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Nắm Vững WORD BUILDING - WORD FORMATION - WORD FAMILY - CẤU TẠO TỪ là cách "Nhanh Nhất" Giúp Em Mở Rộng Vốn Từ!. Dưới đây là danh sách tổng hợp word formation bắt đầu bằng F trong tiếng Anh mà các em nên biết trong tiếng anh.

FACE (V/N) - đối mặt/ bề mặt

Let's face it, managing a staff of fitness instructors is not a typical administrative job.

FACIAL (ADJ) - thuộc mặt

The occipital lobes are involved in many aspects of visual integration of information, including color vision, and object and facial recognition.

DEFACE (V) - làm xấu mặt

Yet they knew that the Massachusett Indians, for example, considered it impious and inhumane to deface the monuments of the dead.

FACE-LIFT (V) - sửa mặt (ai) cho đẹp

Give your site a face-lift to improve navigation, usability and accessibility.

FACELESS (ADJ) - vô danh

He could see no clear end to the seats, nor the faceless people inside them.

FACE-CLOTH (N) - khăn / vải phủ mặt

All of which makes me feel slightly queasy and disinclined to buy so much as a new face cloth.


His novel is based on historical occurrences but it blurs the line between fact and fiction.

FACTUAL (ADJ) - thuộc sự thật

This is a full and, in my judgment, an accurate account of the various factual matters and the various areas of dispute.

FAIL (V/N) - thất bại

Sometimes, whenever we try bringing back the past in our presence, we fail as if our emotions have a will of their own.

FAILURE (N) - sự thất bại

The electricity failure kept the phones and most of the lighting out of action for more than three hours.

UNFAILING (ADJ) - không bao giờ hết

Your guilty conscience is a testament to your unfailing virtue, of which you should be proud.

UNFAILINGLY (ADV) - luôn luôn

His lyrics are unfailingly clever, turning pliable platitudes into weightier fodder.

FAMILIAR (ADJ/N) - thân thuộc/ người thân

The numinous quality of the sunset changed a familiar landscape beyond recognition.

FAMILIARITY (N) - sự thân mật

Detractors say skeuomorphs represent the triumph of familiarity over function.

FAMILIARIZE (V) - phổ biến

It's a good starter biography for younger viewers who might go on to familiarize themselves with the writings of this great author.

FAMILIARLY (ADV) - thân mật

But now there is a new highway, familiarly known as the GT Road, and no different from any other.

UNFAMILIAR (ADJ) - không quen

If the name is unfamiliar to you perhaps his childhood nickname, Mundy, will jog your memory.

UNFAMILIARITY (N) - tính xa lạ

The time lost increased with the complexity and the unfamiliarity of the tasks.

FAMILIARIZATION (N) - sự phổ biến

The focus is on creating conditions for their sociopsychological and job-related adjustment and familiarization with military units.

FANTASY (N) - khả năng tưởng tượng

The Matrix, along with much fantasy and science fiction, is part of the undercurrents of our times which are rapidly coming to the surface.

FANTASIZE (V) - mơ màng viễn vông

You can fantasize to your heart's content, but you'll probably never really know what it'd be like if you and Dream Boy got together.

FANTASTIC (ADJ) - lập dị, không tưởng

It throws light on a fantastic plan to animate the promenade of the resort by building a series of four giant follies.


But it was gripping and clever and fantastically erudite, and people became a little obsessed.

FASHION (V/N) - tạo thành hình/ thời trang

Suede also proved that urban fashion isn't always about baggy jeans, jerseys and Snoop Dogg.

FASHIONABLE (ADJ/N) - hợp thời trang, người hợp mốt

It is now fashionable to bundle these superb tunesmiths and master orchestrators together and ignore them.

UNFASHIONABLE (ADJ) - không hợp thời trang

This isn't a terribly fashionable approach, but like all things unfashionable, it contains a grain of truth.

UNFASHIONABLY (ADV) - không hợp thời trang

It may sound unfashionably Corinthian but sport's best lesson to young people is control and grace under duress.

FAT (ADJ) - béo

With a very sharp knife, score the fat of the lamb, creating a crisscross pattern.

FATTY (ADJ/N) - béo phì, kẻ béo

The shooters showed up while we were breakfasting on fatty kebab, naan, and yogurt.

FATTEN(V) - nuôi béo

Pannage is an ancient practice to fatten pigs before slaughter and salting for the winter.

FATNESS (N) - sự béo

To measure body fatness, one may use dual energy x-ray absorptiometry, densitrometry or bioelectrical impedance.

FATAL (N/V/ADJ) - chất béo/vỗ béo/gây tai họa

Pastors' presence as community leaders is most evident after collective tragedies such as fatal accidents and violent crimes.

FATALLY (ADV) - một cách chết người

These periodic sojourns backward in time fatally dilute the picture's narrative power.

FATALITY (N) - sự bất hạnh

When an accident happens a quick response may be necessary to keep an injury from becoming a fatality.

FATALISM (N) - thuyết định mệnh

This is what makes men stoical with a fatalism that is so complete it allows for neither optimism nor pessimism.

FATALISTIC (ADJ) - thuộc thuyết định mệnh

Contrary to what it might seem this is not a fatalistic or a pessimistic approach, but a realistic one.

FAVOR (V/N) - (sự) giúp đỡ

Scandinavian scholars tend to favor derivation from the Latin alphabet itself over Raetic candidates.

FAVORABLE (ADJ) - có lợi/ thuận lợi # UNFAVORABLE

First comes an introduction, or exordium, designed to secure a favorable hearing.

Its influence was always dreaded in mundane astrology, being unfavorable to the farmer's work.


It will be seen that boats lose much valuable time, which would be saved if the receiving docks were more favorably located.

Despite what appeared to be widespread support for the bills, they were reported out of committee unfavorably.

FEAR (V/N) - nỗi lo/ lo sợ

My mother did know who my father was, but she was too afraid to tell anyone for fear of the reactions she would receive.

FEARFUL (ADJ) - ghê sợ

Does the former nurse and Britain's one-time most famous agony aunt have any advice for our fearful nation?

FEARLESS (ADJ) - không sợ

Soon the regularity of inhalations and exhalations allows our fearless captain to bring his thoughts into cohesion.

FEARSOME (ADJ) - sợ hãi

But it's not unapproachably avant-garde, either, for all the fearsome credibility of many of her new accomplices.

FEVER (V/N) - cơn sốt/ làm phát sốt

Doctors found that the panda was affected by lung fever together with functional prostration on some organs.

FEVERISH (ADJ) - gây sốt

The club was placed into administrative receivership after a day of feverish activity at Kenilworth Road.

FEVERISHLY (ADV) - luống cuống

These companies are feverishly signing deals, hoping that the right alliances can help them meet their business goals.

FINAL (V/N) - quyết định/ chung kết

In athematic conjugation, the final long vowel of the verbal stem becomes short in the plural number.

FINALLY (ADV) - cuối cùng

We finally manage to get to the heart of the eerie water delta where the devastation was appalling.

FINALIZE (V) - hoàn thành

The prince also said he will convene an extraordinary session if it is necessary to finalize the bill.

FIT (ADJ/V/N) - thích hợp

They fit regular 1911 holsters, the ambidextrous thumb safeties work the same way and the light double-action only trigger pull is excellent.

UNFIT (ADJ/V) - (làm cho) không hợp

Until I was 11 years old we lived next door to the surgery, which was purpose built although rather unfit for its function.

FITNESS (N) - sự phù hợp/ vừa vặn

These are great skates for anyone who is serious about fitness on skates and loves to go fast.

FITTING (ADJ/N) - thích hợp/ sự điều chỉnh

Fitting in often meant dealing with peer pressure to use drugs or drink alcohol or pick on other students.

FITTINGLY (N) - thích đáng

This was a superb performance, which fittingly celebrated the group's twenty-fifth anniversary.

FLAME (N/V) - ngọn lửa/ làm bùng lên

Even if you think my story is horrible, please review and tell me why, don't just flame me.

FLAMMABLE (ADJ) - dễ cháy

The bonfire will last only as long as supply of cards, flowers and other flammable material is available, so get there early!

NONFLAMMABLE (ADJ) - không dễ cháy

The Expansion Engine uses water as working fluid which is simple, cheap, not toxic, nonflammable and not corrosive.

INFLAMMABLE (ADJ/N) - dễ cháy/ chất dễ cháy

Clearing the top floor of all inflammable materials, lumber etc., will lessen the danger of fire, and prevent a fire spreading.

FORCE (N/V) - vũ lực/ bắt ép

In a set of three, stronger siblings often force the runt of a litter to die of starvation within its first year.

FORCEFUL (ADJ) - mạnh mẽ

As always, the winds were limpidly beautiful, while the brass was forceful and satiny smooth.

FORCEFULLY (ADV) - mạnh mẽ

Normal spinal joints often make popping sounds when the joint surfaces are forcefully separated by manipulation.

REINFORCE (V/N) - tăng cường/ đại củng cố

The secession of the southern states of America in the spring of 1861 did not reinforce the arguments of the federalists.

REINFORCEMENT (N) - sự tăng cường

Ordinary galvanized barbed wire can be used between the tubes to provide reinforcement, and to make the structures resistant to earthquakes.

FORESEE (V) - nhìn thấy trước

I hope above all to teach young pupils who will outstep me and realize all that I foresee.

FORESEEABLE (ADJ) - thấy trước được

Unfortunately the glow is so faint that no readily foreseeable telescope will be able to capture it.

UNFORESEEABLE (ADJ) - không thấy trước được

Like William James, Popper was an indeterminist who saw history as a series of unforeseeable events.

FOREST (N/V) - rừng/ biến thành rừng

We armed ourselves with the tools we would need to survive in the forest.

AFFOREST (V) - trồng cây gây rừng

Like their attempts to afforest treeless subalpine meadows, they planted forage species that had never grown in these mountains.

AFFORESTATION (N) - sự trồng cây gây rừng

He argued that afforestation and expansion of forests might therefore even increase climate warming.

DEFOREST (V) - phá rừng

They did not clear or deforest wide areas as they would have done if they had based their economy on a dry farming system.

DEFORESTATION (N) - sự phá rừng

The result was rather an increase in deforestation and illegal logging and a rapid decrease in forest resources.

FORM (N/V) - hình dáng/ thiết lập

The best-known form of meditation is Transcendental Meditation, which more than 1 million Americans practice regularly.

DEFORM (V) - làm cho méo mó

When glaciers flow over unfrozen sediment they may cause this sediment to deform beneath the weight of the ice.

DEFORMITY (N) - tình trạng méo mó

The production, unlike those which have chosen to stress Caliban's deformity or animality, chose rather to emphasise his humanity.

FORMAL (ADJ) - hình thức/ chính thức

I wish we could just discuss these questions without having to go through all the folderol of a formal meeting.

FORMALLY (ADV) - chính thức

Only 15 of the 55 of the respondents reported having a formally adopted a written programmatic assessment plan.

INFORMAL (ADJ) - không chính thức

They will have access to local, often informal or undocumented data, available only on the spot.

INFORMALLY (ADV) - thân mật

We no longer live in a society where it is common for families to spend their evenings informally making music with friends.

FORMALITY (N) - nghi thức

The standing committees are an empty formality, and the cross-party select committees have no power.

INFORMALITY (N) - điều thân mật

He was well known for his unstuffy approach and informality, which was reflected in the funeral arrangements.

FORMALIZE (V) - nghi thức hóa

For this group within the Bank, RLS could help to authorize and formalize their own methods and strategies.

FOUND (V) - sáng lập

No changes were found in the renal pelvis, ureter, and urinary bladder samples.

FOUNDATION (N) - nền móng

The foundation was funded by an initial company start-up grant and replenishes its coffers with an annual employee giving campaign.

FOUNDER (N) - người sáng lập

The founder of the distillery, contracted to sell, to a banker, an Aberdeen Angus cow whom both parties believed to be infertile.

UNFOUNDED (ADJ) - không căn cứ

Solicitors representing the University claim that the grounds of the boycott are unfounded.

FRAME (N/V) - khung/ điều chỉnh cho vừa

After old caulk is removed, new caulk can then be applied to all joints in the window frame and the joint between the frame and the wall.

FRAMELESS (ADJ) - không khung

An entrance patio leads to the main living space that looks out through frameless sliding glass panels over a decked terrace.

FRAMEWORK (N) - khung ảnh/ cốt truyện

So it wants a legal framework to bring about the industrialisation of drug production, no less.

FRESH (ADJ) - tươi mới

Before you put your clothes away for the winter, insert a fabric softener sheet or lavender sachet to keep them smelling fresh for next season.

FRESHLY (ADV) - sảng khoái

It's lush and exotically ripe, yet still freshly laced with red fruit aromas and flavour, tempered by balmy spice and a softly seductive texture.

REFRESH (V) - giải khát/ làm mới

As a result of having to master so many different tasks, business owners should refresh their managerial skills regularly.

REFRESHMENTS (N) - điều làm cho tươi tỉnh lại

On the far right corner, was a long table of refreshments, with drinks and treats for the guests.

FRIEND (N) - bạn

But AM-2 is not a friend to the agility that justifies the F-35B over other forms of expeditionary airpower.

FRIENDSHIP (N) - tình bạn

It was only three weeks into our friendship that I watched her slowly slip away.

FRIENDLY (ADJ) - thân mật

She contrasted this chaos to the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of Buala, which had no roads, no construction and no amenities.

UNFRIENDLY (ADJ) - không thân mật

It refers to the unfriendly stare and unkind glances we sometimes get from people around us.

FRIENDLINESS (N) - sự thân thiết

The majority of the cabin crew and restaurant staff are from Goa, a place renowned for its friendliness and hospitality.

UNFRIENDLINESS (N) - sự không thân thiết

Surprised by this attitude of greed and unfriendliness, I will confess that I declined to pay.

BEFRIEND (V) - đối xử tốt

I was really the first one to befriend her, and protected her from the other pirates.

FROST (V/N) - làm đông

The hills were awash with frost and snow and yet nobody dared wear anything but the clan tartan.

FROSTY (ADJ) - băng giá

Shall she be the Bondslave of Time, the Handmaid of opinion, or the strict observer of every frosty or cold benumbed imagination?

DEFROST (V) - làm rã đông

This follows a spate of car thefts from driveways last winter, where engines were left running to defrost windscreens.

FROSTILY (ADV) - lạnh nhạt

The wind blows frostily at the coated people, and when it's still, the air freezes where you stand.

FROSTINESS (N) - sự băng giá

Just last year, after decades of frostiness, there were indications from Beijing that it may forge diplomatic ties with the Vatican.

FRUIT (N/V) - trái cây/ làm ra quả

Ripening of tomato fruit involves the differentiation of chloroplasts in young green fruit into chromoplasts in mature ripe red fruit.

FRUITFUL (ADJ) - sai quả

The right to life has been a fruitful source of environmental jurisprudence in several national jurisdictions, especially India.

FRUITLESS (ADJ) - không ra quả

Shortly after returning from a fruitless search he took ill and died from tuberculosis.

FRUITFULLY (ADV) - có kết quả

The company's sense of itself was founded on an A-team working happily and fruitfully together.

FRUITARIAN (N) - người chỉ ăn trái cây

On fruitarian diets, it is very easy to overeat and to fall into the nasty trap of sugar addiction.

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