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Nắm Vững WORD BUILDING - WORD FORMATION - WORD FAMILY - CẤU TẠO TỪ là cách "Nhanh Nhất" Giúp Em Mở Rộng Vốn Từ!. Dưới đây là danh sách tổng hợp word formation bắt đầu bằng P trong tiếng Anh mà các em nên biết trong tiếng anh.

PAIN (V/N) - (sự) đau đớn

Beyond the mental acuity needed to focus through the pain, the young woman must also abide by a strict diet.

PAINFUL (ADJ) - đau đớn/ làm đau khổ

It may help to lie still on their back with the knee bent outwards on the painful side, and their foot pointed away from the body.

PAINFULLY (ADV) - khó khăn, đau đớn

Because they are too painfully close, like a rival sibling, we have singled them out for special treatment.

PAINLESS (ADJ) - không đau đớn

I just wanted us to be able to point out that that hypodermic did not have a needle attached and it was a painless application.

PAINLESSLY (ADV) - không đau đớn

After four days of getting up painlessly in the morning, I decided that living by the sea would probably be much better for me.

PARENT (N) - cha mẹ

IELTS TUTOR có tổng hợp từ vựng về Topic Parenting trong IELTS nhớ đọc kĩ nhé

With bike trailers the parent is in full control of steering, braking, speed and balance.

PARENTAL (ADJ) - (thuộc) cha mẹ

If the child is unresponsive, use more parental interaction, change teachers, change schools, put the kid in special classes, whatever.

PARENTHOOD (N) - tư cách làm cha mẹ, hàng cha mẹ

Impending parenthood is a fertile time for dreams, no less for fathers than for mothers.

PARENTAGE (N) - dòng dõi, tư cách làm cha mẹ

In the 9th cent., Gaels and Picts were finally united under a Gaelic king, probably of mixed parentage.

PAY (V) - trả tiền

A conceptual worker who is not satisfied with his income can threaten to work for a company that will pay him more.

REPAY (V) - trả lại

How can you repay such a debt to a friend who tells you about a writer like Roth?

UNPAID (ADJ) - không trả công

The rise of the prestigious but unpaid internship intersects perfectly with the rise of the boomeranger.

PAYABLE (ADJ) - có thể trả

As long as the total amount of interest falls within the allowance, then no tax will be payable.

PAYMENT (N) - sự trả tiền

Every transit network has its fare beaters, the riders who view payment as either optional or prohibitively expensive.

PAYER (N) - người trả tiền

I take the view that the moneys are not recoverable since, at the time of payment, the payer was not labouring under any mistake.

PREPAID (V) - trả trước

We included an information sheet, a letter from the consultant, a reply slip, a consent form, and a prepaid envelope.

PAYBACK (N) - lợi tức thu được từ một cuộc đầu tư

For example, replacing an older chiller with a new, more efficient model will offer a fairly quick payback.

PAY-OFF (N) - tỷ lệ phần trăm, sự trả lương

Pacing is crucial, the set ups must be executed without fault, and the payoff has to be timed perfectly in order to give life to the humor.

PENETRATE (V) - xâm nhập

An ability to penetrate the superficialities of the story and action to see the moral truths expressed therein.

PENETRABLE (ADJ) - có thể xâm nhập

The result can be criticism that is less penetrable than the work it addresses.

PENETRATIVE (ADJ) - thấu suốt, sâu sắc, thấm thía

The style of government directed by Henry II and his sons was exceptional for its penetrative ability and aggressive quality.

PENETRATION (N) - sự xâm nhập, sự sâu sắc

They have pace, speed, acceleration, penetration, and that priceless asset, mobility.

IMPENETRABLE (ADJ) - không thể qua được

On the bus a couple of days ago, I heard a man sitting behind drawling away in some kind of impenetrable accent over the phone.

PERCEIVE (V) - trông thấy, nhận thức

Stop embracing what you perceive to be adulthood so readily and let the inner child free for once.

PERCEPTION (N) - sự nhận thức

So what is the perception in the eyes of most female officers about those focus groups, that they are action groups or talking shops?

IMPERCEPTIBLE (ADJ) - không thể nhận thấy

He noticed a beginning, almost imperceptible touch of red around her eyes, a stoop to her shoulders that had not been there before.

IMPERCEPTIBLY (ADV) - không thể nhận thấy

He repeats a simple three-chord phrase, beneath which he almost imperceptibly alters his drum machine's timbres.

PERSON (N) - con người

If someone is in need of a listener, an ambivert can be the perfect person to pour your heart out to.

PERSONAL (ADJ) - cá nhân hóa

He compartmentalizes his life by keeping his job and his personal life separate.

PERSONALLY (ADV) - với tư cách cá nhân

All the cars are automatics, which I know annoys a lot of gamers, but personally I am all right with that.

PERSONIFICATION (N) - sự hiện thân, sự nhân cách hóa

Perhaps it's partially the combination of personification and blatant gender stereotypes.

PERSONALITY (N) - nhân vật, tính cách

Conner's badass attitude and cool and collected personality was what was on her mind.

PERSONIFY (V) - nhân cách hóa

The longer I sat there, the more he seemed to personify all that is wretched in the pharmaceutical industry.

IMPERSONATE (V) - đóng vai, thù vai

If someone was to impersonate him, what does he think they would latch on to?

IMPERSONATOR (N) - người đóng vai

I've tried not to get hung up about it, because I'm not an impersonator, so for me, it's all just the fun of it.

PERMIT (V/N) - (sự) cho phép

A line printer provided high-speed printout to permit rapid program evaluation and change, and evaluation of test missions.

PERMISSION (N) - sự cho phép, giấy phép

The company has permission to recover losses by putting surcharges on customers' bills.

PERMISSIVE (ADJ) - cho phép, chấp nhận

This suggests that glucose derepression is a permissive factor for clonal senescence.

PERSIST (V) - cứ dai dẳng, khăng khăng

O'Connor said the symptoms usually persist for a few days and then ease up.

PERSISTENT (ADJ) - bền bỉ, cố chấp

The persistent charges of jury packing in Ireland led to calls for reform of the jury selection statutes.

PERSISTENCE (N) - tính cố chấp, tính dai dẳng

Despite a persistence of unplausible actions, such as boat-jacking and the mysterious parachute disappearance, this is a video-game after all.

PICTURE (V/N) - phác họa/ tranh vẽ

Democratic politics are the accumulation of a great many small decisions and actions that will accrue to what seems a big picture.

PICTURESQUE (ADJ) - đẹp như tranh/ sinh động

Malawi was not picturesque enough for the anonymous European settler suspected of importing water hyacinth a century ago.

PLAY (V/N) - chơi, đóng vai/ vở kịch

You also have the flexibility to play with the serotinal colour palettes and the vessels they are displayed in.

PLAYER (N) - cầu thủ, diễn viên

It was a moderately brave act of which I remain immoderately proud, as a just and deeply felt tribute to a truly great player.

REPLAY (V) - đấu lại

He would watch the videos and try to mentally replay the action and line of the bowlers.

PLAYFUL (ADJ) - hay đùa

While under water themselves, the pair had some memorable fun with a playful beluga whale.

PLAYFULLY (ADV) - ham vui đùa, không nghiêm túc

He nipped playfully at my ear, as he got the last of the blood off of my gleaning coat.

PLAYFULNESS (N) - tính hay đùa

This kind of playfulness adds lightness to weighty intellectual questions about art and culture.

OUTPLAY (V) - chơi giỏi hơn

If he couldn't outplay his opponent, then he could outthink and outfight him and here he shows how he did it.

INTERPLAY (N/V) - sự tác động lẫn nhau

Subtle interplay with available light in the building makes the piece both evocative and atmospheric.

PLAYTHING (N) - đồ chơi

It didn't take long to figure out that this complex began as a plaything for a group of six retired and bored businessmen.

PLAYTIME (N) - giờ chơi

To some, Bill's art class may have seemed like extra playtime for the children, but not an experience that teaches art.

PLEASE (V) - làm vui lòng/ thích

May it please the Court, I appear for myself in this matter, for the third time in the High Court.

PLEASURE (N/V) - niềm vui thích

You can abandon yourself to pleasure but need to keep an eye on over-indulgence.

PLEASANT (ADJ) - dễ chịu, thú vị

A young child paddles in the sea for the first time, fascinated by the pleasant feeling of the water.

PLEASANTLY (ADV) - làm thích thú, hay pha trò

When the mimosa I had asked for arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by the delivery.

DISPLEASURE (N/V) - điều khó chịu/ không hài lòng

In front of her was a family of four, with ten suitcases on a cart, and a small black cat, mewling its displeasure.

POISON (V/N) - chất độc/ tẩm độc

To preach a sweet Christ to the fleshly world is the most potent poison that has been given to the dear sheep of Christ from the very beginning.

POISONOUS (N) - độc, có chất độc

A prime example is Laetrile, a useless and poisonous drug promoted for cancer treatment.

POLITIC (ADJ/N) - (thuộc) chính trị/ chính trị

The politic way to deal with this is treat it like something you could maybe help with.

POLITICAL (ADJ) - (thuộc) chính trị

His religious and political beliefs are not always separable from each other.

POLITICALLY (ADV) - khôn khéo, về mặt chính trị

That was a politically motivated jack-up a couple of weeks before an election.

POLITICIAN (N) - nhà chính trị

He's a politician now, which means that bragging and whoring his story is the job description.

POLITICIZE (V) - tham gia chính trị, chính trị hóa

When either party tries to politicize God or co-opt religious communities, it makes a terrible mistake.

POOR (ADJ) - nghèo, tội nghiệp

They disenfranchised poor people by making property ownership a requirement for registering to vote.

POORLY (ADV/ADJ) - nghèo nàn, không khỏe

Physicians, who in theory held control, were poorly located from a situational standpoint to exercise it effectively.

POVERTY (N) - sự nghèo nàn

The tattered clothes of the majority of shoeless, rural and urban poor are outward signs of the poverty they endure.

IMPOVERISH (V) - làm cho nghèo khổ, làm kiệt

There is no greater betrayal than to impoverish a generation yet unborn by willful acts of amnesia.

POPULAR (ADJ) - phổ biến

Examples of Afrofuturism can be found in disparate snatches from literature, popular music, and visual art.

POPULARITY (N) - tính phổ biến/ sự yêu thích của quần chúng

The popularity of handphones among teenagers here makes these chain SMS messages particularly insidious.

POPULARIZE (V) - truyền bá, phổ biến

Other writers were equally to popularize the notion of a fundamental watershed, but in tones that encouraged a more sombre mood.

UNPOPULAR (ADJ) - không có tính chất quần chúng

The invasion has made the dictator a folk hero throughout a region where he was previously unpopular.

POSSESS (V) - chiếm hữu

Yet they possess a rare spirit which allows them to grasp life by the scruff of its neck and cope with whatever it throws in the face.

POSSESSION (N) - thuộc địa, quyền sở hữu

The possession of guns, both real and imitation, lies predominantly with young people.


They can be used as components of compounds, but if they are used on their own they must be used with possessive prefixes.

POWER (N) - khả năng, tài năng

Progressives should ask why the vote no longer provides the dispossessed with the same power.

POWERFUL (ADJ) - hùng mạnh

The appearance of print added a powerful new weapon to the arsenal of debate within the ecumene.

POWERLESS (ADJ) - không có quyền lực

Angry, powerless people turned to communal social violence when they felt there was no legal recourse available to them.

EMPOWER (V) - trao quyền

Maybe digital media could empower religious groups to become producers of shalom.

POWER-HOUSE (N) - nhà máy điện

She holds this difficult movie together in a powerhouse performance of quiet steel.

OVERPOWER (V) - áp đảo, chế ngự

They would overpower you with their strength and their will and the sheer pace of their play.

MANPOWER (N) - nhân lực, sức người

How could the police not be given the tools and manpower they so obviously needed to protect the people?

PRACTICE (N) - thực hành/ luyện tập

We practice Zen meditation together 1-2 days a week. Anyone with a sincere interest in meditation is welcome.

PRACTICAL (ADJ) - thực tế, thực tiễn

All of this is an abomination not merely as a matter of principle, but even in purely practical terms.

PRACTICALLY (ADV) - thực tế, thực tiễn

Harriet practically worships Emma, which is the last thing Emma's ego needs.

IMPRACTICAL (ADJ) - không thực tế

Melanie cleans office buildings but dreams of a better life that Teddo, an idealistic and impractical dreamer, cannot provide.

PRACTITIONER (N) - thầy thuốc/ luật sư đang hành nghề

The doctor, obstetrician, midwife, or family practitioner is often the liaison between parents and the NICU team.

PRACTICABLE (ADJ) - thực hiện được

I think that this was to give security of tenure to business tenants so far as that was thought to be reasonably practicable.

PREDICT (V) - đoán trước, dự đoán

If we could predict the future uses of new technology, they wouldn't be innovative.

PREDICTION (N) - lời dự đoán

The prediction was based on the assumption that thermotropic and lyotropic phase behavior changes linearly with chain length.

PREDICTABLE (ADJ) - có thể đoán trước

It doesn't really say anything new and tells its story in the most banal and predictable manner possible.

UNPREDICTABLE (ADJ) - không thể đoán trước

Software agents are programs that cooperate with each other in unpredictable environments without human intervention.

PREDICTABILITY (N) - tính có thể đoán trước

In a way, there was predictability in my life, especially my vocational life.

UNPREDICTABILITY (N) - tính không thể đoán trước

It's the unpredictability of leap seconds that creates the potential for problems, says McCarthy.

PREFER (V) - thích hơn

Cách dùng từ prefer, would prefer đã được IELTS TUTOR hướng dẫn rất kĩ

We'd much prefer a potted plant that we can see grow year after year or a kindle of kittens.

PREFERENCE (N) - sự thích hơn, quyền ưu tiên

In doing so he demonstrates a clear preference of respectability above passion.

PREFERABLE (ADJ) - đáng thích hơn

Still, it is scientifically preferable to collect samples of the melt that formed during the creation of a specific lunar impact basin.

PREFERENTIAL (ADJ) - được ưu tiên

The Inland Revenue, as a distrainer, will become a preferential creditor in the sum of the sale proceeds.

PREFERABLY (ADV) - thích hơn

So, the message here is to plant trees with deeper root systems, preferably complete with tap roots.

PREPARE (V) - sửa soạn, chuẩn bị

We don't have much more time to prepare ourselves for their arrival.

PREPARATION (N) - sự chuẩn bị

The left set of leg bones was cleaned by dermestid beetles and airdried in preparation for chemical analysis.

UNPREPARED (ADJ) - không chuẩn bị trước

Marius, unprepared for this, had to flee, finding safety at Cercina, a colony of his veterans off Africa.

PREPAREDNESS (N) - sự sửa soạn

My brother had expressed his doubts about our preparedness and readiness for this climb.

PRESUME (V) - cho là

I just think it is arrogant of such folk that they can presume to make judgements on behalf of other people.

PRESUMPTION (N) - điều cho là đúng

There is a very strong national policy presumption in favour of its restoration.

PRESUMABLY (ADV) - có thể đoán chừng

He deposited his rucksack in left luggage, presumably intending to travel the next night.


It is presumptuous and oppressive to suggest that other cultures want the liberties we take for granted, their argument runs.

PREVAIL (V) - thuyết phục/ thắng thế/ thịnh hành

Actual, real, visible change must be made or the anti-democratic forces will prevail.

PREVALENT (ADJ) - thịnh hành

Chronic gastritis as well as activity was more prevalent as well as severe in the antrum as compared to the corpus.

PREVENT (V) - ngăn ngừa

The organization was awarded for its efforts to prevent further desertification in Africa.

PREVENTION (N) - sự ngăn cản

A more pleasant form of prevention is available through the erection of a birdhouse to attract purple martins.

PREVENTIVE (ADJ/N) - ngăn ngừa/ biện pháp phòng ngừa

Fashioning a preventive detention policy is likely to be a thankless task here as well.

PRISON (N/V) - nhà tù/ bỏ tù

The prison guards geared up for their usual round of parties and beery cheer.

PRISONER (N) - tù binh

The parole board has decided that the prisoner is not yet ready for release.

IMPRISON (V) - bỏ tù

And he went after the terrorist bombers and he was able to stop them and to imprison them and to put a total halt to any such activity.

IMPRISONMENT (N) - sự tống giam

Possibly this would add a sense of discomfort, and possibly an identification with imprisonment.


Such an approach will produce a text that may not be easily recognisable or categorisable as this or that sort of 'proper' academic work.

PRODUCT (N) - sản phẩm, kết quả

A large activation energy indicates that the applied stress will have a large effect on the life of the product.

PRODUCTIVE (ADJ) - năng suất

This shows, for example, that the best plants can be up to six times more productive than the worst.

PRODUCTIVELY (ADV) - một cách năng xuất

These little black oscine birds often productively make their nests in big, dark spaces with some cooling water nearby.

PRODUCTIVITY (N) - hiệu suất

Ever since then, they have been saying it was a self-financing productivity deal.

PRODUCTION (N) - sự sản xuất

A banner was hung over the street advertising the local theater production.

PRODUCER (N) - người sản xuất

Waste can be defined as any material lacking direct value to the producer and so must be disposed of.

UNPRODUCTIVE (ADJ) - không sản xuất, không sinh lợi

I completely wasted my entire day in unproductive activity and left the blasted room hours later seething with frustration and disgust.

UNPRODUCTIVELY (ADV) - một cách không năng suất

Part of the site will be used for residential development and will provide the company with a windfall from property that would otherwise have been used unproductively.

REPRODUCE (V) - tái sản xuất

Many of the exquisite carvings and secret chambers found in old wooden chests and wardrobes are difficult to reproduce.

REPRODUCTION (N) - sự tái sản xuất

The armillary sphere is a reproduction of a nineteenth-century European original in the museum.

REPRODUCTIVE (ADJ) - (thuộc) tái sản xuất

Just as women's motherly character was decoupled from their reproductive role, female love was dissociated from female sexuality.

PROFESSION (N) - người cùng nghề/ nghề nghiệp

Gilbert continued his quest to gain respect in and respectability for his profession.

PROFESSIONAL (ADJ) - (thuộc) nghề nghiệp, người chuyên nghiệp

The film is about a professional killer who's hired to liquidate a powerful businessman.


The law school stresses to its students the importance of behaving ethically, morally and professionally.

PROFESSIONALISM (N) - tính cách nhà nghề

For mere seconds I toyed with cowardice, before curiosity and professionalism won out.

UNPROFESSIONAL (ADJ) - không chuyên nghiệp

Many things they may be, but unprofessional and incompetent with money they are not.

UNPROFESSIONALLY (ADV) - không chuyên nghiệp

We have no process to deal with priests who act unprofessionally, nor a way to listen to credible witnesses in such cases.

PROFIT (V/N) - lợi ích/ có lời

The firm attributed the profit to rising prices and lower interest payments to its creditors.

PROFITABLE (ADJ) - có lợi, sinh lãi

The move from corporate bean counter to real estate mogul has been a profitable one.

UNPROFITABLE (ADJ) - không có lợi, không sinh lợi

You waste time on unprofitable activities, and devalue your donated services.

NONPROFIT (ADJ) - không vì mục đích lợi nhuận

The camp could also boost revenues by adding off-season weekend sessions and leasing camp facilities to religious and nonprofit groups.

PROFITEERING (N) - việc trục lợi

In this case, however, I suspect the motivation is just good old-fashioned profiteering.

PROOF (N) - bằng chứng

He has given no definitive proof for any of his beliefs and most of his rantings are nothing more than far left propaganda.

PROVE (V) - chứng minh

The testing of cattle to prove that they are free of the disease is lengthy.

DISPROVE (V) - bác bỏ

Also, being a doubting Thomas, I wanted to verify those tall tales of the Alaskan winter and to disprove the rumor of the Alaskan qualification.

PROOF-READ (V) - đọc và sửa bản in thử

They note that they have not been proofread, and that there may be errors in the number counts or even the voting records themselves.

PROOF-READER (N) - người đọc và sửa bản in thử

The proofreader then corrects the text and the editor looks through it again and makes the final changes.

PROPOSE (V) - đề nghị, cầu hôn

The applicants appear to propose a dual test in respect of the powers of compulsory acquisition.

PROPOSAL (N) - sự đề nghị, sự cầu hôn

Another proposal would entail removing the subfloor to lay in batts of insulation between the subfloor and the ceiling.

PROPOSITION (N) - lời đề nghị

If that is your proposition, that seems to me to present an insuperable hurdle in your way.

PROSPECT (V, N) - điều tra, viễn cảnh

She was so thrilled by the prospect of motherhood that Thorn follows the advice of a priest and agrees to accept an orphan child as his own.

PROSPECTUS (N) - giấy quảng cáo

A round of 38 redundancies has now come to an end and the college will be offering the full range of courses in the new prospectus.

PROSPECTIVE (ADJ) - (thuộc) về tương lai, sẽ tới về sau

Council discussed the prospective sales during budget deliberations this month.

PROSPECTOR (N) - người điều tra

Howitt himself became interested in geology through his activities on the goldfields as prospector and mining warden.

PURE (ADJ) - trong sạch

I was a little confused and don't know whether that was professionalism or pure amateurism.

PURIFY (V) - lọc sạch

The machine uses natural processes of plants and algae to purify waste water.

PURIFICATION (N) - sự làm sạch

Its goal is the purification and rejuvenation of the colon, because the colon is linked to all the other organs and tissues of the body.

PURPOSE (N/V) - mục đích/ có ý định

The purpose of the debate is to give local people a chance to have their say on how the money should be spent.

PURPOSEFUL (ADJ) - có chủ đích

But if it's Jamie speaking, it might be purposeful because she's 5 and doesn't always use correct grammar.

PURPOSEFULLY (ADV) - có mục đích

We can guide students more purposefully through their work as writers and use our responses to teach, not just to critique or grade.

PURSUE (V) - theo đuổi, mưu cầu

The council said it would not pursue legal costs against parents who sought a judicial review on the closure.

PURSUIT (N) - sự theo đuổi

We've had ups and downs today, but we have a good chance in the team pursuit and with Brad and Rob in the madison.

PURSUER (N) - nguyên cáo, người theo đuổi

The quarry twisted, turned and doubled back at speed in an attempt to elude its pursuer.

PUZZLE (V/N) - làm bối rối/ sự bối rối, trò chơi giải đố

The tree which was stolen was an araucaria, or monkey puzzle, which was planted in memory of Maurice by his family.

PUZZLEMENT (N) - tình trạng bối rối/ khó xử

I queried, the look of puzzlement on my face betraying the fact that I hadn't a clue what he was talking about.

PUZZLED (ADJ) - không hiểu được, bối rối

Nobody has puzzled longer over the roots of his creativity than Dylan himself and this riveting, poetic memoir is the result.

PUZZLING (ADJ) - làm bối rối/ khó xử

Last year's heat produces the most puzzling vintage Bordeaux commentators can remember.

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