Tổng hợp word formation bắt đầu bằng G trong tiếng Anh

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Nắm Vững WORD BUILDING - WORD FORMATION - WORD FAMILY - CẤU TẠO TỪ là cách "Nhanh Nhất" Giúp Em Mở Rộng Vốn Từ!. Dưới đây là danh sách tổng hợp word formation bắt đầu bằng G trong tiếng Anh mà các em nên biết trong tiếng anh.

GIVE (V) - cho

Mrs Gower did not give evidence to the Tribunal, nor was a witness statement from her submitted by either party.

MISGIVING (N) - nỗi lo sợ, mối nghi ngờ

My only qualm on this album is the rather boxy sound of this overture, but this is a minor misgiving when compared to the joys on offer.

GIVE-AWAY (N) - đồ bán rẻ/ đồ cho đi

Members of the Chippenham Winkle Club known as winklers donned their Christmas outfits for the giveaway along the Kennet and Avon canal.

GRACE (V/N) - vẻ duyên dáng/ làm vẻ vang

The only saving grace is the director's commentary, which, as I mentioned earlier, provides amazing insight into the film.

GRACEFUL (ADJ) - duyên dáng

It swam near the bottom with a very graceful and rapid movement and tried to conceal itself in the tufts of seaweed.

GRACEFULLY (ADV) - duyên dáng

To take one's leave gracefully and voluntarily seemed to him a more dignified end than to be snatched by death unwillingly away.

GRACELESS (N) - khiếm nhã

Tash bit her lip, feeling her words were graceless and awkward, when her gratitude was so much more.

DISGRACE (V/N) - ruồng bỏ / tình trạng bị ghét bỏ

There was no disgrace in their defeat by a Leigh team who will be red-hot favourites going into the play-offs.

DISGRACEFUL (ADJ) - nhục nhã

The sound quality is disgraceful, the image blurry and the editing dreadful.


They are not impartial and they fall disgracefully short of what is required following the worst debacle in agricultural history in this country.

GRAMMAR (N) - ngữ pháp

The students are required to complete these assignments with a word processor, and they are graded for grammar and spelling.

GRAMMARIAN (N) - nhà ngữ pháp

Panini was a Sanskrit grammarian who gave a comprehensive and scientific theory of phonetics, phonology, and morphology.

GRAMMATICAL (ADJ) - (thuộc) ngữ pháp

Johnson gave little attention to collocation, idiom, and grammatical information, although he provided a brief grammar at the front.

GRAMMATICALLY (ADV) - về mặt ngữ pháp

And although ubuntu can be grammatically classified as an abstract noun, it is often employed in relational contexts.

UNGRAMMATICAL (ADJ) - sai ngữ pháp

The ungrammaticality shows nothing about whether or not preposition stranding ordinarily sounds ungrammatical.

UNGRAMMATICALLY (ADV) - không đúng ngữ pháp

As you Americans say, so charmingly yet so ungrammatically, you do the math.

GREEN (ADJ/N/V) - xanh tươi/ rau/ trở nên xanh tươi

A Chinese mountaineer held a green raincoat over his waist like an apron, covering his nakedness.

GREENERY (N) - cây cỏ/ nhà kính trồng cây

Rice vermicelli noodles add extra interest, and handfuls of herbs make up the necessary greenery.

GREENNESS (N) - màu lục, sự thiếu kinh nghiệm

What had possessed him to leave the beautiful greenness and fresh sweet air of Hilgoth?

GREENISH (ADJ) - hơi lục

I was a Swamp Thing, lolling around in swimming togs, my skin smeared with chalky white cream and greenish mud.

GROW (V) - mọc ra/ lớn lên

Snakes molt as they grow, shedding the old skin and growing a larger new skin.

GROWTH (N) - sự phát triển

To pre-empt that process by false praise or empty reassurance is not to further the growth of the individual but to cripple it.

OUTGROW (V) - phát triển nhanh hơn

And they're better than real children, who soon outgrow their adorable helplessness.

GUIDE (V/N) - chỉ đường

The following is a guide for all facets of giving a massage that will make his toes curl and bring him to much higher plain of ecstasy.

GUIDANCE (N) - sự chỉ đạo

The guidance gives no advice on how the question of incapacity is to be determined.

GUIDELINE (N) - đường lối chỉ đạo

The review is there as a guideline, as an incitement, or perhaps at times merely a provocation.

MISGUIDE (V) - làm cho lạc đường

Scenes of smoking, violence and drinking can misguide the public, especially the youngsters.

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