Tổng hợp word formation bắt đầu bằng B trong tiếng Anh


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Bên cạnh hướng dẫn em MUỐN ĐI DU HỌC CẦN BAO NHIÊU ĐIỂM IELTS? trong tiếng anh, dưới đây là danh sách tổng hợp word formation bắt đầu bằng B trong tiếng Anh mà các em nên biết trong tiếng anh.

BEAT (V/N) - nhịp đánh

The ball beat the goalkeeper, hit the crossbar and bounced down before Weber headed it out for a corner.

BEATABLE (ADJ) - có thể đánh

They have been beatable in every game, trailing in the fourth quarter at home against Golden State and Washington.

UNBEATABLE (ADJ) - không thể đánh nối

It may not have been high art, but for sheer singalong spectacle and professionalism it was unbeatable.

BEATING (N) - sự đánh, vỗ

I have read some whacky things in my time but the latest report of the Electoral Reform Society takes some beating.

BEATER (N) - gậy, người đánh

We have just received new hand-mixers similar to an egg beater, but these are electrical, saving your arm.

BEAUTY (N) - người đẹp, sắc đẹp

There's no denying the beauty and charm of a nation famed for its scenery, culture and food.


Yes, that's it, this is the serotinal issue! Where does the time go? It was such a beautiful summer.

BEAUTIFULLY (ADV) - đẹp đẽ, hài lòng

The pork was beautifully cooked, but the soft Bramley apple slices were very tart and not to my taste.

BEAUTIFY (V) - làm đẹp

Beauty salons are polluting the water as they beautify people's appearance.

BEAUTICIAN (N) - người chủ mỹ viện

For the full hour and a half, you are given the undivided attention of the beautician.

BEHAVE (V) - đối xử

Presumably the USB controller is doing a refresh or something which triggers the display driver to behave that way.

MISBEHAVE (V) - cư xử sai lệch

It must, for instance, reduce priorities and resources to processes that misbehave.

BEHAVIOR (N) - hành vi

I don't think it's a sickness that causes somebody to engage in aberrant behavior.

MISBEHAVIOR (N) - hạnh kiểm xấu

The armies have been accused of misbehavior, extrajudicial executions, forced enlistment, and child soldiering.

BEHAVIORAL (ADJ) - thuộc về cách cư xử

In like manner, the behavioral divorce from certain psychotherapy concepts, has taken various forms.

BELIEF (N) - sự tin tưởng

He was criticized for this belief by his fellow theologians and philosophers.

DISBELIEF (N) - sự không tin

Reading fiction requires the ability to suspend disbelief, to dream, and that's a critical faculty that we all need to exercise.

BELIEVE (V) - tin

He really did believe that poetry could handle everything the novel could handle.

DISBELIEVE (V) - không tin

Disbelievers in Bigfoot do not disbelieve as an act of faith, but because the evidence is not persuasive.

BELIEVER (N) - tín đồ

For a man who remains, by his own admission, a great believer that stats do not lie, that is a surprising oversight.

NON-BELIEVER (N) - người không tín ngưỡng

Ramos Horta, who is a non-believer himself nevertheless says religious faith does have a role to play in healing the wounds of the past.

BELIEVABLE (ADJ) - có thể tin được

Scott Hendricks is an equally flexible, believable actor, a passionate advocate for freedom with his strong, virile baritone.

UNBELIEVABLE (ADJ) - không thể tin được

The heat was unbelievable so a thirst-quenching cocktail was a welcome sight at the hotel.

UNBELIEVABLY (ADV) - không thể tin được

There can only be two explanations for this unbelievably hurtful statement.

BENEFIT (V/N) - (có) lợi ích

A benefit of museum membership is that purchases are discounted.


It is often quite beneficial to decide on a school first and then look for housing after.

BENEFICIARY (N) - người được hưởng lợi

You are precluded from doing that in a Sipp, because you are a beneficiary and, as such, must manage it on an arm's-length basis.

BLOCK (V/N) - (sự) cản trở

From the outside the rope ran through the blade, through the round block and topsides and was fastened inside the hull.

BLOCKAGE (N) - sự bao vây

This blockage causes fibroid muscle cells to degenerate and form scar tissue, which causes fibroids to shrink.

BLOCKED (V) - gây cản trở

The couple were both quite fat and were walking abreast and consequently blocked the whole path.

UNBLOCK (V) - không cấm

Can library staff readily either unblock a specific site or disable the filter entirely?

BLOOD (V/N) - họ hàng, xúi giục

  • He noticed a stream of fresh blood flowing down the covers of the bedspread and onto the floor.
  • He says that the blood which ran through the veins of his family's forefathers runs through his own and his son's veins too.

BLEEDING (N/ADJ) - chảy máu

These characteristics result in a more prolonged and predictable anticoagulant effect and less bleeding.

BLOODLESS (ADJ) - lạnh lùng

Here, the mise-en-scene becomes almost televisual, with a flat, unidimensional naivete and bloodless characters.

BLOODY (ADJ/ADV/V) - tàn bạo/ vô cùng/ làm đổ máu

However the fact that the losing side could not easily escape meant that battles tended to be hard and bloody.

BLEED (V) - chảy máu

His fists start to bleed from the flinders of wood on the door, but he is oblivious to his own pain.

BORE (V/N) - làm buồn, việc chán ngắt

The flashing light on the answering machine bore testimony to the unanswered call.

BORED (V/N) - làm buồn, việc chán ngắt

However, as I have no stamina for non-narrative documentaries, by about two thirds of the way through I was bored and wishing it'd finish.

BORING (ADJ) - nhạt nhẽo

Well-designed garden products are enjoying a popular revival at the moment, giving the opportunity to side-step the boring plastic window box.

BOREDOM (N) - nỗi buồn tẻ

Too much time and money, little purpose, and boredom are a lethal combination.

BOUND (V/N) - đi/ biên giới

Killing the arsonist was both heavy-handed and bound to attract further police attention.

BOUNDS (PLURAL) - giới hạn, phạm vi

Why shouldn't replay help decide whether he didn't land in bounds because of the tackle or because of his own momentum?

BOUNDARY (N) - giới hạn, biên giới

We also need to cross the boundary between environmental and non-environmental issues.

BOUNDLESS (ADJ) - bao la, bát ngát

With boundless energy and endless enthusiasm, it's hardly surprising that he makes a natural volunteer.

BOUNDLESSLY (ADV) - vô hạn, vô tận

And so it is with his audacious, wildly imaginative and boundlessly thrilling adaptation.

BRIBE (V/N) - đút lót

�IELTS TUTOR có tổng hợp từ vựng về topic Crime trong IELTS nhớ đọc kĩ nhé

I was well aware of the drill here, that is, that a bribe was expected to process the papers.

BRIBERY (N) - sự đút lót

Brute force, extortion, and bribery are not a policy, they are the last refuge of a mafioso.

BRIBABLE (ADJ) - có thể đút lót

If the attacker is in some country with bribable police, there's nothing you can do anyway.

BRIBER (N) - kẻ đút lót

I have been offered bribes in the past, which had hilarious consequences for the briber.

UNBRIBABLE (ADJ) - không thể đút lót

Then, such places should be policed 24 hours a day by unbribable officers for maybe a few weeks to ensure there are no re-offenders.

BREAK (V/N) - (sự) gãy vỡ

Actually I have not often found it necessary to break off a net acquaintanceship.

BREAKAGE (N) - chỗ nứt, đồ vật bị vỡ

The best way to combat split ends and breakage is to prevent them in the first place.

BREAKABLE (ADJ) - có thể phá vỡ

I don't know about you, but whenever I move, it never ceases to amaze me quite how much breakable material I have in my posession.

UNBREAKABLE (ADJ) - không thể phá vỡ

My unbreakable skeleton was breaking, and now I was certain there would be no escape.

OUTBREAK (V/N) - (sự) bùng nổ

Already there is a low buzz of excitement, punctuated by the occasional outbreak of applause.

BREAKNECK (ADJ) - nguy hiểm, dễ gây tai nạn

The funds exploded in size and venture capitalists were investing in businesses and then exiting from them at a breakneck speed.

BREAKAWAY (N) - sự ly khai

He briefly rejoined the Lib Dem fold before joining the breakaway Liberal Group last year.

BREAKDOWN (N) - sự tan vỡ

He was on the outer after a breakdown in his working relationship with the group's senior management.

BREAKTHROUGH (N) - sự chọc thủng phòng tuyến

What is the impact of this early breakthrough on the current state of the art in Blackjack card counting systems?

BREAKWATER (N) - đê chắn sóng

Realism is never popular in boating, but the vast majority of boats in marinas seldom venture outside the breakwater.

BRIGHT (ADJ/ADV) - sáng chói

In an election season with many bright spots for the Republican Party, the Badger State shone among the brightest.

BRIGHTNESS (N) - sự sáng ngời

These images were subsequently resized and enhanced in brightness and contrast for visual clarity.

BRIGHTEN (V) - sáng lên

If you live in a city or town, Christmas lights will probably brighten up the world for you.

BRIGHTLY (ADV) - tươi, sáng chói

Men from the interior villages may wear only a loincloth or dress in elegant white or brightly colored robes that sweep along the ground.

BROAD (ADJ/ADV/N) - rộng

Although IMC is a broad strategic concept, the most crucial brand communication elements are pinpointed.

BROADEN (V) - mở rộng

The other program is a set of plans intended to broaden the coverage of the educational system.

BREADTH (N) - bề ngang

I truly did not appreciate the breadth and depth of the vindictive power of his unholiness.

BROADMINDED (V) - có tư tưởng rộng rãi

It's actually one of the most broadminded places I've ever been.

BROADSIDE (N) - bên hông

Dali responded by printing a broadside, detailing his repudiation of the pavilion.

BROADCAST (V/ADJ/ADV) - truyền đi/phát thanh

Broadcast offers titles ranging from classic Westerns to 50s b-movie sci-fi.

BROADCASTER (N) - phát thanh viên

The journalist and broadcaster narrates a personal history of his adopted home.

BURGLE (V) - ăn trộm bẻ khóa

What a wonderful opportunity to send your local plod to a fictitious crime in Walnut Grove while you burgle a house in Acacia Avenue.

BURGLAR (N) - kẻ trộm

What's more, they're probably so pleased to see someone when a burglar comes, they wag their tail and show the miscreant around the house!

BURGLARY (N) - ăn trộm đêm

Previously we have addressed burglary, criminal damage and speeding vehicles.

BURGLARIZE (V) - ăn trộm

They then proceeded to burglarize the adjacent apartment, carrying their spoils back through the wall.

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