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Nắm Vững WORD BUILDING - WORD FORMATION - WORD FAMILY - CẤU TẠO TỪ là cách "Nhanh Nhất" Giúp Em Mở Rộng Vốn Từ!. Dưới đây là danh sách tổng hợp word formation bắt đầu bằng O trong tiếng Anh mà các em nên biết trong tiếng anh.

OBEY (V) - vâng lời, tuân theo

If you don't obey the higher law of prudence by watching your step on an icy day, you will be compelled to obey the lower law of gravity.

DISOBEY (V) - không vâng lời, không tuân lệnh

Both bars have also developed a set of sanctions for patrons who disobey the rules.

OBEDIENT (ADJ) - biết vâng lời, dễ bảo

In return, she resolved that she would do her best to be a good, obedient wife.

OBEDIENCE (N) - sự vâng lời

Agility courses and obedience trials are a snap for the cattle dog, so are intense sessions with Frisbee or flyball.

DISOBEDIENT (ADJ) - không vâng lời, không tuân lệnh

The whole event existed somewhere between a mildly disobedient vigil, a human rights conference, and a counterculture festival.

DISOBEDIENCE(N) - sự không vâng lời

There is no doubt that some activists are planning to engage in direct action and civil disobedience.

OBJECT (V/N) - chống đối/ mục tiêu

His neighbour Eric Gilbert also saw the object and suggested it could be a weather balloon.

OBJECTION (N) - sự chống đối, điều bị phản đối

I have no objection to the US waging a war, provided this country is not involved.

OBJECTIONABLE (ADJ) - không ai ưa, có thể bị phản đối

The practice of clear felling old-growth forests is deeply objectionable to a large percentage of the Tasmanian population.

OBJECTIONABLY (ADV) - một cách khó ưa

Some, however, see such editorial extravagance as dubious prescriptive overkill that objectionably blurs the line between authentic and spurious.

OBJECTIVE (ADJ/N) - (thuộc) mục tiêu, khách quan/ mục tiêu

They cannot be reduced to neat legal formulas, purely objective tests and evidentiary standards.

OBJECTIFY (V) - thể hiện khách quan/ cụ thể

The effect has been to objectify these occupations and give short shrift to their mythologizers.

OBJECTIVELY (ADV) - khách quan

It is difficult to write objectively about a man who was, for me, both icon and influence.

OBJECTIVITY (N) - tính khách quan

He also argued that scientific inquiry has an ineliminable subjective edge to it that militates against the objectivity required for knowledge.

OBJECTIVENESS (N) - tính khách quan

His ideology is just so strong and so powerful that it clouds his vision for common sense and objectiveness.

OBJECTIVISM (N) - chủ nghĩa khách quan

These positions are frequently referred to respectively as objectivism and constructionism.

OBLIGE (V) - bắt buộc, cưỡng bách, giúp đỡ

Legal requirements oblige voters to indicate a vote, in order of preference, to every candidate on the ballot paper.

OBLIGATION (V) - nghĩa vụ, sự mang ơn

Accordingly, the defendants submit they should be relieved of their interest obligation during this period.

OBLIGATORY (ADJ) - bắt buộc, cưỡng bách

He pulled out the obligatory silver flask from the suitcase and took a long drink.

OBSERVE (V) - quan sát, tuân theo

It now sits at Fort William, complete with a viewing platform and floodlighting for visitors to observe the train revolving.

OBSERVER (N) - người quan sát

If the source and observer are moving towards one another, the red shift becomes a blue shift.

OBSERVANT (ADJ) - tuân theo, tinh ý

It's my belief anyway that we should all be a little more empathetic and observant than we are about everything.

OBSERVANTLY (ADV) - tinh mắt, tinh ý

Tenderly, observantly, incisively, Edith Pearlman captures life on the page like few other writers.

OCCUPY (V) - ở, chiếm

This is one of the key areas for inward investment to improve the quality of both premises and the businesses that occupy them.

PREOCCUPY (V) - chiếm trước, làm bận tâm

But nothing seems to preoccupy them quite as much as the urge to settle accounts with the old government.

PREOCCUPIED (ADJ) - bận tâm, không thảnh thơi

Marcia scribbled furiously in her own notebook, apparently quite preoccupied with whatever part of her story she was writing.

PREOCCUPATION (N) - mối bận tâm, sự chiếm chỗ trước

In fact, Javanese cats, like the Siamese and other Siamese-related breeds often have a preoccupation with food.

UNOCCUPIED (ADJ) - nhàn rỗi/ bỏ trống

So we have those areas that are unoccupied being patrolled by anti-looting squads with assistance from the military.

OCCUPANT (N) - người chiếm giữ

In most cases, the occupant of these positions must first be a faculty member and one who has achieved the rank of full professor.

OCCUPIER (N) - người chiếm giữ

Is there a genuine issue for trial on the question of whether Monk Realty was an occupier of the sidewalk?

OCCUPATION (N) - nghề nghiệp

Like painters, metal workers, and quarrymen, a miner cannot eradicate the scars of his occupation.

OCCUPATIONAL (ADJ) - (thuộc) nghề nghiệp

Few of us who read habitually ever feel called upon to defend the practice-a kind of reader's acedia, an occupational hazard.

OCCUPANCY (N) - sự chiếm chỗ

The doctor conceded that during his 16 years of occupancy, the air ducts of the building have not been cleaned.

OFFENSE (N) - sự phạm tội, sự tấn công

And what does it mean when people take offense and respond in evil and inhuman ways?

OFFENSIVE (ADJ) - sỉ nhục, công kích

The timeout is given at the first deadball when the team requesting it has offensive possession or on a foul.

OFFENSIVELY (ADV) - làm khó chịu, làm phiền, chướng

I hope you don't take this offensively, I just wanted to get this straight.

OFFEND (V) - phạm tội, xúc phạm

It's a delightful piece of absurdist nonsense, a sitcom designed to offend highbrow admirers of minimalist dance.

OFFENDER (N) - người phạm tội, người xúc phạm

There is another identikit in that section, 857 point 4, with a person with long hair, but I think that is a different offender.

OLD (ADJ) - cũ

These old computers are still useful. It seems like such a waste to throw them away.

ELDERLY (ADJ) - sắp già

To give an example from the purely personal level, an elderly female acquaintance of mine does not drink coffee.

AGE-OLD (ADJ) - lâu đời

According to age-old tradition they follow the example of Shiva in this respect.

ORIGIN (N) - nguồn gốc, nguyên bản

Africa, the origin of life, abounds with endless red deserts and intolerably hot storms.

ORIGINATE (V) - hình thành, bắt đầu

It is known botanically as Anemone x hybrida and, despite being called the Japanese anemone, they actually originate from China.

ORIGINAL (ADJ/N) - (thuộc) gốc, nguyên bản

Only a trained eye can tell the difference between the original painting and a good copy.

ORIGINALLY (ADV) - đầu tiên, trước tiên

The name Scandinavia originally referred vaguely to the formerly Danish, now Swedish, region Scania.

UNORIGINAL (ADJ) - không là nguyên bản

As well as being dishearteningly unoriginal, these statements were also largely ineffectual.

ORIGINATOR (N) - người khởi đầu

Sometimes it's best if the originator of the piece butts out and lets the professionals take over.

ORGANIZE (V) - tổ chức

The proprietors ordered the first governor to organize the militia with musters weekly or monthly.

ORGANIZER (N) - người tổ chức

The winning design was a rotating organizer, the losing design a storage table with a top that folds open.

DISORGANIZE (V) - phá hoại tổ chức

This enables the aggressor to disorganize command and control and decrease combat potential of the defending troops.

DISORGANIZATION (N) - sự phá hoại tổ chức

Unfortunately, her son's backpack was only one sign of his complete disorganization.

UNORGANIZED (ADJ) - vô tổ chức

One reason is that it is much harder to unionize an unorganized workplace than most of us realize.

REORGANIZE (V) - tổ chức lại

Winter is also a good time to reorganize and restock your gardening supplies.

REORGANIZATION (N) - sự cải tổ lại

Financial exigency could thus join seamlessly with reorganization to become an everyday occurrence.

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