Tổng hợp word formation bắt đầu bằng H trong tiếng Anh

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Nắm Vững WORD BUILDING - WORD FORMATION - WORD FAMILY - CẤU TẠO TỪ là cách "Nhanh Nhất" Giúp Em Mở Rộng Vốn Từ!. Dưới đây là danh sách tổng hợp word formation bắt đầu bằng H trong tiếng Anh mà các em nên biết trong tiếng anh.

HAND (N/V) - tay/ trao

The Esquire Theatre, on the other hand, is guilty of censoring the work of an artist, no matter how poor that work might actually be.

OFFHAND (ADV/ADJ) - không suy nghĩ trước/ quá tự nhiên

I suppose there must be plenty of counterexamples to such a sweeping statement, but none occur to me offhand.

OFFHANDEDLY (ADV) - một cách tự nhiên

I offhandedly expostulated whilst continuing to read her two page monologue.

OFFHANDEDNESS (N) - tính chất ứng khẩu

Your offhandedness is completely inappropriate in such an important situation.

UNDERHAND (ADJ/ADV) - giấu giếm, lén lút

Meanwhile two books are coming out soon about the sport's language, amid claims of some underhand play.

HANDILY (ADV) - thuận tiện

Tactically, it's clear that the fleet is less handily placed in Holland, and the army ditto in Denmark.

HAPPY (ADJ) - vui vẻ

She would have wanted us all to be happy and to have fun so that is what we will do.

UNHAPPY (ADJ) - khổ sở

Both couples suffer in unhappy marriages, and they deal with their situations through denial, deceit, and savage personal attacks.

HAPPINESS (N) - sự sung sướng

He was handsome and could have had a life of blissful happiness for himself if he wished.

HAPPILY (ADV) - hạnh phúc

Madison dances with Jack, and they happily laugh and chat during the lively jig.

UNHAPPILY (ADV) - bất hạnh

While everyone around him is in a committed relationship, he continues to find himself either unhappily involved or single all together.

HARM (V/N) - làm hại/ tai hại

To do otherwise would involve an unacceptable level of censorship and harm to the public good.

HARMFUL (ADJ) - có hại

Lasers, like ionizing radiation, can be harmful to staff as well as the patients.

HARMLESS (ADJ) - vô tội, ngây thơ

The noctule bat's wingspan can reach up to 19 inches, although, like all British varieties, it is totally harmless.

HARMFULLY (ADV) - tai hại

Explanations requiring the supernatural are now not merely quaint but harmfully distracting to children and other innocents.


Various germs such as fungi and bacteria live harmlessly on the skin and inside the body.

UNHARMED (ADJ) - không bị tổn hại

After reaching the bank, Weatherford dismounted, checked his horse for injuries and rode away, unharmed.

HAZARD (V/N) - mạo hiểm/ mối nguy

It seems the pay is average but the workplace hazard allowance is astronomical.

HAZARDOUS (ADJ) - mạo hiểm

Authorities say a hazardous spill has been contained following a train collision just south of Chicago.

HAZARDOUSLY (ADV) - liều lĩnh

The books were stacked hazardously in my locker, threatening to topple onto me.

HEAD (N/V) - đầu/ đứng đầu

The shooting began to sink in and he realised he was in deep, way over his head.

HEADACHE (N) - chứng nhức đầu

He had been told she had a headache and muscle pain, neither of which she had.

HEAD-DRESS (N) - khăn trùm đầu

In the adjacent mirror is a spatially confusing reflection of a woman wearing a rose headdress.

HEADER (N) - vòi phun

But City had set the tempo and Jacobs waltzed his way around Antony Kay only to see Windass put the header in the TL Dallas Stand.

HEADGEAR (N) - khăn trùm đầu

What is it about this type of headgear, that usually heralds bad behaviour and total disregard for the safety of others.

HEADINESS (N) - tính nóng nảy

The end is sweet, in the form of immaculate hand-made chocolates almost alcoholic in their headiness.

HEADING (N) - tiêu đề

The launch vehicle pushes the spacecraft onto a heading that pushes it in the direction of a final destination.

HEADLAMP (N) - đèn pha

Diamonds sparkle in the radiance of my headlamp as snow sifts from an ebony sky.

HEADLIGHT (N) - đèn pha

Use flashers or a headlight signal to warn other drivers when deer are spotted on or near the road.

HEADLINE (N/V) - dòng đầu/ đặt đề mục

The core inflation measure made its debut in the early 1970s when the headline inflation rate was trending sharply upwards.

HEADLONG (ADJ/ADV) - liều lĩnh

Plunged headlong into joyful Christmas celebrations, Jack mooches around looking mournful and lugubrious.

HEADMASTER (N) - ông hiệu trưởng

But later, the headmaster actually went into the bin and put all the pieces together!

HEADMISTRESS (N)- bà hiệu trưởng

We both got dragged of to the headmistress, but I swear from that day on she never bothered me again and nor did anyone else.

HEAD-ON (ADJ/ADV) - đâm đầu vào nhau

Few people will challenge activists' arguments head-on, and defend the moral value of animal research.

HEADQUARTERS (N) - sự chỉ huy

Lou, behind us, they have floodlit the almost destroyed remains of the front of the U.N. headquarters.

HEADSTONE (N) - bia mộ

It is, of course, a memorial to the matriarch, the slab representing her headstone.

HEADSTRONG (ADJ) - cứng đầu

I think it was a bit of a surprise that I was still very headstrong even after signing.

HEADWAY (N) - sự tiến bộ

Although the army has made similar arguments in the past, officers are making headway.

HEADY (ADJ) - nóng nảy/ dễ bốc đầu

Introduced her to the heady world of alcohol and nightclubs and skipping lectures to deal with the morning after the night before.

OVERHEAD (N/ADJ/ADV) - tổng phí/ ở trên đầu

The data suggested a significant increase in oxygen demand when comparing the overhead exercise relative to the chest exercise.

HEAR (V) - nghe

Occasionally, when Brie focuses very hard, her loved ones can Briefly sense her, can hear her whispering in their ears.

HEARABLE (ADJ) - có thể nghe

What they aim for is that virtual objects or processes will be not just seeable and hearable, but experienced through touch as well.

HEARER (N) - thính giả

Affirmatives with both of the options can mark a contrast between speaker and hearer, but mostly in literature.

HEARSAY (N) - lời đồn

In relation to the other concerns raised by the woman, he pointed these were very subjective matters and hearsay.

OVERHEAR (V) - nghe lỏm

Wilde did not have such specific prescience, but I wonder if he didn't overhear the dim roar of airborne death somewhere over the horizon.

HEART (N) - trái tim

If someone is in need of a listener, an ambivert can be the perfect person to pour your heart out to.

DISHEARTEN (V) - làm chán nản

The news would perhaps dishearten walkers and joggers on Race Course and Nehru Stadium.

HEARTACHE (N) - nỗi đau buồn

Deep in her eyes, she had heartache, pain, and anger swirling together in a destructive mass.

HEARTBEAT (N) - nhịp tim

If it detects an abnormally rapid heartbeat, it sends an electrical surge to a defibrillator coil and jolts the heart back into a normal rhythm.

HEART-BREAK (N) - nỗi đau buồn xé ruột

Always supportive, we were the crutch for the other to lean on, when love dealt us the pain of heartbreak.

HEARTBURN (N) - chứng ợ nóng

But thumb drives aren't the only form of digital storage media giving security executives heartburn.

HEARTLAND (N) - khu trung tâm

But this is what took place two years ago in the heartland of England's shires.

HEARTEN (V) - động viên

Forty years on, the poem's appeal was still strong enough to hearten the Achinese in their next struggle, against the invaders.

HEARTENING (ADJ) - phấn khích

It's all heartening stuff for investors, even if fans of the Bhoys would prefer Desmond to loosen the purse strings and strengthen the squad.

HEARTLESS (ADJ) - vô tình

We have a cruel and heartless system for the cared for and carers which needs to be overhauled.

HEARTSICK (ADJ) - thất vọng

I'm just heartsick, because I love CRP, because it's allowing me to have the habitat out here.

HEART-WARMING (ADJ) - ấm lòng, chân tình

The book is comedic and heartwarming in turns, yet I read it dry-eyed as it did not realise a true exploration of personal grief.

HESITATE (V) - do dự

Would they hesitate and triangulate, or would they push hard for real change?

HESITATION (N) - sự nói ấp úng

However, as someone who is still studying, I have no hesitation in recommending this book.

HESITANT (ADJ) - do dự

The older students clapped enthusiastically while the newcomer were still a bit hesitant, confused.

HOLD (V/N) - cầm

They are going to hold a plebiscite on the question of national independence.

HOLDER (N) - người nắm giữ, tay cầm

In Scotland the sheriff is a judicial office holder in the sheriff courts, and they are members of the judiciary of Scotland.

BEHOLD (V) - nhìn ngắm

The heroine of his Ephesian Tale, Anthia, is introduced dressed as Artemis in a procession where all can behold her beauty.

BEHOLDER (N) - người chứng kiến

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say, but so are ugliness, crudity and complete bewilderment.

STRONGHOLD (N) - đồn lũy

The same stronghold was besieged in 1136, when miners again attempted to demolish the walls.

WITHHOLD (V) - giấu, từ chối không làm

Following a meeting with threats to withhold council tax payments, the protest fizzled out in the face of an uncompromising council.

HOME (N) - nhà/ quê hương

They showed up for a home date with Miami on December 12 and sleepwalked through a lopsided loss.

HOME-COMING (N) - sự trở về nhà

The Muslims fear the homecoming of the pandits might be accompanied by some legislative guarantees, which can deprive them of the such holdings.

HOMELAND (N) - quê hương

The only thing I'm worried about is that we're dropping the ball on the economy and homeland security.

HOMELESS (ADJ) - vô gia cư

A homeless man was doubly unlucky when he was hit by a female drunk driver because she turned out to be a really nasty piece of work.

HOMELESSNESS (N) - tình trạng vô gia cư

Housing chiefs say that waiting lists and homelessness are likely to grow during this period.

HOMELY (ADJ) - chất phác, không khách sáo

Surprisingly, then, it behoves the discerning reader to gravitate toward books that are homely.

HOMESICK (ADJ) - nhớ nhà

The thought of boerewors and a cold beer is enough to make any South African travelling overseas homesick.

HOMESPUN (ADJ) - đơn giản/ vải thô dệt bằng sợi xe ở nhà

So what has all this homespun philosophy got to do with the crisis in public liability insurance?

HOMESTEAD (N) - nhà cửa vượt tược

The legislation, however, does not place a flat cap on the value of the homestead exemption that an individual can exempt in bankruptcy.

HOMEWARD(S) (ADJ/ADV) - trở về nhà

Endeavour will sail from Whitehaven, Cumbria, on November 8, on a homeward route that will retrace some of Cook's voyages.

HOMEWORK (N) - bài ở nhà

She reached up and gave her dad a kiss on the cheek and a hug before leaving for her room for undone homework.

HOSTILE (ADJ/N) - chống đối/ kẻ thù địch

Men who are recently out of the army or marines are favored to play hostile gunmen.

HOSTILITY (N) - sự thù địch

In that period, there was huge public hostility to the conchies, who had refused to fight.

HOSTILELY (ADV) - kẻ thù địch

I can say I did react hostilely originally when Susan tried address the problem on her own.

HOUR (N) - giờ

Up to this hour such questions have been open, their questionability is concealed by results and the progress of scientific work.

HOURLY (ADJ/ADV) - hàng giờ

Initial assessments were conducted every 15 minutes and then hourly once the patient's condition was stable.

HOURGLASS (N) - đồng hồ cát

The silhouette here is hourglass, with strong shoulders and hems flaring in sculptural flounces.

HURRY (V/N) - thúc giục/ sự vội vàng

Descending into the chamber she glanced quickly at the timer and made a mental note to hurry things up.

HURRIED (ADJ) - vội vàng, hấp tấp

Worshippers hurried into the temple, praying to the gods to let them be spared.

UNHURRIED (ADJ) - thong thả

Watching the clock on my bedside table, I saw the numbers change before my eyes with painfully unhurried pace.

HURRIEDLY (ADV) - hối hả

The doctor hurriedly picked her up and rushed her to a sink as she dry-heaved.

UNHURRIEDLY (ADV) - thong thả

It was the Unicorn, who was walking steadily and unhurriedly along the centre of the road with no apparent fear at all.

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