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Nắm Vững WORD BUILDING - WORD FORMATION - WORD FAMILY - CẤU TẠO TỪ là cách "Nhanh Nhất" Giúp Em Mở Rộng Vốn Từ!. Dưới đây là danh sách tổng hợp word formation bắt đầu bằng D trong tiếng Anh mà các em nên biết trong tiếng anh.

DAY (N) - ngày

Doesn't every footballer need to slip into something more comfortable after a hard day on the pitch?

DAILY (ADJ/ADV/N) - hằng ngày/ báo ngày

His ex-partner stalks him on a daily basis.

MIDDAY (N) - buổi trưa

A few days later, Chillingworth finds Dimmesdale fast asleep in a chair at midday.

DAYTIME (N) - ban ngày

The summer months are hot with daytime temperatures in the low to mid 90's, but the winters are mild.

DAYBREAK (N) - lúc rạng đông

Shopkeepers and stallholders preparing the Kingsland Market began to emerge at daybreak.

DAYDREAM (N/V) - mơ mộng

They daydream about the jealousy in the eyes of friends when they announce the forthcoming nuptials and the wonderful future life in the sun.

DEAD (N/ ADJ/ ADV) - người đã chết/ hết hiệu lực/ hoàn toàn

Gloucester visits Henry, who intuits his son is dead and prophesies Gloucester's future slaughter by recalling the evil omens of his birth.

DEATH (N) - cái chết

Just as horrifying as these death marches was the Middle Passage, as it was called -- the transport of slaves across the Atlantic.

DEADLY (ADJ/ADV) - làm chết người/ vô cùng

The name conjures images of coiled rattlers ready to lash out with deadly fangs.

DEADEN (V) - giảm đi

This will help deaden the noise of heavy footfalls and provides a much kinder surface to unhook fish on than hard boards.

DEATHLY (ADJ/ADV) - như chết

The room had become deathly quiet, each crew member standing erectly as not to further displease their captain.

DECIDE (V) - quyết định

I have traversed five years of university to decide that academia is my probable vocation.

DECIDEDLY (ADV) - rõ ràng, không cãi được

As the author herself states, this book is decidedly not a study in nonconformity or rebellion.

DECISION (N) - sự quyết định

The country's decision to go to war has caused a major dilemma for its allies.

INDECISION (N) - sự do dự

This is no time to listen to the voices of tremulousness, indecision, compromise and fear.

DECISIVELY (ADV) - kiên định

Clearly, communities will need to move decisively to change zoning laws and building codes, in order to avoid a repeat of what we have seen.


Yet others havered indecisively over both the principle and the practicality of the thing.

UNDECIDED (V) - chưa giải quyết

I am as yet undecided which of the two errors, misquoting me or mistaking me for a woman pains me the most.

DEFEND (V) - cãi lại, bào chữa

Massoud responded that, as long as he controlled an area the size of his hat, he would continue to defend it from the Taliban.

DEFENDER (N) - người biện hộ

You can also match up man to man by having each defender cover the closest man.

DEFENSE / DEFENCE (N) - cái để bảo vệ, sự bảo vệ

The Chargers would like another big run stuffer on defense and a versatile player on offense.

DEFENSIVE (N/ADJ) - thế phòng thủ/ tính chất phòng thủ

Lochs, and Scotland has 30,000 of them, had defensive lake dwellings called crannogs, founded on timber piles.

DEFENSIVELY (ADV) - thế phòng thủ/ tính chất phòng thủ

Surprised people tend to react emotionally and attacked people tend to react defensively, and you must fight down both urges.

INDEFENSIBLE (ADJ) - không thể bảo vệ được

Hanover had been made as secure as any flat and virtually indefensible country could be.

DEFENDANT (N) - bị cáo

It is odd that you can get an acquittal, without the defendant even having to appear in court.

DEFICIENT (ADJ) - thiếu hụt

I told myself that my attitude, knowledge, and skill cost a patient's life and I was deficient in all those qualities that a doctor should have.

DEFICIENTLY (ADV) - thiếu hụt

Likewise Liev Schreiber played a deficiently intellectual snob to perfection.

DEFICIENCY (N) - sự thiếu hụt

A dietary deficiency has been linked to abnormal capillary leakiness, pain and weakness in the extremities, and nocturnal leg cramps.

DELIVER (V) - giao

The low position of the jaw joint gave the chewing muscles great leverage, so that Plateosaurus could deliver a powerful bite.

DELIVERY (N) - sự giao hàng

The 60-degree bat waggle while tracking the delivery ought to decrease bat speed.

DELIVERER (N) - người giao hàng

Jung called Eros the great binder and deliverer and he anticipated a growing awareness of the androgynous aspect of our personalities.

DELIVERABLE (ADJ) - có thể giao hàng

Also, review the specifications and deliverable descriptions to be used by potential providers.

UNDELIVERABLE (ADJ) - không thể giao hàng

If the email bounces or is undeliverable, it is placed into the mail queue for later processing.

DELIVERANCE (N) - lời tuyên án

Song thus contains both words and music, but speech performance is also more than just a neutral deliverance of verbal semantics.

UNDELIVERED (V) - chưa giao

They can also check undelivered products, delivered shipments, or shipping activity in a certain date range.

DENY (V) - chối

It took a superbly timed and perfectly executed tackle from Smith to deny Darby, who, leg cocked, looked ready to score from six yards.

DENIAL (N) - sự từ chối

In his denial, he treats a people as less than fully human and totally dishonours the dead.

DENIABLE (ADJ) - có thể từ chối

How many other states could have been manipulated in plausibly deniable ways by corrupt officials?

UNDENIABLE (ADJ) - không thể chối cãi

I am not a misandrist but the existence of a pervasive misogyny seems to me undeniable.

UNDENIABLY (ADV) - không thể phủ nhận

Now we have a stark reminder that this law is serious, that it can bite, and that its effect is undeniably discriminatory.

DEPEND (V) - dựa vào

Large-scale tectonic reconstructions depend on linked and reliable geochronology and palaeomagnetic data.

DEPENDENCE / -ANCE (N) - sự tin cậy

As a preface to discussing specifics, I need to bring up some general issues surrounding theories of literary dependence.

INDEPENDENCE (N) - sự độc lập

They are going to hold a plebiscite on the question of national independence.

DEPENDENT/ -ANT (ADJ) - phụ thuộc

School children absorbed information much quicker than adults and the success of the project was very much dependent on this.

INDEPENDENT (ADJ/N) - độc lập/ người không phụ thuộc

According to the Independent, the placing of shares was at least five times subscribed.


Expert guidelines are expected to be objective, impartial, and independently derived.

DEPENDABILITY (N) - tính đáng tin cậy

Attendance is a direct reflection of dependability and employers do not promote or retain undependable employees.

DESERVE (V) - xứng đáng

There are few people in this world who deserve any or all of the adulation they receive.

DESERVING (ADJ) - đáng khen

Still, angry voices have been raised, and that anger has become an issue deserving some comment.

DESERVEDLY (ADV) - xứng đáng

Well done John and congratulations and best wishes to all who so deservedly earned their award.

DESIRE (V/N) - thèm muốn/ dục vọng

The lads came up trumps with a solid performance that hopefully was a signal that our desire is still there.

DESIRABLE (ADJ) - đáng ao ước

It features a model with a modest acting resume, and makes her the most desirable woman to have graced the screen in recent years.

UNDESIRABLE (ADJ) - không ai ưa

As an index of undesirable traits, testing positive on a drug test could be likened to having a tattoo.

DEVELOP (V) - phát triển

There is a need to develop specific inhibitors that target the protease active site.

DEVELOPMENT (N) - sự phát triển

This is a path-breaking and well thought out budget with an eye on infrastructure development and growth.

DEVELOPMENTAL (ADJ) - phát triển

Furthermore, is it ethically right for drug developers to use live subjects to test their developmental medicines?


The FPP troupe was invited to Japan by a group of Japanese with developmentally challenged children.

DEVELOPER (N) - người khai triển một sản phẩm

The good news for any prospective developer is that prices are more affordable than you might think.

DEVELOPING (ADJ) - trên đà phát triển

What do your intestines, the yeast in bread dough, and a developing frog all have in common? Among other things, they all have cells that carry out mitosis.

UNDERDEVELOPED (ADJ) - phát triển chưa đầy đủ

The arts market in Yorkshire is underdeveloped, yet we know there is enormous scope for growth.

DETECT (V) - khám phá

Although expensive, these thermistors may be the best means to detect subtle differences in physical conditions among sites.

DETECTION (N) - sự tìm ra

Each of the slave nodes has a timer programmed with a separate failure mode detection time period.

DETECTIVE (ADJ/N) - để phát hiện ra/ thám tử

A detective is dealing with both complaints and has personally spoken with the complainants.

DETECTOR (N) - máy dò

Before entering the hospital, I pass through a metal detector and guards search my bag.

DETECTABLE (ADJ) - có thể dò ra

However, cystine crystals in the cornea are not usually detectable in the first year.

DIFFER (V) - khác

Does misogyny differ from misandry? Do good women counterbalance or reinforce the misogyny of negative examples?

DIFFERENCE (N/V) - sự khác nhau/ phân biệt

But does misandry even exist? Is there a difference between individual hatred and a contempt that underlies centuries of discrimination?

INDIFFERENCE (N) - sự không quan tâm

Two indifference curves, shown in Figure 1, represent two levels of consumption of environmental quality and of all other goods.

DIFFERENT (ADJ) - khác nhau

How are mitosis and meiosis similar and how are they different from one another? Both mitosis and meiosis are associated with cytokinesis.

DIFFERENTLY (ADV) - khác nhau

Happily, their plugs are configured differently or I would have fried my laptop in my abysmal ignorance.

DIFFERENTIAL (ADJ) - chênh lệch

However he also worked on differential equations, matrices and other topics in algebra, continued fractions, geometry and number theory.

DIFFERENTIATION (N) - sự phân biệt

Thus, one manifestation of the lack of differentiation of self is emotional reactivity.

INDIFFERENT (ADJ) - bình thường

He was a city boy, always had been, and his riding skills were fairly indifferent.

DIFFERENTIATE (V) - phân biệt

Many factors differentiate the nature of the disorders, including terrain, politics and the strategic location of the trouble spot.

DIRECT (V/ ADJ/ ADV) - ra lệnh, trực tiếp

As a direct result of the war and the War Production Board, by June 1945, over 646 billion units per year were being produced.

DIRECTION (N) - sự chỉ huy/ phương hướng

We have thereafter more or less enjoyed a pretty good record when it comes to management and direction of the public sector.

DIRECTIVE (ADJ/N) - chi phối/ chỉ thị

A court directive to stop letting sewage into the storm water drain is not yet enforced.

DIRECTLY (ADV) - ngay lập tức

The active site of a heterogeneous catalyst can be thought of as the ensemble of atoms that directly catalyzes a reaction.

DIRECTNESS (N) - tính trực tiếp, thẳng thắn

They want directness about what's going to change and how it is going to change.

DIRECTOR (N) - giám đạo, người chỉ huy

Soon a prominent producer, a noted director and their friends rushed to the rescue of the students.

DIRECTORSHIP (N) - chức giám đốc

Having held the directorship for fifteen years, he found himself leading his ballet company on his last U.S. tour.

DIRECTORY (N) - sách hướng dẫn

You can find these phone numbers and addresses in your telephone directory.

INDIRECT (ADJ) - gián tiếp

The system is employed in a variety of modes, including autonomous, air-to-ground, direct or indirect, single-shot and rapid or ripple fire.

INDIRECTLY (ADV) - gián tiếp

The company works indirectly with several suppliers that have warehousing in Mexico and will deliver products to the company's customers.

INDIRECTNESS (N) - tính gián tiếp

Older and newly arrived Vietnamese Americans often display indirectness and extreme politeness in dealing with others.

REDIRECT (V) - gửi một lần nữa

Rotating the pod or drive unit provides directional control, eliminating the need for rudders to redirect the flow of water from the prop.

DISASTER (N) - tai họa

Only a disaster of the most profound magnitude will awake the American people.

DISASTROUS (ADJ) - bất hạnh

After the disastrous tour of New Zealand, the media was castigating the team, we replied with a good World Cup campaign.

DISASTROUSLY (ADV) - thảm khốc

Washington clung doggedly to the gold standard despite the disastrously deflationary effect of this policy.

DISTINCT (ADJ) - riêng biệt

Segmenting the business into three distinct entities should make it more attractive to buyers.

DISTINCTLY (ADV) - rõ ràng

The shell surface is distinctly annulated along its sides, with broad annulae that are separated by deep narrow grooves.

DISTINCTION (N) - dấu hiệu đặc biệt

This distinction allows us to define a logical truth as a sentence that is true no matter what referring expressions occur in it.

DISTINCTIVE (ADJ) - đặc biệt

Sadly, such distinctive rationalism of non-Hindu religions finds no place in this textbook.

DISTINGUISH (V) - phân biệt

Sessile colonial invertebrates have the ability to distinguish between their own tissues and those of unrelated members of the same species.

DISTINGUISHABLE (ADJ) - có thể phân biệt

Yeah, nearly all of them were card-carrying Party members, but none of them were particularly distinguishable politically.

INDISTINGUISHABLE (ADJ) - không thể phân biệt được

Her belabored breathing is indistinguishable from the sounds of nature, the bullfrog's croaks and the insects' swarms.


His most distinguishing feature, however, was a black eyepatch that crossed his forehead and covered his left eye.

DISTURB (V) - quấy rầy

It encompasses not only ideas that are favourably received but also those that offend shock or disturb.

DISTURBANCE (N) - sự quấy rầy

Police are also cracking down on rowdy teenagers who have been causing a disturbance at stations in the area.

DISTURBING (V/ADJ) - làm mất yên tĩnh

Dressed in floor-length robes and his head draped in cloth, Mutwa offered the detectives a disturbing interpretation of the boy's murder.

DISTURBED (ADJ) - bối rối

The filling station adjacent to the show rooms will not be disturbed during the building works.

UNDISTURBED (ADJ) - yên tĩnh

The new graveyard garden will have extra shrubs planted with existing trees left undisturbed.

DIVIDE (N/V) - đường chia/ chia rẽ

My idea is to divide my time doing practice in the mornings and evenings and then to do either written or oral translations during the day.

DIVISION (N) - sự phân chia

Our cutting-edge tools can help simplify your cell division, mitosis and cell cycle research.

DIVISIBLE (ADJ) - có thể chia được

Surrounding the atrium is a structured grid that is divisible into a series of 100-square-foot rooms.

DOMESTIC (ADJ/N) - trong nước, hàng nội

The high taxes on imported goods are intended to protect domestic producers.

DOMESTICITY (N) - việc gia đình, đời sống riêng

Also, some temperance advocates blamed women's lack of domesticity for their men's drinking.

DOMESTICATE (V) - nhập tịch, khai hóa

Day of the Dead shows the beginnings of a new world, where survivors learn to domesticate the zombies.

DOMINATE (V) - chiếm ưu thế

The forwards rucked and mauled to near perfection although they did not dominate the line-out like they can do.

DOMINANCE (N) - ưu thế

She blasted out of the blocks and immediately established her dominance over the other runners.

DOMINANT (ADJ) - có ưu thế hơn

This dominant hepatic fibrosis with minimal renal involvement leads to portal hypertension and varices.

DOMINION (N) - quyền thế/ lãnh địa

Tribals, incensed by the military operations, could reject the dominion of the federal government.

DOUBT (V/N) - lưỡng lự/ sự nghi ngờ

We've all no doubt found it tricky getting out of bed every now and again, but those suffering from dysania find it particularly difficult.

DOUBTLESS (ADV) - không còn nghi ngờ gì nữa

The Jagran reader's valuation will doubtless be reassessed after its IPO next year.

DOUBTLESSLY (ADV) - không còn nghi ngờ gì nữa

Either way, the fish farmers will, once more, doubtlessly turn a profit at the end of the day.

DOUBTFUL (ADJ) - ngờ vực

This far northeast, leagues from the Dragon's Jaw, it was highly doubtful that any dragons in the area were of the friendly sort.

UNDOUBTEDLY (ADV) - rõ ràng, chắc chắn

The 2005 Foal catalogue is the largest we have ever compiled and the numbers have undoubtedly placed some strain on the stabling.

DRAMA (N) - kịch tuồng

But Osterman is not merely a documenter, preserving the lost art form of the radio drama.

DRAMATIZE (V) - kịch hóa

Dubble pushed off into the air again and in a histrionic sally swung his arms open, as if to dramatize his explanation.

DRAMATIZATION (N) - sự soạn thành kịch

If there is any material that refuses dramatization, The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci is it.

DRAMATIST (N) - nhà viết kịch

The comic dramatist Aristophanes wrote an unpleasant play, The Clouds, about him, and he was attacked after his death.

DRAMATIC (ADJ) - như kịch

Like the kinda thing you hear in a movie, you know, in a very dramatic scene.

DRAMATICALLY (ADV) - đột ngột, mạnh

Two weeks in a cold snowy environment had made my joints dramatically worse, so I arrived back feeling very despondent.

DREAM (V/N) - mơ/ giấc mơ

The dream quickly turned into a nightmare as poor reliability on the track and fierce internal squabbling made the team a laughing stock.

DREAMER (N) - người mơ mộng vẫn vơ

He is known for innovative and fairly dark games and is a perpetual dreamer who has fantastic ideas.

DREAMY (ADJ) - mơ hồ

The dreamy peace of a quiet anchorage took possession of us, deepened by the languor of the tropics.

DREAMILY (ADV) - mơ màng

A spaced-out teen gazes dreamily into the camera, slowly blinking her eyes.

DREAMLESS (ADJ) - không một giấc mơ

She just let the nurse inject her with the medicine so she slipped into a dreamless sleep.

DREAMLIKE (ADJ) - như một giấc mơ

Everything took on a dreamlike sense of unreality, and faded into blackness.

DAYDREAM (N/V) - sự mơ mộng/ mơ màng

In the movie's duller stretches, the viewer may daydream of pulling up in an unmarked van and spiriting the actor away to a better film.

DAYDREAMER (N) - người mơ mộng

Everything from a Hammond to a horn section works through nine songs fit for a daydreamer waiting for the sun to cleave the clouds.

DREAMBOAT (N) - người khác giới hết sức hấp dẫn

When he lifts up his baseball cap to scratch his hair, the soft features of a boy-band dreamboat are revealed.

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