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Nắm Vững WORD BUILDING - WORD FORMATION - WORD FAMILY - CẤU TẠO TỪ là cách "Nhanh Nhất" Giúp Em Mở Rộng Vốn Từ!. Dưới đây là danh sách tổng hợp word formation bắt đầu bằng L trong tiếng Anh mà các em nên biết trong tiếng anh.

LABOR (V/N) - công việc/ gắng công

He acted as the middleman in the talks between labor and management.

LABORIOUS (ADJ) - khó nhọc, cần cù

They may be work trucks, but pickups needn't be laborious to drive, the No.2 auto maker maintains.


The passata came from tomatoes grown in my mother's garden in the South of France, laboriously boiled, peeled and deseeded.

LABOURER (N) - người lao động

However, an ill labourer has to take time off without benefit of salary or proper medicines.

LABOUR-SAVING (ADJ) - tiết kiệm sức lao động

At the same time, a range of new labour-saving devices are going on sale to time-poor gardeners.

LAST (ADJ/N/V/ADV) - gần đây/ lần cuối/ kéo dài/ cuối cùng

They're the last people you would imagine to walk out unofficially and shout at the boss.

LASTING (ADJ/N) - bền vững/ vải latinh

Will we always live in the shadows, more worried about the daily bread and less about the lasting values that we have always searched for?

OUTLAST (V) - tồn tại lâu hơn

A legacy is something which we deposit into this life that will outlast us for generations to come.

LONG-LASTING (ADJ) - lâu dài

They suggest using a powder, applied with a fine but firm brush, for the most natural and long-lasting effect.

LENIENT (ADJ) - nhân hậu

He said the daytime curfew was very restrictive and said they took a more lenient view.

LENIENCY (N) - tính nhân hậu

There is the famous joke about the man who kills his parents and then looks for leniency at his murder trial because he is an orphan.

LIFE (N) - sự sống

A large activation energy indicates that the applied stress will have a large effect on the life of the product.

AFTERLIFE (N) - kiếp sau

The only problem with this method occurs in the event that there actually is an afterlife.

LIFE-BLOOD (N) - huyết mạch, nhân tố quyết định

As with most Indian tribes in North America the lives of the Apache were destroyed as their life-blood, the buffalo were slaughtered by the whites.

LIFELESS (ADJ) - chất, bất động

There are a string of clues as to how he knows that the body lying in front of them is lifeless, beyond resuscitation.

LIFELIKE (ADJ) - giống như thật

These airbags are very lifelike in their resemblance to small children perched on the front seat of driven motorcycles.

LIFE-LINE (N) - dây an toàn/ đường số mệnh

Up above, the tender kept a sharp eye on the Koepanger paying out the air-pipe, while attending to the life-line himself and the management of the lugger.

LIFELONG (ADJ) - suốt đời

The partner who is your soulmate is no longer enough, and nor is one lifelong best friend.

LIFE-SAVER (N) - nhân viên cứu hộ

You saved my life and you are a regular life saver like Mr. peake.

LIFE-SPAN (N) - vòng đời, tuổi thọ

Considering The Kills are just a duo who rely on guitars and a drum machine, it's easy to assume they have a limited life span.

LIFE-STYLE (N) - lối sống

Hay fever or some old fashioned antihistamine treatments with side effect drowsiness can generally impede your life style.

LIFETIME (N/ADJ) - cả cuộc đời/ suốt đời

The blushing bride has waited almost a lifetime to find the man of her dreams.

NIGHT-LIFE (N) - cuộc sống về đêm

New York night life in all its true, hilarious, horrific, poignant and pinheaded glory.

WILDLIFE (N) - sự bảo tồn những loài thú, cuộc sống hoang dã

He shrugs off any discomfort of sharing space with rodents and other wildlife that live in the thatched canopies.

LIKE (PREP/ADJ/N/V) - như/ giống như/ cái thích/ ưa

At the rate he is going, it looks like his strategy could backfire and he could soon be out on his ear.

ALIKE (ADJ/ADV) - tương tự/ giống nhau

The event is open to runners, joggers and walkers alike and covers the 4-mile road circuit.

DISLIKE (V/N) - không thích/ sự không ưa

I'm coming to dislike the taste of what they have done with margarine and these 'healthy spreads'. Bleah!

LIKING (N) - sự ưa thích

Sear eye fillets in a little olive in a hot pan or on chargrill and cook to your liking.

LIKEABLE (ADJ) - dễ thương

He was confident but not cocky and very likable, in a puppy dog sort of way.

LIKEN (V) - xem như là/ so sánh

So too, it is only sleeping children that we liken to angels-even though our hymnody reminds us that angels never sleep!

LIKENESS (N) - chân dung/ tính chất giống

The likeness of the poet and the bench he sits upon are cast in bronze which has acquired a fine and appropriately green patina.

LIKEWISE (ADV) - cũng thế

In any event, the exclusion of them from the balancing exercise is likewise illegitimate.

LINE (N/V) - đường, hàng/ vạch kẻ

With much success he walks a fine line between scholarly jargon and patronizing colloquialism.

ONLINE (ADJ) - trực tuyến

An online resume is one you create using word processing software and e-mail or post on the Internet.

LINEAGE (N) - nòi giống

Teachers of the lineage transmit the Buddha's knowledge as it has been handed down from teacher to student through the ages.

LINESMAN (N) - người lính của một đơn vị

He was offside, says the linesman, and for once in this tournament, the replay agrees.

LINER (N) - tàu khách, máy bay chở khách

The shot-out barrel had been relined, the liner carefully and tightly fit prior to being glassed into place.

BYLINE (N) - dòng ghi tên tác giả

In the April 6 issue there appears an article under the byline of staffer Handrie Basson.

ONE-LINER (N) - lời nói đùa hoặc lời nhận xét ngắn

His wearying recourse to the one-liner is the literary equivalent of tossing choc drops to the reader.

LINEAR (ADJ) - (thuộc) nét kẻ

Showing them that a line can represent a linear mathematical equation graphically.

NON-LINEAR (ADJ) - phi tuyến

The logarithm is only one of many nonlinear but monotonic functions that can be applied to measurements prior to analysis.

LITERACY (N) - sự hiểu biết

And that level of literacy in music, even if it is a variation of the same, is still praiseworthy and perhaps without any parallel.

LITERATE (ADJ/N) - (người) biết đọc

I am computer literate but I find surfing the net is only equalled in its vapidity by the banality of today's TV programmes.

ILLITERATE (ADJ/N) - (người) dốt chữ

South Asia, where many people are illiterate, ignorant of their rights, and thus easily diddled, is the home of this system.

ILLITERACY (N) - nạn mù chữ

His illiteracy means that he didn't read the warnings on his medication, leading to a dangerous reaction.

LONG (ADJ/ADV/V) - lâu dài/ kéo dài

After a cut, the video camera pans right and a cameraman appears in long shot holding a film camera.

LENGTH (N) - chiều dài

When clear facing a long length of material it must be supported at both ends.

LENGTHY (ADJ) - dài dòng

His personal possessions arrived crammed in the back of a van and a team of staff began the lengthy task of furnishing his room.

LONGEVITY (N) - sự sống lâu

Despite the admirable longevity of an established asparagus bed, the plants get off to a slow start.

LENGTHEN (V) - kéo dài ra

Clasping his hands together, he took a deep breath to lengthen his spine and looked gently downward toward the plush, carpeted floor.

PROLONG (V) - kéo dài

Only by concerted action can we counter the sheer humanity of those who wish to prolong the agony of death.

LONGITUDE (N) - độ kinh (trong địa lý/ địa chất)

During the voyage he experimented with the lunar position method of determining longitude.

LOSE (V) - mất đi, thua bại

He had the patience to lose the first three to sucker me in for the last one.

LOSS (N) - sự thiệt hại

The loss of both her parents at an early age distorted her outlook on life.

LOSER (N) - người thua cuộc

At home he is tagged a congenital loser, unable to secure a single unambiguous victory for Labor in four previous tries.

LOST (V) - mất đi, thua bại

Although it seems clear that he has lost the election, he still refuses to concede.

LOSSLESS (COMPRESSION) - sự không bị thiệt (dùng trong nén thông tin)

One way to mitigate the packet loss problem is through lossless data compression.

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