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Nắm Vững WORD BUILDING - WORD FORMATION - WORD FAMILY - CẤU TẠO TỪ là cách "Nhanh Nhất" Giúp Em Mở Rộng Vốn Từ!. Dưới đây là danh sách tổng hợp word formation bắt đầu bằng M trong tiếng Anh mà các em nên biết trong tiếng anh.

MAJOR (ADJ/N/V) - lớn (hơn)/ con trai tới tuổi trưởng thành/ chuyên về

The multivocal analysis process for the PLTL dataset proceeded in two major phases, each discussed separately in this chapter.

MAJORITY (N) - phần lớn/ tuổi thành niên

Although the majority of journeys involving central London are made by public transport, car travel is common in the suburbs.

MANAGE (V) - quản lý

The store is always busy but they manage to keep the shelves stocked and neat.

MISMANAGE (V) - quản lý tồi

This was also partly meant to convince the colonialists that the Africans were ready to manage or mismanage their own affairs.

MISMANAGEMENT (N) - sự quản lý tồi

Although economists see this as a reward for financial mismanagement and wastage of tax payer's money, many defend the move.

MANAGER (N) - người quản lý

After a worker called 911, Alfaro says the plant manager, Michael Leblanc, gathered up the workers to scare them straight.

MANAGEMENT (N) - sự quản lý

The management of depression has advanced greatly with the development of antidepressant agents based on neurotransmitter reuptake inhibition.

MANAGERIAL (ADJ) - (thuộc) người quản lý

But as he approaches the end of his managerial career, what is there left for him to do?

MANAGING (DIRECTOR) (ADJ) - trông nom/ quản lý

Mary Deanne Shears, terrorizing managing editrix of the Star, is widely considered toast now that publisher Lurch Honderich has got the sack.

MANUFACTURE (N) - công nghiệp/ sự chế tạo

Pakistan also has the capability to design and manufacture both armed and unarmed unmanned aerial vehicles.

MANUFACTURER (N) - người chế tạo/ chủ xưởng

You can pick the RAM that has the best access time for the money, and not what some large computer manufacturer got the best deal on that week.

MANUFACTURING (N) - sự sản xuất

Brightfield inspection is used by chipmakers to find the most critical defects during wafer manufacturing.

MARRY (V) - cưới

She doesn't want to marry him either, so she has him play the role of the refuser.

MARRIAGE (N) - hôn nhân

Their marriage is a partnership that has remained strong despite family illness.

REMARRY (V) - kết hôn lại

He forged a strong relationship with the Jessop family in the years after the tragedy, and urged his son-in-law to remarry.

MARRIED (ADJ) - (thuộc) vợ chồng

Fort Arnott, it was a big week. He was soon to be married and a buck's night was held in his honour.

UNMARRIED (ADJ) - chưa kết hôn

Those with the diagnosis were more likely to be older, have a grade school education, and be unmarried in mid-life.

MASS (V/N) - tụ hội/ số nhiều

It took early scientists hundreds of years of scientific study before the law of conservation of mass became accepted.

MASSIVE (ADJ) - to lớn

The massive walls work well as heat sinks, but the beautiful timber walls, with all their complex joinery, are too porous to hold heat.


By allowing children and young adults to engage in self-paced learning, it would massively counteract the school systems in the cities.

AMASS (V) - chất đống

The wealth brought by his marriage and his canny eye for business between them enabled him to amass a substantial fortune.

MEAN (N/ADJ/V) - trung gian/hèn hạ/có ý định

That does not mean it is practical, advisable, tenable, moral or that it should be perpetual.

MEANING (N/ADJ) - ý nghĩa, đầy ý nghĩa

But one is obliged to find the meaning of the conflict, that collision of selves which the Middle Passage entails.

MEANINGLESS (ADJ) - vô nghĩa

In short, what we have here is a veritable orgy of vacuous generalities and meaningless slogans.

MEANINGFUL (ADJ) - đầy ý nghĩa

He likes having meaningful conversations, going out with friends and lazing around unshaven during off days.

MEANINGFULLY (ADV) - một cách có ý nghĩa

Heidegger has no way in his thinking to meaningfully discuss the death of others.

MEMORY (N) - kỉ niệm/ trí nhớ

Faith in American virtue remains intact, and the erasure of collective memory is stunning.

MEMORISE (V) - thuộc lòng

I particularly liked this pattern, which was easy to memorise and a tad more interesting than a rib or stocking stitch.

MEMORIZATION (N) - sự ghi nhớ

Canons of literature may fossilize their subject and reduce its study to dry memorization for its own sake.

MEMORABLE (ADJ) - đáng ghi nhớ

He plays the role with a mixture of sadness and self-assurance that makes his character the most memorable in the picture.

MEMORABLY (ADJ) - đáng ghi nhớ

He fell in with the original Happy Valley crowd whose decadent lifestyles were memorably depicted in the book and the film White Mischief.

MISERABLE (ADJ) - khốn khổ

The weather through that winter was miserable, and conditions in the camps on both sides deteriorated.

MISTAKE (N/V) - lỗi lầm/ lầm lẫn

Beachfront development, with its artificial lighting, lures turtles astray as they mistake the lights for the moon, causing them to get stranded.

MISTAKEN (ADJ) - sai lầm/ hiểu sai

I see the deleterious consequences of this mistaken belief in many of my patients.

MISTAKENLY (ADV) - một cách sai lầm

Many people mistakenly group the annual and perennial sowthistles into two species rather than four.

MOBILE (ADJ) - di chuyển/ hay thay đổi

There's a URL encoded in the QR code that a new mobile phone application first decodes then launches the browser in your mobile to find.

MOBILIZE (V) - huy động/ động viên

She was a caustic critic of charismatic ministers who speechify but don't mobilize.

MOBILITY (N) - tính chuyển động/ tính dễ thay đổi

A woman with multiple sclerosis has been left practically housebound after thieves stole her mobility scooter.

IMMOBILE (ADJ) - đứng yên

When prey arrives they quickly seize its extremities, pulling on legs, arms and antennae until the hostage is rendered immobile.

IMMOBILIZE (V) - giữ cố định

In the martial art of ju-jitsu, the less powerful uses the strength of the aggressor to immobilize them.

MODERN (ADJ/N) - hiện đại/ người cận đại

McGrath is a towering intellect and one of the leading theologians in modern evangelicalism.

MODERNIZE (V) - hiện đại hóa

So I think we in Congress can help these less wealthy areas of the country update and modernize their technology.

MODERNITY (N) - tính chất hiện đại/ cái hiện đại

Even in an arena as illogical and playful as football, my faith in modernity, science, and rationality remains unshaken.

MOMENT (N) - chốc/ lúc/ lát

At that moment one of the colossal dark shapes passes directly under where we are standing.

MOMENTARY (ADJ) - chốt lát/ nhất thời

The momentary outburst had subsided to be replaced with the old calmness and placidity.

MOMENTARILY (ADV) - ngay tức khắc

Her mind had momentarily blanked out when she realized the mistake she had made.

MOMENTOUS (ADJ) - quan trọng

I might be sticking my neck out, but I would like to suggest that we might just be on the cusp of momentous change.

MOOD (N) - tâm trạng

He was in a particularly bad mood one day after his father had called him to come help him promote a political ally.

MOODY (ADJ) - buồn rầu

We begin in a dark, moody place, and proceed to brood for three-quarters of an hour.

MOODINESS (N) - trạng thái ủ rũ

This citrus fruit has an invigorating scent that energizes while helping to relieve tension, frustration, irritability and moodiness.

MORAL (N/ADJ) - (thuộc) đạo đức

It is more or less reduced to Janus-faced etiquettes of the moral and grotesque body, placed by the author, as it seems, where most suitable.

MORALLY (ADV) - một cách có đạo đức

Bellicism is morally neutral and applicable only to the period before the offence or defence distinction came to be widely recognized.

MORALIST (N) - người dạy đạo đức

The media moralist and TV frontman has a long track record of preaching about the evils of child abuse and individual irresponsibility.

MORALISTIC (ADJ) - (thuộc) đạo đức

What are the major features of the individualistic, traditionalistic, and moralistic political cultures?

MORALIZE (V) - răn dạy

We moralize the issue of weight and so the really virtuous person is the one who struggles to maintain a lower weight through sacrifice.

MORALITY (N) - nhân cách

The way it performs its function unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality.

AMORAL (ADJ) - phi luân lý

Maybe the trouble is that I went to one of those amoral left-wing universities on the east coast.

AMORALITY (N) - phi luân lý

That emotion, when it comes, releases us from the amorality and nastiness of our situation as voyeurs.

IMMORAL (N) - trái đạo đức

It is unlawful to prohibit immoral or sacrilegious films in a public school.

MORTAL (N/ADJ) - con người/ nguy hiểm đến tính mạng

You had an awful lot of people who wore swords, but who never actually drew them in mortal battle.

MORTALITY (N) - loài người/ tỷ lệ người chết

It's essential to keep the time shifts, because this is a woman coming to grips with her mortality.

IMMORTAL (ADJ/N) - bất tử/ người bất tử

This tale that I tell is dedicated to him, the angelic owner of my immortal soul.

IMMORTALITY (N) - tính bất tử/ sự sống mãi

But political passion overwhelmed aesthetic concentration, and so, outside Italy at any rate, he has forfeited literary immortality.

IMMORTALIZE (V) - làm cho bất diệt

The poem's indictment of Thetis as a botcher continues through her account of her failure to fully immortalize her son.

MOVE (N/V) - sự di chuyển/ di chuyển

I mean, some people are hurting out there, and they need the money, and they should go ahead and accept it and move on.

MOVEMENT (N) - động tác/ sự di chuyển

Fauvism was the first movement of this modern period, in which color ruled supreme.

IMMOVABLE (ADJ) - bất động

At first the chifferobe felt as immovable as the rock of Gibraltar, but then it moved slightly.

MOVING (ADJ) - động

He makes electronic dance music that isn't easily categorisable. One thing is for sure: his music gets girls moving.

MURDER (V/N) - giết/ tội giết người

He places the blame and responsibility for the murder on the boy in question and how he was raised.

MURDERER (N) - kẻ giết người

The fact that he himself is a murderer merely adds to the background tension that crackles from the first page.

MURDEROUS (ADJ) - tàn sát

After a few careless moves in the opening Black develops a murderous attack.

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