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Nắm Vững WORD BUILDING - WORD FORMATION - WORD FAMILY - CẤU TẠO TỪ là cách "Nhanh Nhất" Giúp Em Mở Rộng Vốn Từ!. Dưới đây là danh sách tổng hợp word formation bắt đầu bằng E trong tiếng Anh mà các em nên biết trong tiếng anh.

EARTH (N/V) - trái đất/ vun (cây)

Chitin is the second most abundant polysaccharide on earth and, as such, a great target for bioconversion applications.

EARTHLING (N) - con người

He is the author of a kitschy science fiction novel about an earthling who decides to pay back his student loan by teaching English on a distant planet.

EARTHQUAKE (N) - động đất

The same danger lurks there as caused a political earthquake in France two weeks ago.

EARTHLY (ADJ) - thuộc về trái đất

Islamists revere the hajj, the religious pilgrim who relinquishes his earthly possessions in order to fulfill the commands of God.

EARTHY (ADJ) - phàm tục/ bằng đất

It proves beyond doubt Daly's assertion that bohemian, earthy things have an edge and can prove timeless.

ECONOMY (N) - nền kinh tế

The research objective was to examine the traditional economy of the Evenkis in a cultural-ecological context.

ECONOMIST (N) - nhà kinh tế học

George, in contrast, always viewed himself as a classical political economist, in the vein of Adam Smith.

ECONOMIZE (V) - tiết kiệm

Initially, stations were located on the fringes of the urban area to ease access and economize on land costs.

ECONOMICS (N) - khoa kinh tế/ nền kinh tế

They suspected his culture, distrusted his politics and opposed his economics.

ECONOMICAL (ADJ) - kinh tế

My mother was economical and a good manager, so we never went without any necessities.

ECONOMICALLY (ADV) - về mặt kinh tế

The US supported efforts to unify Western Europe economically and politically, to establish a stable bulwark in the Cold War.


It's uneconomical when the Scouts have nine other buildings they can use for meetings.


The only option to going under, in some cases, is to operate uneconomically.

EFFECT (V/N) - hiệu quả/ hiệu ứng

Phân biệt Affect và Effect trong tiếng anh IELTS TUTOR đã hướng dẫn kĩ, lưu ý 16

A large activation energy indicates that the applied stress will have a large effect on the life of the product.

EFFECTIVE (ADJ) - có hiệu quả

The social interaction mediated through the visual channel in social media can be an effective mechanism for cultural diffusion.

EFFECTIVELY (ADV) - có hiệu quả

The building is effectively a giant glass satellite, with a central tower pointing its finger accusingly at the heavens.

EFFECTIVENESS (N) - sự có hiệu lực

This information is useful in understanding the effectiveness and value of activities.

INEFFECTIVE (ADJ) - không có hiệu quả

In the days of ineffective or unavailable birth control and back alley abortions, that statement packed a lot of punch.

INEFFECTIVELY (ADV) - chẳng tới đâu

Untreated, or ineffectively treated, it is a major contributor to the high suicide rate in our country.

INEFFECTIVENESS (N) - sự vô hiệu quả

More serious, however, was the ineffectiveness of official propaganda in favour of the war.

ELECTRIC (ADJ) - thuộc điện

In the Sahara, cars, electric showers, water and even toilets are absolute luxuries!

ELECTRICAL (ADJ) - thuộc điện

Examples include self-winding wristwatches and rectifiers in electrical circuits.

ELECTRICIAN (N) - thợ điện

He also stated that he wanted a qualified electrician to remove a CCTV camera and some other fittings from the stud buildings.

ELECTRICITY (N) - điện lực

The rotor turns an attached generator, creating electricity with a simple elegance, carving energy from the sky.

ELECTRIFY (V) - cho nhiễm điện

When he emerged from the London to Runcorn train journey who should he see to electrify him back to life?

ELECTRIFICATION (N) - sự nhiễm điện

Huge suburban tracts were brought into being by railway companies, generally as a consequence of electrification.

EMPLOY (V/N) - thuê/ việc làm

Even though a family may own a stableful of cars and employ a herd of chauffeurs, kids walk to their school every day.

EMPLOYER (N) - chủ thuê

The employer may recoup the sums paid from the state by making deductions from National Insurance contributions.

EMPLOYEE (N) - người làm công

An unnamed employee in the building told the news agency Efe the blast was so powerful it shook the edifice and felt like an earthquake.

EMPLOYMENT (N) - sự làm công

For the economy, this means among other things, negative effects on earnings, employment and revenue accruals to the treasury.

UNEMPLOYMENT (N) - nạn thất nghiệp

Even friends of labor such as the Social Democrat are backing cuts in unemployment benefits and rollbacks in worker protections.

EMPLOYED (V/N) - thuê/ việc làm

The Russians quickly learned, and soon employed, the Japanese tactic of offensive minelaying.

UNEMPLOYED (ADJ) - không sử dụng được

Participating in the merrymaking occurs amongst all regardless if one is employed or unemployed.

EMPLOYABLE (ADJ) - có thể dùng được

The wing commander's mission is to provide a trained and employable force of squadrons and specified unit type codes.

ENDURE (V) - kéo dài/ chịu đựng

Unable to afford to run a car, they now endure endless bus trips to and from Southampton General Hospital.

ENDURANCE (N) - sự chịu đựng

It is the ultimate test of skill and endurance of both the rider and his steed.

ENDURING (ADJ) - lâu dài

They also underscore the enduring richness of the continent's cultural heritage, which serves as a wellspring of creativity worldwide.

DURABLE (ADJ) - lâu bền

Many retail chains and consumer durable companies are joining the Web bandwagon to tap the e-shopping market.

DURABILITY (N) - tính lâu bền

The hulls and decks are built with hand-laid layers of fiberglass cloth for a uniform structure with high strength and durability.

ENGAGE (V) - hứa hẹn

Some Accipitrids also engage in kleptoparasitism, stealing food from other raptors.

ENGAGEMENT (N) - sự hứa hẹn

He flew to England in the summer of 2001 with an engagement ring he had specially made and she agreed to marry him.

ENGAGING (ADJ) - lôi kéo/ hấp dẫn

He was an incredibly engaging dancer and brilliant choreographer of abhinaya.

ENGAGED (ADJ) - đã đính hôn

In the case of air defense or offensive military equipment, waiting until friendly forces are engaged is too late to confirm disablement.

DISENGAGE (V) - làm rời ra

I disengage it, frown at the watermarks, put it back in to finish drying, glare at the man whose print lay on top of mine.

ENVIRONMENT (N) - môi trường

We're flooded with facts about what to do for the environment but we fail to change until a penny drops or we experience an aha moment.

ENVIRONMENTAL (ADJ) - thuộc về môi trường

The president already has the power to waive environmental rules for national security.

ENVIRONMENTALLY (ADV) - về phương diện môi trường

Mechanical control is popular and effective but call be cost prohibitive and may damage environmentally sensitive areas.

ENVIRONMENTALIST (N) - nhà môi trường học

Albert Markovski is a poet and environmentalist fighting for greenspace against encroaching suburban sprawl.

ENVIRONMENTALISM (N) - môi trường luận

Forms of environmentalism abound, and often the text recognizes that explicans and explicandum can readily change places.

ENVY (V/N) - (sự) ghen tị

I envy her recklessness, the roughness of her unpracticed pirouettes, the occasional clumsy misstep that inspires no apologies.

ENVIOUS (ADJ) - thèm muốn

He still had the women swooning, the men in the audience casting envious glances and the youngsters in awe.

ENVIOUSLY (ADV) - thèm muốn

I happened to be idly looking out my window, enviously eyeing up the copious foliage growing in my neighbours' flat.

ENTER (V) - đi vào

Several groups from Asia migrated across Beringia to enter and populate North America.

ENTRANCE (N) - lối vào

The school fears the sports pitches would be damaged if the machinery accessed the site via the main school entrance.

EQUAL (ADJ/N) - ngang hàng

Proponents of the Warthog, however, argue that the ageing plane has no equal in supporting troops on the ground.

EQUALITY (N) - sự bình đẳng

I'll be running this planet for the betterment and equality of all, and the first order of business will be to get rid of the likes of you!

INEQUALITY (N) - sự không bình đẳng

Are we waging war on poverty, inequality, the victimisation of women and children?

EQUALIZER (N) - bộ cân bằng

Piltown drove forward in search of the equalizer and on eighty-five minutes Darren Cooney was just off target with a well struck shot.

UNEQUAL (ADJ) - không bằng

Normally, when one stood up from a sedentary position, one's mind would be unequal in circulatory oxygen than the rest of the body.

UNEQUALLY (ADV) - không bằng

True pastors will caution their beloved children in the gospel, not to be unequally yoked.

EVOKE (V) - gọi lên

Too bad Die Mommie Die wasn't shot for the widest of widescreens, to properly evoke the irresistible trash it unpersuasively mocks.

EVOCATIVE (ADJ) - để gợi lên

It is a response that is highly charged, evocative and expressed with an obvious degree of emotional insight.

EVOCATION (N) - sự gọi lên

By abstaining from the evocation of a given spirit, we open the door to any and every spirit who desires to enter.

EVOCABLE (ADJ) - có thể gợi lên

A middleware layer takes care of the abstraction of the hardware into software objects evocable from the application layer.

EXACT (ADJ/V) - chính xác/ đòi khăng khăng

The only signals required to be sent to the host were those necessary for us to see an exact image of the display on the remote computer.

INEXACT (ADJ) - không đúng

Sustainable building is an inexact science and its adherents are learning all the time.

EXACTLY (ADV) - chính xác

I don't know exactly what to call what I've just been through in the last 24 hours, but it's all a bit much.

EXACTING (ADJ) - đòi hỏi quá mức

Injuries may hurt but the pain of not being able to reach his own exacting standards would be harder to deal with.

EXACTNESS (N) - tính đúng đắn

Punctuality, calculability, exactness are forced upon life by the complexity and extension of metropolitan existence.

EXAMPLE (V/N) - ví dụ

An example is Euglena which have adapted to become mixotrophs which as means that they are both heterotrophic and autotrophic.

EXEMPLIFY (V) - làm ví dụ cho

Both processes exemplify adaptation or adjustment, but very different mechanisms must be involved.

EXEMPLIFICATION (N) - sự minh họa

Only one exemplification of the 1216 charter survives, held in Durham Cathedral.

EXEMPLARY (ADJ) - gương mẫu

With an exemplary work ethic and attitude, Thornton, a former walk-on at North Carolina, will attack his opportunity.

EXCITE (V) - kích thích

Oscillating electric fields applied by grids above and below the plasma can resonantly excite its electrons.

EXCITEMENT (N) - sự kích thích

In the build up to the birth you go through alternating phases of excitement and fear.

EXCLUDE (V) - loại trừ

The figures exclude prescriptions that were dispensed by hospital pharmacies and medicines purchased over the counter.

EXCLUSIVE (ADJ) - riêng biệt

For example, there could be exclusive packages for die-hard film fans and inveterate sports enthusiasts.

EXCLUSIVELY (ADV) - một cách độc quyền

During the Abbasid period, when Islam's foundations were developed, leading scholars and thinkers were exclusively male.

EXHAUST (V/N) - thoát khí

The combustion chamber environment is very air-rich and the rotors have a lot of overlap to promote exhaust gas recirculation.

INEXHAUSTIBLE (ADJ) - không thoát được/ vô tận

All it achieves is presumably the exhaustion of what appears to be an inexhaustible woman and the enervation of her audience.

EXIST (V) - tồn tại

Nor does he exist changeably, so that he is now something that at some time he was not or will not be.

EXISTING (ADJ) - hiện hành

However, in all existing formulations of classic PRE, data-flow equations are still cleverly but ad hocly designed.

EXISTENCE (N) - sự tồn tại

Certainly, polytheism tolerates and is receptive to the existence of many gods.

EXISTENT (ADJ) - tồn tại

Maybe this wealth is not falling entirely into the hands of the proletariat, but more of it is than with any other historically existent system.

COEXIST (V) - chung sống

We will see a time where humans and robots coexist without complicated interpersonal family issues or blind machine prejudice.

COEXISTENCE (N) - sự chung sống

However, coexistence of triplicated alpha-gene with beta-thalassaemia trait increases the severity of this conditions.

NON-EXISTENCE (N) - sự không tồn tại

Even more serious is the non-existence of an economy and a labour market in these places.

NON-EXISTENT (ADJ) - không tồn tại

Contact with the outside world was non-existent during his month-long ordeal.

EXISTENTIAL (ADJ) - (thuộc) sự tồn tại

This important essence addresses existential feelings of loss and emptiness.

EXISTENTIALISM (N) - thuyết sinh tồn

I still owe him pint-long explanations of existentialism and postmodernism, you know.

EXISTENTIALIST (N) - người theo thuyết sinh tồn

He will wind up a tortured existentialist, although maybe this is intended to be Faulknerian, or even Jeffersonian.

EXPAND (V) - mở rộng

They are at the center of a furious debate over whether or not to expand the city's public transportation system.

EXPANSIVE (ADJ) - rộng rãi, bao quát

However, the very name of the council suggests that it is supposed to have an expansive agenda encompassing issues in bioethics.

EXPANSION (N) - sự mở rộng

The area controlled by the southwestern Britons was progressively reduced by the expansion of Wessex over the next few centuries.

EXPANDABLE (ADJ) - có thể mở rộng

Cushioned to protect your computer from bangs and bruises, the bags have reinforced straps and expandable openings.

EXPANSIONISM (N) - chủ nghĩa bành trướng

The current edition has 236 pages, only about 20 of which deal with the 1920-1945 period, the height of Japanese expansionism.

EXPANSIONIST (N) - người theo chủ nghĩa bành trướng

European civilisation became enormously dynamic, expansionist and future-oriented, with an unbounded belief in human progress.

EXPECT (V) - cho rằng

But it would be one step too far to expect them to give up their weaponry as this would be seen as surrender.

EXPECTATION (N) - sự mong chờ

While we go into the match unencumbered by expectation, the same is not true of the Welsh.

EXPECTANCY (N) - tình trạng mong chờ

It was a Sisyphean task of epic proportions that defied a normal life expectancy.

EXPECTANT (ADJ/N) - có tính chất mong đợi, người có triển vọng

The 686 women with retained products of conception were given the choice of surgical evacuation of the uterus or expectant management.

UNEXPECTED (ADJ/N) - không mong đợi

There was also a lot of aimless and ill-directed kicking from both sides but suddenly England struck and from an unexpected source.


Perhaps it is the illusion of a simpler, more innocent time that draws people unexpectedly under its power.

EXPERT (N/ADJ) - người có chuyên môn

They're expert climbers, so they can go up any rock face and that is their world.

EXPERTISE (N) - sự thành thạo

All of the medical expertise should be focused on getting tests that are sharp enough to catch even the most expert of cheats.

EXPERTLY (ADV) - thông thạo

Shuffling the deck of cards expertly, he sighed and leaned back in his chair.

EXPLODE (V) - bùng nổ

Have undergone aviation style tests to ensure they won't explode under high pressure.

EXPLOSIVE (ADJ/N) - gây nổ/ chất nổ

A consideration of Rheic margin tectonics reveals several possible source terranes for silicic explosive volcanism.

EXPLOSION (N) - sự nổ bùng

The late-night explosion blew debris on to a busy avenue, collapsing floors and starting a fire that burned for two hours.

EXTEND (V) - kéo dài

They do not extend freely into a lumen but rather interdigitate closely with the outer segments of the neural retina.

EXTENT (N) - quy mô

In that context, sea power is really only relevant to the extent that it influences events elsewhere.

EXTENSION (N) - sự mở rộng ra

If the chairman or the manager want to talk to me about an extension to my contract then no problem.

EXTENSIVE (ADJ) - rộng rãi

The civil war and the years of the Interregnum had caused extensive damage to the royal palaces in England.

EXTENSIVELY (ADV) - cùng khắp

He had extensively researched the subject and looked at the links between the men's union and the mob.

EXTENDABLE (ADJ) - có thể mở rộng

It is driven by gears rather than a belt, and also comes with a telescopic extendable wand which means it can get into tight corners and edges.

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