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Nắm Vững WORD BUILDING - WORD FORMATION - WORD FAMILY - CẤU TẠO TỪ là cách "Nhanh Nhất" Giúp Em Mở Rộng Vốn Từ!. Dưới đây là danh sách tổng hợp word formation bắt đầu bằng N trong tiếng Anh mà các em nên biết trong tiếng anh.

NAME (V/N) - (đặt) tên

Russian silversmiths used a touch mark with the initial letters of first and last name in Cyrillic.

NAMELESS (ADJ) - vô danh

One particular wine that comes to mind, which shall remain nameless, has become an overnight sales sensation.

NAMELY (ADV) - là, ấy là

There were 2 growth patterns, namely, a cellular spindle cell pattern and a hypocellular fibrous pattern.

NAMESAKE (N) - người/ vật trùng tên

This feature-length documentary explores its namesake, an old form of health care that the authors of this film clearly subscribe to.

MISNAME (V) - đặt tên sai

If you leave off the year or you misname the statute or you do not put some aspect of the statute in, you are put out of court.

MISNOMER (N) - sự nhầm tên

The name amicus curiae is generally acknowledged as something of a misnomer, in that very few amici intend primarily to help the court.

UNNAMED (ADJ) - vô danh

The following is, to the best of my ability, a recreation of the factual debate between two of the presenters who shall go unnamed.

RENAME (V) - đổi tên/ thay tên

The city is loath to rename an existing street name and has offered a small park outside of the Papineau metro as an alternative.

NATION (N) - quốc gia

The fact that many African Americans fear the police more than our white counterparts says our nation is still a work in progress.

NATIONAL (ADJ) - (thuộc) quốc gia

The widespread topiary is part of the national trend towards dolefulness in appearance and attitude.

MULTINATIONAL (ADJ) - đa quốc gia

His current research is about the role of intelligence in multinational counterterrorism activities.

NATIONALISM (N) - chủ nghĩa dân tộc

They defend the framework of the nation state and often promote some form of nationalism or regionalism.

NATIONALIST (N) - người theo chủ nghĩa dân tộc

Throughout its history, outsiders wanted the women's movement to be nationalist first of all.

NATIONALITY (N) - quốc tịch

If there's any nationality that struggles to accept food fads, such as vegetarianism and nouvelle cuisine, it's the Italians.

NATIONALIZATION (N) - sự nhập quốc tịch

The only way to avoid this is real nationalization, with haircuts for the bondholders.


The country faces international censure for its alleged involvement in the assassination.

NATIONALISTIC (ADJ) - chủ nghĩa xã hội

However, in 1904 academic painting still dominated state-sponsored salons, and a world's fair art exhibition was inherently nationalistic.

NATIONALIZE (V ) - quốc gia hóa/ cho nhập quốc tịch

The first thing Lenin did after coming to power in 1917 was to nationalize all land and establish agricultural collectives.

NATIONALLY (ADV) - toàn quốc

It would seem that we're into one of those cycles where old issues are still being thrashed around, locally, and nationally.

INTERNATIONALLY (ADV) - trên bình diện quốc tế

This is an internationally recognised programme run by trained facilitators.

NAVIGATE (V) - điều hướng

Video footage helps the controller navigate the robot and negotiate tough volcanic terrain from solidified lava flows to loose scree and rocks.

NAVIGATION (N) - sự vượt biển

For navigation purposes, you can use your log to record waypoints and route numbers or times at certain markers for a future good reference.

NAVIGATIONAL (ADJ) - khả năng điều hướng

That was more of a course correction than her on-board navigational system could handle.

NAVIGATOR (N) - hoa tiêu

Then he went on two combat runs, sitting in a jump seat behind the primary navigator.

NAVIGABLE (ADJ) - có thể điều hướng được

Storefronts are empty, the restaurants quiet, the streets-where you once had to fight your way through crowds-are now easily navigable.

NAVIGABILITY (N) - sự điều hướng

However, this bridge was the limit of navigability of the river, which is why it is the furthest upstream that you find the remnants of docks.

NECESSARY (ADJ/N) - cần thiết/ nhu yếu phẩm

Dynamic control of protein phosphorylation is necessary for the regulation of many cellular processes, including mitosis and cytokinesis.


The discussion then is not necessarily limited to whether nature determines culture or whether nature is simply a cultural construction.

UNNECESSARY (ADJ) - không cần thiết

The college-distance 3-pointer always has seemed an illogical and unnecessary appendage to a wonderful game.

UNNECESSARILY (ADV) - không cần thiết

She was dressed in an overly and unnecessarily long dress that left a train that seemed to serve as an effective floor sweeper.

NECESSITY (N) - điều tất yếu

The seizure of power and the creation of alternative institutions became at once a possibility and a necessity.

NEGLECT (V/N) - (sự) sao nhãng

Most of us neglect minor rattles because they don't directly affect the running of the car.

NEGLIGENCE (N) - tính cẩu thả/ sự phóng túng

The precautions taken publicly are rendered null and void by the amount of negligence which goes on in private.

NEGLIGENT (ADJ) - cẩu thả/ lơ đễnh

One of her teachers was found guilty of negligent homicide in a French court but his conviction was later overturned.

NEGLIGENTLY (ADV) - cẩu thả/ lơ đễnh

The defendants negligently told the plaintiffs that X was much wealthier than in fact he was.

NEGLIGIBLE (ADJ) - không đáng kể

Any help or assistance is sufficient provided it is not so insignificant as to be negligible.

NEGLIGIBLY (ADV) - không đáng kể

Almost two years after its founding, the Afghan national government is only negligibly present in most of the nation, if at all.

NEW (ADJ) - mới mẻ

A new globe which he produced in 1541 was the first to have rhumb lines shown on it.

RENEW (V) - làm mới lại

David's anger starts to renew itself as he continues to comprehend the situation fully.

RENEWAL (N) - sự đổi mới

More usual work includes track renewal and preliminary work on signal sites and cables ready for resignalling next year.

RENEWABLE (ADJ) - có thể hồi phục lại

It is made from plant products, not fossil fuel, which means it is renewable.

ANEW (ADV) - lại một lần nữa

Then the movie literally stops and begins anew, retelling a mythic tale about a wild beast and the hunter who must kill it or be devoured by it.

NORMAL (ADJ/N) - thường/ tình trạng bình thường

The normal chaos that most people go through you do ten times as much every day, and it gets very stressful.

NORMALLY (ADV) - thông thường

The pupil normally dilates in the dark to improve vividity at night.

NORMALITY (N) - trang thái thường = NORMALCY (N)

Data were tested for normality using normal probability plots and tests of skewness and kurtosis.

NORMALIZE (V) - bình thường hóa

Treatment is typically with synthetic thyroid hormones, which can normalize blood pressure.

ABNORMAL (ADJ) - dị thường

El Nino will lead to abnormal weather and the increase of tropical cyclones will bring more rainstorms to the lower reaches of the Yangtze River.

ABNORMALLY (ADV) - dị thường

Earliest changes in the hair follicle occur when the follicular canal becomes blocked with abnormally keratinized desquamating cells.

ABNORMALITY (N) - sự không bình thường

They have to discover the root cause of abnormality, help children perform academically, personally and socially.

NORMALIZATION (N) - sự thông thường hóa

Whether in ancient Greece or in contemporary society, myths are intrinsic to the process of naturalization and normalization.

NOTE (N/V) - giấy ghi chú/ ghi chép

The note was high and decidedly painful to listen to but it seemed to do the trick.

NOTABLE (ADJ/N) - đáng chú ý/ danh sĩ

Perhaps Northern Ireland's most notable successes in professional sport have come in golf.

NOTABLY (ADV) - đáng kể/ đáng chú ý

While newspapers provided some notably serious reporting, for the most part the TV news zone was predictably agog with glitz and sizzle.

NOTEBOOK (N) - sổ ghi chép

He looked down to see his notebook on his desk, with a small dribble of his drool on the page.

NOTIFY (V) - khai báo

The service will notify passengers of flight delays and cancellations in case of flight irregularity.

NOTIFICATION (N) - sự khai báo

The next step is to send an e-mail notification to the order fulfiller indicating that a new order is ready to be processed.

DENOTE (V) - biểu thị, có nghĩa là

In Sweden, X is used by the armed forces on maps to denote that blasting or other type of destruction has been prepared.

NOTATION (N) - ký hiệu/ lời chú thích

The whole note derives from the semibrevis of mensural notation, and this is the origin of the British name.

NOTARY (N) - công chứng viên

In January 1998 there was a reconciliation formally recorded by a notary, the effect of which may have been to suspend the custody order.

NOTARIZED (ADJ) - (nói về chứng thư) do công chứng viên lập ra

Her notarized written descriptions included dressing in drag and behaving rudely.

NOTICE (V/N) - chú ý/ thông báo

Avid readers and transport boffins will notice that this is the old sign from Melbourne Train Doors.

UNNOTICED (ADJ) - không ai để ý

That fair-mindedness never went unnoticed by political opponents who held him in the same high esteem as those within his own party ranks did.

UNNOTICEABLE (ADJ) - không đáng chú ý

The passing of time was very much unnoticeable for a man with Jun's mindset.

NOTICEABLE (ADJ) - đáng chú ý

One of the most noticeable characteristics of most trenches is their arcuate plan, convex toward the subducting plate.

NOTICEABLY (ADV) - đáng quan tâm

As you decelerate, the brakes get noticeably softer in the fraction of a second before the car stops.

UNNOTICEABLY (ADV) - không đáng quan tâm

His grip on me tightened slowly, almost unnoticeably until I felt the pain and I winced, my throat still echoing with that ache he gave to me.

NOURISH (V) - nuôi dưỡng

He was a vegetarian who never had a vigorous appetite, which further complicated his ability to adequately nourish himself.

NOURISHING (ADJ) - dinh dưỡng

It would be just as welcome served as a nourishing warm dessert on a cool summer evening.

NOURISHMENT (N) - thực phẩm/ sự nuôi dưỡng

We are the rotted bags of meat moving to the next location, hoping to find a source of instinctual nourishment.

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