hypersensitivity are common.

STABILIZE (V) - làm ổn định

If injecting a corticosteroid after aspiration, a hemostat is used to stabilize the needle while the syringe is changed.

STABILIZER (N) - máy ổn định, bộ phận thăng bằng

You can whip melted chocolate like cream, the fat and the lecithin acting as a stabilizer for the foam.

STABILISATION (N) - sự làm cho ổn định

General purpose cement and lime are commonly used in subgrade stabilisation by Australian councils.

STAND (V/N) - đứng, giá đỡ

The editorial criticizes the college's administration for not taking a stand on the issue.

STAND-OFF (N) - sự cách biệt

Sievwright, in particular, had a fine match at stand-off and was at the heart of much of Boroughmuir's best work.

STAND-OFFISH (ADJ) - xa cách, khó gần

His last speech was a good one, it summed up everything he's been working for, but it was a bit stand-offish.

STANDPOINT (N) - quan điểm, lập trường

From a gaming standpoint, the most important change is that the QD sports a hot-swappable multimedia slot.

OUTSTANDING (ADJ) - nổi bật, đáng chú ý

The best of the chateaux make outstanding wines that improve with age, in taste and often in value.

STANDARD (N) - tiêu chuẩn

The mass standard in the atomic world is set by one atom of the element carbon, which is defined to be 12 atomic mass units.

SUBSTANDARD (ADJ) - dưới tiêu chuẩn, không đạt tiêu chuẩn

Living conditions, such as substandard housing, have a major impact on health.

NON-STANDARD (ADJ) - không tiêu chuẩn

Similar results have been found where the vernacular is a non-standard variety.

STANDARDIZE (V) - tiêu chuẩn hóa

He said the bill will standardize the reporting procedures for hospitals across Ontario.

STANDARDIZATION (N) - sự tiêu chuẩn hóa

The higher the standardization level, the greater the excessiveness, with excessiveness costs rising in line with system complexity growth.

STORE (V/N) - tích trữ/ cửa hàng

The peculiar thing was that sable curtains blocked the inside of the store from view.

STORAGE (N) - kho, sự tích lũy

All other auxiliaries are reclassified based on the type of service provided, such as warehousing and storage or data processing.

STRAIGHT (ADJ/ADV) - ngay ngắn, thẳng đều

He makes his way, step by agonizing step, his face red and wheezing, his eyes straight ahead.

STRAIGHTEN (V) - làm cho thẳng ra

Skillful use of veneers can straighten crooked teeth and close up gappy teeth.

STRAIGHTFORWARD (ADJ) - thẳng thắn, không rắc rối

The priest went on to say none of these villagers could read or write and everything told to them had to be very simple and straighforward so they got the message.

STRICT (ADJ) - nghiêm ngặt, chính xác

Darkness fell, and strict safety guidelines kept us from going out on deck unless in pairs.

STRICTLY (ADV) - một cách nghiêm khắc, hoàn toàn

To climb Everest, mountaineers must work within a very tight and strictly enforced time frame.

STRICTNESS (N) - tính nghiêm ngặt, tính chính xác

Other traits for which people found fault with him were his great strictness, his curiosity and his meddlesomeness.

STRONG (ADJ) - khỏe mạnh

The message is that strong progressive leadership is within reach if women seize it at the ballot box.

STRENGTH (N) - sức mạnh

The strength of the army was greatly diminished by outbreaks of disease.

STRENGTHEN (V) - trở nên mạnh hơn

We need to look at how we can strengthen families, parenting skills, and the like.

STRENGTHENING (N) - sự làm cho mạnh hơn

European countries are also strengthening their military intervention in West Africa.

STRONGHOLD (N) - thành trì, đồn lũy

The same stronghold was besieged in 1136, when miners again attempted to demolish the walls.


Would my body flush this substance out of my system if I quit eating carrots now?

SUBSTANTIAL (ADJ) - thực tế, trọng yếu, chắc chắn

Only the buildings that were constructed of more substantial materials survived the earthquake.

SUBSTANTIALLY (ADV) - về thực chất, về căn bản

Myelination increases substantially the speed of conduction of nerve impulses.

UNSUBSTANTIAL (ADJ) - không có thật, không vững chắc

We throw around concepts, but often our thoughts are vague and unsubstantial.

INSUBSTANTIAL (ADJ) - không có thật, không vững chắc

The figure, in its nakedness, has an almost ghostly, insubstantial quality, a pathetic vulnerability.

INSUBSTANTIALLY (ADV) - không có thật, không vững chắc

It is a soporific reverie that wafts gently and beguilingly but ultimately insubstantially.

SUIT (V/N) - hợp/ bộ com lê

The law suit has negatively affected the company's public image.

SUITABLE (ADJ) - phù hợp

Disease limited to the liver is suitable for surgical resection or ablative techniques.

SUITABILITY (N) - sự thích hợp

In the future, many of the new stores will be chosen for their suitability as drive-through restaurants.

UNSUITABLE (ADJ) - thiếu năng lực, không phù hợp

He denied that the material was unsuitable and claimed children seldom enter the petrol station shop.

SUITABLY (ADV) - thích hợp, đúng lúc

Depending on the menu I use suitably sized serving dishes, too, rather than plating the meal at the counter.

UNSUITABLY (ADV) - không thích hợp, không đúng lúc

She hits the skids and sees the folly in denying her love for an unsuitably poor lawyer.

SUPPOSE (V) - cho rằng, giả định

I suppose my main gripe is the gender politics of this show, which I'm assuming is targeting a mainly female audience.

SUPPOSEDLY (ADV) - cho là, làm như là

And almost every Breton town boasts at least one Celtic-themed pub or a gift shop selling trinkets with supposedly traditional Celtic symbols.

SURE (ADJ) - chắc chắn, có thể tin cậy

A litre of house red has made my memories fuzzy but I'm sure the meal was lovely.

SURELY (ADV) - rõ ràng, chắc chắn

Don't order things that are otherwise hard, like a Rob Roy, since downing them without alcohol will surely give you away as a novice drinker.

ASSURE (V) - đảm bảo, cam đoan

I am delighted to assure the questioner that I would not support any regime that I regarded as punitive.

ASSURANCE (N) - bảo hiểm, sự chắc chắn

I assume the fund is not a foreign life assurance policy where the tax treatment is different.

REASSURANCE (N) - sự cam đoan một lần nữa

For these children, the parent seemed to be both a source of fear and of reassurance.

REASSURING - làm yên lòng

I was nervous before seeing her, but the visit was wonderful, and very reassuring.

SURPRISE (V/N) - ngạc nhiên, sự bất ngờ

Nigiri sushi is Noma's chef-d'oeuvre, so arranged as to enhance flavor and surprise palates.

SURPRISING (ADJ) - làm ngạc nhiên

It is not surprising that raw material acquisition was directed toward specific taxa.

SURPRISINGLY (ADV) - làm ngạc nhiên

Interestingly, and perhaps not altogether surprisingly, not everyone has the same appetite for risk.

UNSURPRISING (ADJ) - không làm ai ngạc nhiên

In Old Saint Paul's, a quiet, cut-off space for fallen soldiers, it was unsurprising she thought of a martyr.

UNSURPRISINGLY (ADV) - không làm ai ngạc nhiên

However, unsurprisingly, but nonetheless disappointingly, the book for me, fails to achieve this goal.

SURVIVE (V) - sống sót, qua khỏi

A heterotroph is any organism that requires organic subtrates inorder to survive.

SURVIVAL (N) - sự sống sót, tàn dư

It provides for the payment of the sum assured and the bonus amount on the survival of the policyholder at the end of the selected term.

SUSPECT (V/ADJ/N) - nghi ngờ/ đáng ngờ/ người bị tình nghi

I suspect the soup had been put into a cold bowl because it was only lukewarm around the edge, but acceptably hot in the centre.

SUSPICIOUS (ADJ) - đáng nghi, đa nghi

This was not an aberrant, deviant test thrust on the wife by an unusually suspicious husband.


Residents should keep an eye out for strangers acting suspiciously in their areas.

UNSUSPICIOUS (ADJ) - không ngờ vực

They were all trying to look unsuspicious, but ended up standing out even more.

SUSTAIN (V) - chống cự, kéo dài

With any luck, they'll be able to sustain this level of quality when the gang end up in Arizona.

SUSTAINABLE (ADJ) - có thể chịu đựng được

Ms McEvoy said zoning in small villages and towns was essential to ensure controlled, structured and sustainable development.

UNSUSTAINABLE (ADJ) - không thể chịu đựng được

The economic arguments suggesting that current prices are unsustainable seem almost irrefutable.

SUSTENANCE (N) - phương tiện sinh sống, sự nuôi dưỡng

O Allah, forgive me, have mercy on me, guide me aright and grant me sustenance.

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