Tổng hợp word formation bắt đầu bằng C trong tiếng Anh

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Nắm Vững WORD BUILDING - WORD FORMATION - WORD FAMILY - CẤU TẠO TỪ là cách "Nhanh Nhất" Giúp Em Mở Rộng Vốn Từ!. Dưới đây là danh sách tổng hợp word formation bắt đầu bằng C trong tiếng Anh mà các em nên biết trong tiếng anh.

CALCULATE (V) - tính toán

The amount and period of the shift is used to calculate the orbital velocity, size of the stars, and their distance from one another.

MISCALCULATE (V) - tính sai

There is growing evidence that insurers routinely miscalculate how much compensation is due.

CALCULATION (N) - phép tính

If the result of the calculation is correct, the information transferred is correct.

MISCALCULATION (N) - sự tính sai

Ví dụ:

It was, in any case, a terrifying miscalculation which led to a fundamental dishonesty.

CALCULATOR (N) - máy/ người tính

Ví dụ:

Here is a simple calculator to show you some terms of a General Fibonacci Series.

INCALCULABLE (ADJ) - không đếm xuể

Ví dụ:

The effect this is having on small gunsmiths who make their living on the repair and customizing of guns is incalculable.

CARE (V/N) - Quan tâm

Ví dụ:

He has proposed a new system designed to remove inequalities in health care.


Ví dụ:

And apart from the direct health problems, what about the number who die as a result of fires started by careless smokers?

CARELESSLY (ADV) - bất cẩn

Ví dụ:

Leading this group was a gorgeous blonde flapper dressed in darling scarlet and smoking a cigarette carelessly.

CAREFUL (ADJ) - cẩn trọng

Ví dụ:

Ranchers have to be careful not to put too many cattle on these ranges because overgrazing can lead to erosion.

CAREFULLY (ADV) - chu đáo

Ví dụ:

Anyone who carefully reflects on the merit of this legislation will see that it is hugely flawed.

CAREFREE (ADJ) - vô tư

Ví dụ:

She felt a burden lifting off her shoulders and smiled at the carefree feeling that permeated her senses.

CARETAKER (N) - người trông coi nhà cửa

Ví dụ:

I had to pick up Michael from his caretaker, finish my necessary last-minute packing, and get on the road.

CARING (ADJ) - chu đáo

Ví dụ:

Not caring whether her mother was sleeping or not, Samara marched upstairs to the third floor of the house and to the master bedroom.

CAUTION (N) - cảnh cáo

Ví dụ:

Treat chemicals and reagents in the OR with the same care and caution as medications.

CAUTIOUS (ADJ) - thận trọng

Everybody, even our best skiers, cautiously sidestepped down the first narrow pitch, then made cautious traverses and kick turns.

CAUTIOUSLY (ADV) - thận trọng

Dustin cautiously approached the swing door that lead to the girls' bathroom.

PRECAUTION (N) - sự đề phòng

Consequently, they and others argue that animal toxicology and animal data must cause us to ban DDT as a precaution.

CELEBRATE (V) - tán dương

We celebrate the final episode of a beloved sitcom as if it were a wake for an old friend.

CELEBRATION (N) - Lễ kỷ niệm

The Tosefta's seder, I am suggesting, is an early attempt at fashioning a Passover night celebration without a paschal lamb.

CELEBRATORY (N) - lễ tôn vinh

He presents a celebratory biography of an African-American woman removed from her culture and family.

CELEBRATED (ADJ) - lừng danh

On Monday night its success was celebrated at a gala dinner for staff, governors, fellows and guests from its past and its present.

CELEBRANT (N) - linh mục chủ trì lễ ban thánh thể

The celebrant faced the tabernacle, his back to the uncomprehending congregants who busied themselves with their prayer books or rosaries.

CELEBRITY (N) - người nổi tiếng

With witty repartee like that, it's a mystery why the woman hasn't already made a successful career for herself as a celebrity chef.

CHARACTER (N) - tính cách, nhân vật

But his character was once a witch doctor and the show is part of the power.

CHARACTERLESS (ADJ) - tầm thường

While this helps in the credibility department, it makes the trial somewhat bland and characterless.

CHARACTERIZE (V) - mô tả đặc điểm

It's just not accurate to characterize newspaper design as anything but dynamic.

CHARACTERIZATION (N) - sự biểu thị đặc điểm

I will say that some philosophers somehow change the modality in this characterization from can to must.


The text begins with a review of the characteristic properties of local microstructures around whisker and monticule grains.

CHARACTERISTICALLY (ADV) - theo tính cách đặc trưng

His bass solo is characteristically creative and displays wonderful intonation and tone.

CHARGE (V/N) - tính tiền/ bổn phận

  • In town these are covered by an annual waste management charge on utility bills (Tính tiền)
  • They had given me full charge of cleaning up after myself, and my mother had even refreshed my memory as to how the washing machine worked (Bổn phận)

RECHARGE (V) - nạp lại

When you recharge a NiCad battery before it is completely drained, the longevity of the battery is compromised.

RECHARGEABLE (ADJ) - có thể nạp lại

I have the impression a digicam without rechargeable batteries might be an incredible pain.

CHARGEABLE (ADJ) - phải chịu tổn thất

In some cases, the only chargeable asset to transfer on incorporation is goodwill.

CHILD (N) - đứa trẻ

The mother asked the child to put on his pajamas, but the child refused to cooperate.

CHILDHOOD (N) - thời thơ ấu

It can sound fantastical and wifty and achingly naïve, informed by the last inklings of childhood.

CHILDISH (ADJ) - ngây thơ

In a childish moment I picked the scab from my football knee dark red blood flowed down my leg.

CHILDISHLY (ADV) - như trẻ con

These are songs they sing with such wide-eyed innocence that it sounds childishly naughty.

CHILDISHNESS (N) - trò trẻ con

He might have passed her words off as the whims of childishness but she was not alone in her condemnations.

CHILDLESS (ADJ) - không có con

No single parents, no divorcees, no childless couples are welcome in this coalition.

CHILDLIKE (ADJ) - như trẻ con

This delightful carol, often called The Polish Carol, tells the story of the nativity in a simple, childlike manner.

CIVIL (ADJ) - Thuộc thường dân

The civil rights movement fought against practices that segregated blacks and whites.

UNCIVIL (ADJ) - thô bỉ

She had been abominably uncivil to him, and she would not be surprised if he took umbrage.

CIVILITY (N) - phép lịch sự

The civility and wildness of the river coexist, much like Huck's personality.

CIVILIAN (N/ADJ) - (thuộc) thường dân

There were civilian sea captains, killed far from home when their ships ran aground on the reef.

CIVILIZE (V) - truyền bá văn minh

Egypt, Donnelly wrote, was their colony, where they tried to civilize wild tribes.

CIVILIZED (ADJ) - văn minh

She is scared of the ruinous power of the media, for visual signs carry much greater importance in the civilized world than words.

UNCIVILIZED (V) - không văn minh

In an earlier time, we would have said that such people were primitives, uncivilized.

CIVILIZATION (N) - nền văn minh

A civilization that believes itself capable of making do without other civilizations tends to be headed toward its doom.

CLAIM (V/N) - thừa nhận/ sự thỉnh cầu

However, the mascots' creators claim that young people find the duo appealing.

CLAIMANT (N) - nguyên đơn

The intended claimant has a good cause of action against the intended defendant in respect of each of the claims.

ACCLAIMED (V/N) - huy động

Kelly Riechart's critically acclaimed road movie is a richly textured account of the irretrievability of the past.

DISCLAIM (V) - không nhận

Nor can they disclaim all responsibility for the operations of subcontractors they may employ at their plants.

DISCLAIMER (N) - sự từ bỏ

The disclaimer that all auditors use contains so many weasel words that you really have to ask what the value of their function is.

DECLAMATION (N) - bài diễn thuyết

But this should not be taken as evidence that the acting was mere declamation without emotion.

RECLAIM (V) - giác ngộ

They are actually being used in this country to reclaim swampy, boggy land.

CLASS (N) - giai cấp

Your class gave me the tools to understand the forces at work upon my conscience and to make a reasoned decision.

CLASSIFY (V) - phân loại

We have learned to our dismay how quick government officials are to classify information, even when it is already in the public domain.

CLASSIFIED (ADJ) - đã được phân loại

Injuries classified as zone II are located distal to the lunula of the nail bed and are complicated by the bony exposure of the distal phalanx.

CLASSIFIABLE (ADJ) - có thể phân loại được

In fact, I'm not sure that that gathering would even be classifiable as a party but I could probably pack a lot of people into an area like that.

CLASSIFICATION (N) - sự phân loại

The distinction between ranking and classification is an important one, even if it is lost on many in higher education.

DECLASSIFY (V) - loại ra khỏi

The US Fish and Wildlife Service will decide next month whether to declassify the bald eagle as a threatened species.


But for seven months, the joint inquiry has been engaged in trench warfare with the Administration over the declassification of this report.

OUTCLASS (V) - hơn hẳn

I predict that this Kumbh Mela will outclass and completely overshadow the publicity and value of Harry Potter.

CLEAN (ADJ) - sạch sẽ

We want clean clothes, but within that simple desire lie images of crisp starching, of linen whiter than white.

UNCLEAN (ADJ) - bẩn thỉu

Instances of people selling unclean water in bottles in place of mineral water are plenty.

CLEANNESS (N) - sự sạch sẽ

This thickness is so far poorly controlled but is markedly affected by the cleanness and hydrophilicity of the support surface.

CLEANLY (ADJ) - sạch sẽ

The knife sliced the paper cleanly and smoothly, shearing off thin ribbons.

CLEANLINESS (N) - tình trạng sạch sẽ

No differences were found in the cleanliness of stalls or the amount of bedding material added.

CLEANSE (V) - làm cho sạch sẽ

This lathery and luxurious 8 oz. bottle of shower gel is sure to help cleanse and nourish your skin.

CLEANSER (N) - chất tẩy rửa

Albolene is a moisturizing cleanser containing mineral oil, petrolatum, paraffin, ceresin and beta carotene.

CLEAR (ADJ/ ADV/ V) - trong trẻo/ rõ ràng/ dọn dẹp

Once finally convinced the coast was clear, Gabby nonetheless tiptoed her way down the hall and slipped into the room.


Whether this was discussed or not in his absence, was unclear till late in the evening.

CLEARLY (ADV) - sáng sủa

By this offer, I hope it will clearly appear where the guilt will lie, if innocent persons should come to suffer with the nocent.

CLEARANCE (N) - sự dọn quang

The engine truck is designed to provide ample clearance for the removal of the pistons from the cylinders with the truck in place.

CLARITY (N) - sự trong trẻo

When the show looks good, it looks very good, with deep rich colors, clean black lines, and a pleasant clarity and cleanness to the transfer.

CLARIFY (V) - lọc

Try to clarify your thoughts by producing a mind map or similar to show all the processes involved.


Cllr Pat McCarthy said he wanted clarification on whether or not the car park would contravene the development plan.

CLOSE (N/V) - kết/ đóng

Metasternum with yellowish-brown pubescence, laterally and close to metacoxae more yellowish.

CLOSELY (ADV) - gần gũi

Their story closely resembles the relationship of African Americans to our country.

CLOSENESS (N) - sự thân mật

Rarely have I seen so much respect, attachment, and closeness between a teacher and his students.

CLOSURE (N/V) - bế mạc, kết thúc

Those who voted in favour of the closure argue it will help preserve the historic structure.

DISCLOSE (V) - mở ra

I can't disclose the full contents of the email, as it is top secret eyes-only.

DISCLOSURE (N) - sự mở ra

In fact disclosure of their meaning would defeat their very object in sending them.

ENCLOSE (V) - vây quanh

Between them are the two middle-layers, or mesoblasts, which enclose the body-cavity.

ENCLOSURE (N) - sự rào lại

He died after a rare Asian elephant, threw him against the walls of the enclosure at Chester Zoo then head-butted him.

COLLECT (V) - tập hợp lại

They're working to collect information about the early settlers in the region.

COLLECTION (N) - sự tập hợp/ bộ sưu tầm

This collection uses primary sources to explore the history, successes, and failures of the Freedmen's Bureau during Reconstruction.

COLLECTOR (N) - người thu nhập

Once points are plotted, the information is stored in a job file on the data collector for future use.

COLLECTIVE (ADJ/N) - Tập hợp/ danh từ tập hợp

Any job losses will be dealt with through collective bargaining and on a voluntary basis.

COLLECTIVISM (N) - chủ nghĩa tập thể

The philosophical roots of both individualism and collectivism are the same.

COLOR (V/N) - tô màu

Beginners may want to try neutral tones of beige and grey or different values of color in the same family for a tone on tone damask effect.

COLORFUL (ADJ) - nhiều màu sắc

Stylish storage for clothing and more, this colorful chifforobe includes drawers, shelves and a wardrobe cabinet.

COLORFULLY (ADV) - nhiều màu sắc

The stone walls were plastered and colorfully painted, and there was a fireplace on the central wall.

COLORLESS (ADJ) - nhạt nhòa

A couple of seasons of too much talk, too many colorless characters, and not enough action have left the show in limbo.

DISCOLORED (V) - bị đục màu

Feathers of infested birds are discolored by mite excrement and eggs, and the skin is scabby.

DISCOLORATION (N) - sự đổi màu

Prevent discoloration in the bottoms of double boilers or egg poachers by adding 1 teaspoon vinegar to the water in the bottom pan.

COME (V) - đi đến

It is pride to not acknowledge that all the distinguishing advantages you have come from God.

UPCOMING (ADJ) - sắp tới

The catchy jam is off their upcoming album Third Strike, out later this year.

INCOME (N) - thu nhập

The demographic information shows that the population increased but the average income went down.

OUTCOME (N) - kết quả

The outcome of that duel may well settle the series, and on current evidence there is only one winner.

NEWCOMER (N) - người mới

A newcomer to the newsroom with no background in what constitutes libel is a time bomb waiting to go off.

COMEUPPANCE (N) - sự quở trách

The students expect the cheating student to get her comeuppance but nothing happens.

COMFORT (V/N) - tiện nghi, dỗ dành

We can comfort ourselves with the thought that the worst is over.

DISCOMFORT (V/N) - sự khó ở, làm khó chịu

Edward was suffering from a cold, but you would never guess his discomfort.

COMFORTABLE (ADJ) - thoải mái

Perhaps more than most Europeans, Swedes have a love affair with big, comfortable cars.

UNCOMFORTABLE (ADJ) - lo lắng, bất tiện

Because we are uncomfortable talking about the private lives of public people.

COMFORTING (ADJ) - có thể khuyên giải

Anna placed a comforting, motherly hand on her shoulder, making her look up.


The German dropped his serve at 1-1 when he made a forehand error, and Canas held his serve comfortably to decide the first set.

COMPARE (V/N) - so sánh, đối chiếu

The next step is to compare the R-value of your insulation with the recommended R-values for your house and your type of space heating.

COMPARISON (N) - so sánh

It is entertaining to read but seems rather trivial in comparison with its predecessor.

COMPARABLE (ADJ) - có thể so sánh được

Is there any national publication of comparable circulation and prominence that has taken these positions?

COMPARABLY (ADV) - so sánh

In other respects, Beijing's political influence and soft power abroad are comparably limited.

COMPARATIVE (ADJ/N) - so sánh/ cấp tương đối

The standpoint of this comparative study is basically lexicological and sociolinguistic.

COMPARABILITY (N) - sự so sánh

But further analysis, and improvement in reporting and comparability, are clearly desirable.


This formula gives a very unique warm tone and incomparable middle value separation.

INCOMPARABLY (ADV) - có một không hai

Great guitarist, underrated and fantastic singer, and utterly, incomparably brilliant songwriter.

COMPETE (V) - cạnh tranh

We can compete with sides above us, we've just got to make sure we get our game right.

COMPETITION (N) - sự cạnh tranh

Somehow the debate devolved into a petty competition to see who could get more applause.

COMPETITOR (N) - đối thủ

For them, we're really 'the' competitor to beat and they don't think twice about aggressing us.

COMPETITIVE (ADJ) - cạnh tranh

Despite a laid-back image, Mickelson is highly competitive and a keen betting man who wants to win every activity he tries.

UNCOMPETITIVE (ADJ) - không có tính cạnh tranh

A compliance officer has since been assigned to ensure the campaign is not being unfair to traders and was devoid of any uncompetitive practices.

COMPLAIN (V) - kêu ca

Some jaundiced patients may complain only of yellow eyes because they notice the color there.

COMPLAINT (N) - lời than phiền

The biggest complaint you hear these days from country folk is about the sheer, deadening weight of bureaucracy.

COMPLAINER (N) - người phàn nàn

Don't get me wrong I'm not a habititual complainer, but I expect to be given a decent service and politeness, not much to ask is it?

COMPLETE (V/ADJ) - hoàn thành/ đầy đủ

The complete process of ATP generation is called cellular respiration, and consists of three main stages.

COMPLETELY (ADV) - trọn vẹn

A number of whole towns such as English, Indiana, have been completely relocated to remove them from the floodplain.


This vessel was incompletely oxidized during firing and has large amounts of grog and bone temper in its porous clay body.


Dicentrics were classified as complete reciprocal dicentrics and incomplete dicentrics.

COMPLETENESS (N) - tính đầy đủ

The total time required for the process depends on the complexity of the operation and the completeness of the information provided.

INCOMPLETENESS (N) - tình trạng thiếu

And what utterly fascinated us was the incompleteness, the fragmentary quality of his writing.

COMPLETION (N) - sự làm xong

I get a real sense of completion, no matter how small the thing I am completing is.

COMPREHEND (V) - lĩnh hội

Just because people can't comprehend the level of fitness and ability that some riders have, they now assume they all do it on drugs.

COMPREHENSIVE (ADJ) - thông minh

Even comprehensive analyses have not clarified phylogenetic relationships among aardvarks, tenrecs, golden moles, and elephant shrews.

COMPREHENSION (N) - sự lĩnh hội

Materials include comprehension questions and ideas for discussion or accompanying activities and games.

COMPREHENSIBILITY (N) - tính hiểu được

Also, the nasal cavity can be closed thus preventing vowels from being nasalised and thus increasing their comprehensibility.


A lot of poems are so obscure and complex that they are virtually incomprehensible to the non-expert.

CONCLUDE (V) - kết thúc

We reluctantly conclude that we must regard the resulting convictions as unsafe.

CONCLUSION (N) - phần kết luận

But it is a judgmental error to reach that conclusion, because the more this goes on, the more overpriced the market is.

CONCLUSIVE (ADJ) - cuối cùng

Recent research is not conclusive, but certainly does not rule out the possibility.

CONCLUSIVELY (ADV) - thuyết phục

This movie has conclusively proven that some things are better left buried.


In two words, Milton's case against censorship is inconclusive and qualified.


With neither at full gallop, the game swayed inconclusively from one to the other, each team ceding dominance as quickly as they claimed it.

CONFUSE (V) - lẫn lộn

To confuse pillagers, exquisite bas-reliefs were laid face down to camouflage them among more ordinary blocks.

CONFUSION (N) - sự lẫn lộn

His acceptance of the situation had dissolved and his confusion heightened once again.

CONFUSING (ADJ) - khó hiểu

Since the film rarely stops to take stock of its overcomplicated story, things can get a little confusing at times.

CONNECT (V) - kết nối

Next you will want to get some cables to connect up your tape recorder and other audio equipment.

DISCONNECT (V) - cắt rời ra

Vodafone has taken a hard line with abusive text messages, threatening to disconnect offenders' phones.

CONNECTION (N) - sự kết giao

Maintaining a connection to the artificiality of cinema, Lewis hires actors and creates scenarios for all his films.

CONNECTOR (N) - bộ nối

In between the molex convertor and the 3 pin power connector is where the speed controller fits in.

CONNECTIVE (ADJ) - để nối, để chấp

Because of connective tissue laxity, care should be taken in the degree of stretching.

CONSIDER (V) - cân nhắc

Some 100,000 consider Kashubian their mother tongue and speak it to varying degrees.

CONSIDERATION (N) - sự quan tâm

The most important basic consideration for shades and blinds is proper measuring of the window.


There is a considerable amount of technical support for transport and agricultural aviation.


The overall tone is considerably lighter than in Chaucer's poem, the play being diversified with songs and lyrical passages.

CONSIDERATE (ADJ) - cẩn trọng

I am considerate, drive to the speed limit and also drive a car that's more economical than my old one.

INCONSIDERATE (ADJ) - thiếu suy nghĩ

Stealing a coat during the coldest weather in local history is as inconsiderate as it gets, even if you were drunk!

CONSISTENT (ADJ) - kiên định

All this is consistent with rabbinic writings recorded many centuries before.

CONSISTENCY (N) - tính kiên định

But it will now be evident that he uses the term with complete consistency.

INCONSISTENCY (N) - sự mâu thuẫn

He proposed a simple explanation for the inconsistency between lab observations and what was actually occurring in the field.

INCONSISTENT (ADJ) - không nhất quán

This campaign, let it be said, was improvised, inconsistent, and undirected.

CONTINUE (V) - tiếp tục

Exit the highway, take a right off the ramp, then continue down the street until you get to the first traffic light.

CONTINUITY (N) - tính liên tục

Getting value for money in the first place, not to mention some continuity and stability, would have been more impressive still.

CONTINUOUS (ADJ) - liên tục

One alternative to the traditional metal or colored plastic roof vents is to use a continuous ridge vent.

CONTINUAL (ADJ) - liên miên

Is it the appalling language, the irregular sleeping patterns, or the continual drain on your bank balance?

CONTINUANT (ADJ) - phụ âm xát

The model of the Holy Trinity unites the dynamic aspect of development with the continuant nature of persons.

CONTINUER (N) - người tiếp tục

And, the work, of course, of Brahms, particularly his later work, as the great continuer of the study of his predecessors.

DISCONTINUE (V) - gián đoạn

It was clear to me that in view of the learned Recorder's judgment, the claimant had no option but to discontinue the claim.

CONTRIBUTE (V) - đóng góp

Males utilize bright mating colorations when displaying on the lek and contribute only genes to their progeny.

CONTRIBUTION (N) - sự đóng góp

Based on laboratory measurements of the relative abundances of the three isotopes, researchers infer the contribution of each.

CONTRIBUTOR (N) - người đóng góp

He is a frequent contributor to leading newspapers on subjects of topical interest.

CONVERT (V/N) - đảo, thay đổi chính kiến

The Eastern and Western tribes were the first to convert through various means.

CONVERSION (N) - biến đổi

Inflammatory processes are believed to play a role in the conversion of coronary vessel-wall lipids into dangerous atheromatous plaques.

CONVERTIBLE (ADJ) - có thể đổi

As a quick test, imagine you're in a convertible shooting down some west coast highway, one hand on an illusory steering wheel.

CORRECT (V/N) - đúng đắn. chỉnh sửa

Substitutions can be made for the prescribed lifts if you lack the correct equipment.

INCORRECT (ADJ) - không đúng

The member was short on facts, poor on analysis, and incorrect with regard to deductions.

CORRECTLY (ADV) - đúng đắn

Only correctly receipted invoices will be acceptable in support of a claim for grant assistance.

INCORRECTLY(ADV) - không đúng cách

It is claimed, probably incorrectly, that in social environments yawning and weariness are due to an accumulation of carbon dioxide.

CORRECTION (N) - chính xác

There are too many minor mistakes, which need correction before a paperback edition.


The prison's chief correctional supervisor and its warden had written separate memos within four days of the murder.

CORRESPOND (V) - tương xứng, trả lời

My binary math is a little rusty, but that limit seems to correspond to 32-bit double precision real arithmetic.

CORRESPONDENT (N) - người viết thư

Paul Reynolds, their crime correspondent filed a report at lunchtime about the arrest of the suspect and the mistress.

CORRESPONDENCE (N) - quan hệ thư từ

He also reads the Limerick Leader and is in regular correspondence with cousins and neighbours in Ballingrane.


This is a significant advantage over the use of barbiturates, at any rate, in providing significant ataraxis without corresponding hypnosis.

COST (V/N) - trị giá, giá trị

The project cost almost a million dollars, which isn't exactly chicken feed.

COSTLY (ADV) - đắt tiền

Because if you make decisions without proper precautions, you're bound to make costly mistakes in life.

COSTLESS (ADJ) - không có giá trị

It may be vital and costless, like air, or mortal and dear, like alcohol.

COURAGE (N) - sự dũng cảm

Supreme courage coupled with disregard for self is not often seen but when it appears it must surely be the finest human virtue of all.

COURAGEOUS (ADJ) - can đảm

How would we accomplish anything without the shared purpose between strong leadership and courageous followership?


Parker will report on what's in the bottle, courageously unconcerned by the reputation on the label or by the affability of the wine-maker.

DISCOURAGE (V) - làm mất hết can đảm

The society added that abolishing the current system of debt recovery would discourage firms from advancing credit or lending money.

DISCOURAGING (ADJ) - làm mất hết can đảm

And it was discouraging to him to think of having to appease four sharpened appetites with a crust of bread.

DISCOURAGEMENT (N) - sự can ngăn

There is a stronger tradition of discouragement of close modeling of writing than there is of close modeling of imagery.

ENCOURAGE (V) - khuyến khích

Think about leaving an area of wilder, longer grass to save effort and encourage wildlife.


There's nothing in the world wrong with encouraging adolescents to be abstinent as long as possible.

ENCOURAGEMENT (N) - sự khuyến khích

England, under Alfred, similarly saw the encouragement of learning and the establishment of monastic houses.


Xavier smiled encouragingly at her, and Zeya looked ready to pommel anyone who touched her.

COVER (V/N) - bao phủ, nắp

The album cover can only have been designed, and approved, by someone who owns dice with more than six sides.

UNCOVER (V) - mở

He relied on his own innate genius in his lifelong quest to uncover the marvels of Nature.

UNCOVERED (ADJ) - bị mở ra

The first of these was uncovered by a farmer ploughing his fields in 1962, and most are dedicated to Dionysus.

COVERAGE (N) - mức độ được bao phủ

It rapidly became a New York Times bestseller, sparking incessant water-cooler conversation and wide coverage on the nation's business pages.

COVERING (N) - sự bao bọc

The word armadillo is of Spanish origin and refers to the armorlike covering of these animals.


It was, in short, the most commendable piece of undercover journalism on our televisions for some time.

COWARD (V/N) - (người) nhát gan

To me he is false, a bluffer, a hypocrite, a sectarian, a coward and an opportunist.

COWARDLY (ADJ/ADV) - hèn nhát

There is more foolishness, more cowardly hearts, less courage, lack of appreciation and gratitude and less politeness.

COWARDICE (N) - tính nhút nhát

The cowardice of those prepared to gossip to journalists but not join 24 others in signing a secret letter is pitiable.

CREATE (V) - tạo ra

How does he propose to stimulate the inert economy and create jobs?

CREATION (N) - tác phẩm

Thus, the creation of the Assemblies of God marked an official end of Pentecostal doctrinal unity and racial integration.

CREATOR (N) - người tạo nên

I almost have this urge to send the creator of the programme a big box of chocolates!

CREATURE (N) - sinh vật

The death of any living creature to satisfy an urge based in a primitive and barbaric past is morally wrong.

CREATIVITY (N) - tính sáng tạo

She passionately and humorously discusses the idea of genius, success, and creativity.

CREATIVE (ADJ) - sáng tạo

Particularly, there were events that gave students an opportunity to give vent to their creative instincts.

CREATIVELY (ADV) - sáng tạo

Advertising is one of the most corrupt, thoughtless, homogenized, creatively bankrupt means of communication and artistic expression.

UNCREATIVE (ADJ) - không sáng tạo

It's not that his life was barren, nor was he uncreative, blank, and inartistic.

RECREATE (V) - giải khuây

To recreate the ancient way of making wrought iron, two Swedish blacksmiths have smelted a bloom of iron and begin to shape it into a bar.

RECREATION (N) - giờ giải lao

To recreate the ancient way of making wrought iron, two Swedish blacksmiths have smelted a bloom of iron and begin to shape it into a bar.

CREATIONISM (N) - sáng tạo luận

If we couple that with the creationism move and actively work to dismantle public schools, we might just be getting somewhere.

CREDIT (V/N) - công nhận/ uy tín

Credit card cheques look almost exactly the same as ordinary bank account cheques.

CREDIBLE (ADJ) - đáng tin

The death row he's fabricated is credible, being grim but not operatically doomy.

INCREDIBLE (ADJ) - lạ thường

They must have had pretty incredible parents, because they are extremely strong-willed.

CREDIBILITY (N) - sự đáng tin

The complainant's credibility is central to the issue of the appellant's guilt.

CREDITOR (N) - người cho vay

The applicant was the largest creditor of the corporation and substantially financed its incorporation.

INCREDIBLY (ADV) - khó tin nổi

They are an incredibly valuable resource to a transforming Army that has desired and sought adaptive capacity in its leaders.

CREDITABLE (ADJ) - vẻ vang

Levy is a creditable state advocate, a Jehovah's Witness with a reputation for honesty.

DISCREDIT (V/N) - không tin/ sự nghi ngờ

I don't know if he was trying to discredit my idea, or if the stress was simply getting to him.

DISCREDITABLE (ADJ) - làm mất tính nhiệm

For no doubt very discreditable reasons a lot of people got themselves put on the winning side in that period.

CRITICIZE (V) - phê bình

It is tempting to criticize the trial by ordeal, wager of law and judicial combat for their apparent irrationality and cruelty.

CRITIC (N) - nhà phê bình

The American critic Yvor Winters suggested in 1939, an alternative canon of Elizabethan poetry.

CRITICAL (ADJ) - hay chỉ trích

This first comprehensive and critical survey of his life and work soon became the standard text on the architect and polyhistor.

CRITICALLY (ADV) - trầm trọng

The helicopter can fly from critically situated landing spots in adverse climates and from roof helipads in densely populated areas.

CRITICISM (N) - sự phê bình

She teaches art history and criticism at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

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