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Nắm Vững WORD BUILDING - WORD FORMATION - WORD FAMILY - CẤU TẠO TỪ là cách "Nhanh Nhất" Giúp Em Mở Rộng Vốn Từ!. Dưới đây là danh sách tổng hợp word formation bắt đầu bằng A trong tiếng Anh mà các em nên biết trong tiếng anh. Bên cạnh đó, chưa biết có bị dời lịch thi không thì em cứ ôn luyện các bài sửa đề thi thật IELTS WRITING để chuẩn bị kiến thức nhé!

ABANDON (V/N) - Bỏ rơi, ruồng bỏ

The historian Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus tells us the crisis had almost persuaded Nero to abandon Britain.

ABANDONMENT (N) - Sự từ bỏ, sự buông thả

However, I've never really been convinced by the abandonment of democratic methods of some anarchists, for example.

ABLE (V) - có khả năng

Further evaluation is needed to be able to assess the biological significance of these findings.

ABILITY (N) - khả năng

Their hypothesis is that watching excessive amounts of television reduces a person's ability to concentrate.

ENABLE (V) - cho phép

The changes are expected to enable the method to provide accurate readings that are unaffected by skin color or body fat.

DISABLE (V) - làm cho bất lực

The first thing you need to do is disable Java and JavaScript in your browser, and HTML rendering in your e-mail client.

DISABLED (N) - người tàn tật

A landlord cannot refuse demands from disabled tenants to adapt rented accommodation.

DISABILITY (N) - sự bất lực

A prolonged admission is likely to result in profound weakness and physical disability.

ABSENT (V/N) - Vắng mặt

Once changed we set off over the fell with the rain thankfully absent for the time being.

ABSENCE (N) - sự vắng mặt

In my father's absence he likes to visit my mother, most of the time for no reason.

ABSENTEE (N) - người vắng mặt

The absentee is effectively manipulating the show in his favour by remote control.

ABSORB (V) - Hấp thụ

It gave me license to pore over raw tape, again and again, to absorb the subtle clues of human behavior.

ABSORBENT (ADJ/ N) - tính hút nước/ máy hút thu

Hensen says absorbent fibres successfully soaked up the bulk of the oil that covered the dam like a sheet last week.


The reason a bleaching process is used is to increase absorbency of rayon, a common component of tampons.

ABSORBING (V) - hấp dẫn

So one huge mountain of this stuff in every mine and it's absorbing carbon dioxide.

ABSORPTION (N) - sự say mê

The absorption of nitrogen by plants plays an important role in their growth.

ABSURD (ADJ) - Vô lý

However, it is absurd to place primary blame on the players for this situation.

ABSURDLY (ADV) - ngớ ngẩn, lố bịch

In between, there's a tough but tasty cut of hanger steak, an absurdly tender filet mignon, and a classic twelve-ounce New York strip.

ABSURDITY (N) - sự vô lý

Always aware of its own absurdity, the scripts positively dripped with knowing pop-culture references and side-splitting asides.

ABUSE (V/N) - lạm dụng, hành hạ

Drug abusers will abuse these medications, but people who are not drug abusers take what the doctor recommends.

ABUSER (N) - người lạm dụng, người chửi rủa

Every occupation which involves unmonitored access to children will be attractive to an unreformed child abuser.

ABUSIVE (ADJ) - lạm dụng, lừa gạt

She has told the court her mother was difficult, domineering and physically and verbally abusive towards her.

ABUSING (V/N) - Lạm dụng, sự lăng mạ

Last year in Parliament, Labor's Craig Emerson accused insurance companies of abusing their market power over small smash repairers.

ABUSED (V/N) - Lạm dụng, sự lăng mạ

Women have been regularly verbally abused and even had stones thrown at them.

ACADEMY (N) - Viện hàn lâm, trường tư thục

Within a week of arriving at the new academy of learning, he has whapped the hunky gang leader and stolen his girl.

ACADEMIC (ADJ/N) - tính chất học thuật/ hội viên học viện

For the first thirty years of my academic career, I had no occasion and no reason to worry about sports.

ACADEMICALLY (ADV) - về mặt lý thuyết

It was common, she said, for children to regress, both behaviourally and academically.

ACADEMIA (N) - giới học viện

Rather than coming from academia, he began by running away to sea to become a junior officer on the tramp freighter Benlawers.

ACCEPT (V) - Chấp nhận, thừa nhận

It is hardly possible for me to accept that the term “loyalty” can applicably describe these actions, due to the divergent views.

ACCEPTABLE (ADJ) - thỏa đáng

While sexism, ageism and racism have all become social no-nos, fattism remains a perfectly acceptable prejudice.

ACCEPTABLY (ADV) - chấp nhận được

Brash fashion, garish visuals and acceptably obtrusive sounds make for an attention grabbing set this evening at the Music Box.

UNACCEPTABLE (ADJ) - không thể chấp nhận

What the Trade Practices Act does is make unconscionable conduct unacceptable to the law.

UNACCEPTABLY (ADV) - không thể tha thứ/ tán thành

If he adopts a doctrine of pre-emption, he is unacceptably remaking American national-security policy.

ACCEPTABILITY (N) - tính chất có thể chấp thuận

Methods of distributing alternative monies and ensuring their acceptability as payment are still being ironed out.

ACCEPTANCE (N) - sự chấp thuận

In his acceptance speech, he said he's afraid that America is going down a rabbit hole.

ACCESS (V) - Truy cập

Access to stockpiled vaccine is restricted to containing epidemiologically and virologically confirmed outbreaks of smallpox.

ACCESSIBLE (ADJ) - có thể tới gần

I think of myself as a very friendly, easy, accessible guy, but I seem to intimidate people, or at least the fact of who I am intimidates people.


The move to an inaccessible location will make it more difficult for loved ones to keep in touch with inmates.

ACCESSIBILITY (N) - dễ bị ảnh hưởng, có thể tới gần

Nick Kew has posted a very interesting proposal to engineer a means to handle Web accessibility on the server-side.

ACCESSION (N) - sự đến gần

It is also likely that the issue of equity will be aggravated by the accession of poorer countries from Eastern Europe in the medium term.

ACCORD (V/N) - Ban cho, ý muốn

In his view, the conduct of the prisoners in these Russian trials is in full accord with the Russian character.


Three medical clinics have been rehabilitated and opened and five new clinics are scheduled to be built, according to the ministry.


Police will then collate the information and identify trouble areas or individuals and target them accordingly.

ACCORDANCE (N) - sự ban cho

State leaders should act in accordance with the dictates of political wisdom.

ACCOUNT (V/N) - Tài khoản, giải thích

In this lesson, students consider individual experiences of the Middle Passage by exploring a textbook account and four primary sources.

ACCOUNTABLE (ADJ) - chịu trách nhiệm cho

Unschooled in the necessity of being accountable for her own actions and given to bouts of depression, Margaret took refuge in drink.

ACCOUNTABILITY (N) - trách nhiệm

A major obstacle to good governance is the entrenched lack of accountability within the government.

ACCOUNTANCY (N) - nghề kế toán

If your idea of accountancy is grey-suited men hunched over page of numbers, you'd better wake up and smell the coffee.

ACCOUNTING (N) - thanh toán, tính toán

It includes revenue accounting and Vat reporting for 41 European subsidiaries.

ACCOUNTANT (N) - nhân viên kế toán

Indeed, the energetic former accountant from Maharashtra state exemplifies the new trend of merit winning out over lineage or wealth.

UNACCOUNTED (FOR) (ADJ) - thiếu, không giải thích

Today, of course, they and many other known weapons are still unaccounted for.

AMUSE (V) - giải trí, làm thích thú

They had a block party, and as is the custom, a fire truck showed up to amuse the kids.

AMUSEMENT (N) - Trò tiêu khiển

One of the men gave a harsh laugh, his eyes twinkling with unspoken amusement.

AMUSING (ADJ) - vui, làm cho buồn cười

He was relatively short in stature and often amusing on account of his klutzy habits.

ANALYZE (V) - Phân tích

It is possible to analyze the kinetics of a reaction using a very small amount of material.

ANALYST (N) - người phân tích

John L. Keane is an environmental analyst for a large public power and water system in the Phoenix area.

ANALYSIS (N) - sự phân tích

The multivocal analysis process for the PLTL dataset proceeded in two major phases, each discussed separately in this chapter.

ANALYTICAL (ADJ) - dùng phép phân tích

His research in spectroscopy and chemical separation laid the groundwork for generations of analytical chemist.

ANALYTICALLY (ADV) - theo phép giải tích

Total inapplicability of such equations for direct numerical calculations is proven analytically by comparison with the analytical solution.

ANNOY (V) - Quấy rầy, làm phiền

The schemes and lures used to motivate us to forward chain letters are as old as the hills, and we only annoy our friends by sending them on.

ANNOYANCE (N) - sự quấy rầy, làm phiền

And just as different PC pests annoy people in different ways, so our reactions vary from mild annoyance to extreme anger.

ANNOYED (ADJ) - bị quấy rầy, làm phiền

I was still annoyed with him, but his unending persistence was getting to me, and I never turn down a cup of coffee.

ANNOYING (ADJ) - Quấy rầy, làm phiền

Because that's how I see him, I don't like him or his annoying, arrogant, good-for-nothing friends.

ANNOYINGLY (ADV) - một cách phiền hà

The whole thing bogs down to an annoyingly slow pace and then just confuses us with a weird ghost story.

ANSWER (V/N) - Trả lời, câu trả lời

This reporter knocked at the Wilkins home on Tuesday morning but received neither an answer nor the business end of a shotgun.

ANSWERABLE (ADJ) - có thể trả lời

Managers make key executive decisions about the running of companies and they are answerable to a board of directors.

UNANSWERABLE (ADJ) - không thể trả lời

The first exam paper had a spelling mistake rendering question one unanswerable.

ANTIQUE (ADJ/N) - Cổ xử, di tích

He is refused service in an antique store by an old man who answers even obvious questions in the negative.

ANTIQUITY (N) - đồ cổ, đời xưa

Remote antiquity, hymned by the tribe's poet, is revered, and the future feared as it may bring catastrophe or even annihilation.


Young Tenryu had been drummed out of the sport in the early 1930's after attempting to reform the antiquated system.

ANXIOUS (ADJ) - Lo lắng

The Tories are anxious not to upset anybody these days, even thugs and criminals.

ANXIOUSLY (ADV) - lo lắng, băn khoăn

We are on the balls of our feet, like tennis players awaiting service, anxiously twiddling our sticks.

ANXIETY (N) - mối lo

At the same time, the economic processes at work in society arouse feelings of anxiety and apprehension among servicemen.

APOLOGIZE (V) - Xin lỗi

We cheerfully acknowledge our place as men aiming to destroy, and we do not apologize for this.

APOLOGY (N) - lời biện bạch

And I haven't heard any apology to the younger man who was also manhandled out of the hall simply for defending Mr Wolfgang.

APOLOGETIC (ADJ) - biện giải

In finding a solution to the problems faced by Muslims today, they have some apologetic claims, standard and ready-made answers.

APOLOGETICALLY (ADV) - một cách hối lỗi

His press secretary apologetically announced he was running two hours late for our interview.

APPLY (V) - Xin, nộp

You must have a high school diploma for this job. High school dropouts need not apply.

APPLICATION (N) - đơn xin

The application of a multivocal approach to Roman archaeology represents a particular challenge.

APPLICANT (N) - người thỉnh cầu

On 3 May 2002 the applicant sought a stay of execution of the Master's judgment for possession in favour of the respondent.

APPLICABLE (ADJ) - xứng, thích hợp

While a custody decree is an injunctive order, the courts too often fail to apply the principles that are applicable to all other injunctions.

APPLIED (V) - ứng dụng

A large activation energy indicates that the applied stress will have a large effect on the life of the product.

APPRECIATE (V) - Đánh giá, cảm kích

She was full of wonderfully refreshing oddities that I am still learning to appreciate.

APPRECIATION (N) - sự đánh giá/ nhận thức

You know those magic moments in your music appreciation history that you constantly look back on?

APPRECIABLE (ADJ) - có thể thấy rõ được

This gimmick blurs the clarity of the storyline without adding any appreciable benefit.


Investors are likely to become appreciably richer by investing in equities, rather than bonds or cash.

APPRECIATIVE (ADJ) - khen ngợi, đánh giá cao

Unknown singers hoping to be tomorrow's megastars play their hearts out for appreciative beer drinkers and cigarette smokers.


She appreciatively fingered the delicate lace collar and black velvet trim.

ACCURATE (ADJ) - Đúng đắn, chính xác

The results of this study indicate that these subjects were more accurate in predicting their obesity than their aerobic fitness level.

INACCURATE (ADJ) - Không chính xác

Her words, he said, were inaccurate, dishonest and verging on the deranged.

ACCURACY (N) - độ chính xác

I don't think that anyone can predict with any accuracy where the world is headed.

INACCURACY (N) - điểm sai

But I'm most galled by the inaccuracy of how the study's results are misleadingly characterized.

ACHIEVE (V) - Hoàn thành, thực hiện

They were able to achieve an important triumph against their chief rivals.

ACHIEVABLE (ADJ) - có thể đạt được

The zero point on the Kelvin scale is known as absolute zero and it is theoretically the coldest temperature achievable.

ACHIEVER (N) - người đạt được

Our ideal candidate will also be a determined achiever, that is, a person who goes the extra mile to achieve personal goals.

ACHIEVEMENT (N) - thành tích

The achievement is very complex, with twelve sections representing 12 families linked by marriage.

ACTIVE (ADJ) - Tích cực, chủ động

Tubercle bacilli can remain dormant for years before producing active disease.

INACTIVE (ADJ) - không hoạt động

Penalties may also be applied in the case of an inactive account or of any unaccounted for withdrawals in your returns.

ACTIVELY (ADV) - có hiệu lực

After World War II, many Canadians actively sought the advice and intervention of psychologists to solve their everyday problems.

ACTIVATE (V) - làm cho hoạt động

Once you get the invitation via e-mail, you simply click on a weblink to activate the account.

ACTIVITY (N) - hoạt động

Carbon is cycled through the hydro and geosphere through biological, physical/chemical, geological, and human activity.

ACTIVIST (N) - nhà hoạt động xã hội

Should studios even be running their projects by any activist groups for approval?

ACTIVISM (N) - chủ nghĩa tích cực

Politics is a world of double standards, hidden agendas, bias and negative activism.

ACTIVATION (N) - khởi động

On activation, the silane double bonds react with the polymer matrix to create a highly crosslinked, load spreading structure.

ADAPT (V) - Thích nghi

When children go to a different school, it usually takes them a while to adapt.

ADAPTATION (N) - sự thích nghi

Are hostile reactions to change a sign that cultural adaptation is already under way?

ADAPTER (= ADAPTOR) (N) - đầu điện

The power adapter connector is placed rather unusually, along the center of the case, right above the base.

ADAPTABLE (ADJ) - có thể thích nghi

One type of filter was not adaptable to all the gases used, so the masks were ineffective sometimes.

ADAPTABILITY (N) - khả năng thích nghi

From the perspective of human ecology, migration is the major mechanism of social change and adaptability for human populations.

ADD (V) - Thêm

The disclosure will add to the intense debate over multiculturalism in British society.

ADDITION (N) - phần thêm

That is in addition to paying the wages of the huge number of rural administrators.

ADDITIONAL (ADJ) - thêm vào

Additional expenses also accrue from the testing of new units needed to complete the transfusion order.


No doubt, additionally, Mr Sage was glad to be made much of, and interested to take part in the preparation of the case.

ADDITIVE (ADJ) - để cộng vào

The new results include measurements of temperature and additive effects and kinetics modeling of the DPH curves.

ADDABLE (ADJ) - để thêm vào

But the Eskimoan language group uses an extraordinary system of multiple, recursively addable derivational suffixes for word formation called postbases.

ADDICT (V/N) - (người) nghiện

It will be obvious to those who recognise my lifestyle that I am not a television addict.

ADDICTION (N) - thói nghiện

At the time, many cities seemed consumed with social pathologies like illegitimacy, crime, and drug addiction.

ADDICTED (ADJ) - nghiện

We're both obscurely addicted to odd sports, both had empires, are bellicose, mistrustful of foreigners, and are passionate gardeners.

ADDICTIVE (ADJ) - nghiện

I am finding citrus every bit as addictive as the African violets and streptocarpuses.

ADMIRE (V) - Say mê, ngắm nhìn

First of all, I'd like to tell him I admire and respect him as one of the very unique talents in television.

ADMIRATION (N) - sự thán phục

Personally, I have a sneaking admiration for anyone daring enough to hi-jack such unwieldy vehicles.

ADMIRING (ADJ) - khâm phục

He was a signwriter and housepainter by trade, admiring William Morris and Walter Crane and specialising in mural decoration.

ADMIRINGLY (ADV) - khâm phục

He watched admiringly as waiters deboned his very fine grilled sole into two neat fillets.

ADMIRER (N) - người cảm phục

The first English translation to get into print was by William Tyndale, an admirer of Luther.

ADMIRABLE (ADJ) - đáng phục

The author of this amusing and admirable history of the English language argues powerfully for universal linguistic tolerance.

ADMIRABLY (ADV) - đáng phục

This erudite yet readable volume admirably meets the high standards set by the new series.

APPREHEND (V) - Tóm lấy, hiểu rõ

I might instead attempt to diagram its structure, insofar as I am able to apprehend it.

APPREHENSIVE (ADJ) - tiếp thu nhanh

I was, however, apprehensive at the prospect of sitting through an even lengthier version.

APPREHENSION (N) - sự lĩnh hội

Section 18 requires an intention to do grievous bodily harm or an intent to resist or prevent the lawful apprehension or detainer or any person.

APPROACH (V) - tiếp cận, đến gần

A warm front associated with developing low pressure in the central Plains will approach Chicago from the south.

APPROACHABLE (ADJ) - Có thể tới gần

What audiences also got was a sense of Chomsky the person, who seemed entirely unpretentious and approachable on film.

UNAPPROACHABLE (ADJ) - không thể tới gần

Frustratingly, we see here how rescuing the artifacts of mass culture can so easily turn them into unapproachable objects.

APPROVE (V) - Phê chuẩn, tán thành

In friendly jest, one of the waiters came up to her and wagged his finger gently, indicating that the establishment did not approve.

APPROVAL (N) - sự tán thành

Thus, the President's chief economic advisor appeared to provide tacit approval to a weaker yen against the dollar.

DISAPPROVAL (N) - sự không tán thành

Social disapproval of ethnic exogamy is lessening, though the government unofficially discourages it.

APPROVING (ADJ) - tán thành

To approving nods, he recalled his record as mayor, as he does on almost every day of his campaign.

DISAPPROVING (ADJ) - không tán thành

As a homosexual, I would also be disapproving of promiscuous, illicit bathroom romps, simply because of the moral code by which I live.

DISAPPROVINGLY (ADV) - không tán thành

Her big, tattered coat made women at doorways frown disapprovingly and usher their children inside.

ARGUE (V) - Tranh luận

I think it's much more realistic that they would argue and that there would be problems.

ARGUABLE (ADJ) - đáng ngờ/ tranh cãi

The case may be legalistically arguable but it is not exactly in keeping with the underlying spirit of the accord.

ARGUABLY (ADV) - người ta có thể cho rằng

Membership has instead arguably contributed to a growth in the shadow economy, and most notably, contraband, due to tax harmonization.

ARGUMENT (N) - sự tranh luận

The fact that he could make such an argument reveals how far his influence in Iceland had come.

ARGUMENTATION (N) - luận chứng

Is The New Rhetoric about the arguments people make, or about the process of argumentation?


I love the garrulous, argumentative people, with their speech, which boasts impressively rounded vowels.

ART (N) - Nghệ thuật

Crowned Yoruba chiefs and kings had the wealth and prerogative to commission works of art.

ARTIST (N) - nghệ sĩ

Except, in 1983, number six and number sixteen were great achievements for an unknown artist, surely?

ARTISTIC (ADJ) - thuộc tính nghệ thuật

The other principle the artist followed was the artistic value of the works.

ARTISTICALLY (ADV) - khéo léo, sắc sảo

Especially students in a school like Las Vegas Academy, which is designed to accommodate more creative, artistically minded students.

ARTISTRY (N) - công tác nghệ thuật

Her artistry of story telling is welcome as it is thankfully free from any obtrusive stylistic aerobatics.

ARTFUL (ADJ) - xảo quyệt, lắm mưu

This artful temple was purposed to inspire, still and deeply touch the traveller.

ARTFULLY (ADV) - khéo léo, sắc sảo

The hotel's signature is a large black-and-white screen-print of a flower mounted on a wall, looming behind a dish of artfully arranged fruit.

ARTISTE (N) - nghệ sĩ sân khấu

It is a sort of sampling session for senior musicians and critics to measure the potential an upcoming artiste.

ARTLESS (ADJ) - tự nhiên

When meeting the faculty at Wellesley, Roberts is artless enough to admit she has never been to Europe.

ARTLESSLY (ADV) - một cách tự nhiên

In each, a few images are artlessly patched together, their Dada spirit in keeping with their facile, throwaway humor.

ARTWORK (N) - đồ nghệ thuật

Removing a piece of artwork from its original framing package can be a minefield for a framer.

ASSESS (V) - Đánh giá

Talk to any thoughtful economist and they will tell you that they have no idea how to assess the likely impact of quantitative easing.

ASSESSMENT (N) - sự định giá

For the occupational toxicants acrylamide and 1,3-butadiene a genetic risk assessment was performed based on heritable translocation data.

ASSESSOR (N) - người định giá

He said the US would consider backing the appointment of an independent assessor to pronounce on the validity of the ceasefires.

ASSIST (V) - Giúp đỡ

In 1685 he sent the Scottish and English mercenary regiments of his army to England to assist in putting down the Monmouth Rebellion.

ASSISTANT (N) - phụ tá

It was a hopper plane, the red-eye across the state so there were only eight people total, including pilot and assistant.

ASSISTANCE (N) - sự giúp đỡ

He achieved his circumnavigation without any electronic navigation aids or the assistance of modern satellite communication technology.

ATTACH (V) - Gắn kết

In both cases, oysters are cultivated onshore to the size of spat, when they can attach themselves to a substrate.

ATTACHMENT (N) - phụ tùng, đồ gắn kèm

By way of background, most British leftists have some degree of emotional attachment to our public services.

ATTACHED (ADJ) - gắn bò

There is no source for that valuation beyond Bernie, no appraiser's opinion attached.

ATTEND (V) - Tham dự, có mặt

Then I headed to the Toronto Star newsroom to attend to all the matters one must attend to when take one's leave after 25 years.

ATTENDANCE (N) - sự có mặt

Other citizens in attendance support the plan, and the committee approves the proposal.

ATTENDANT (N) - người phục vụ

Sue Makras, 34, is a flight attendant for a US airline operating from Heathrow.

INATTENTION (N) - hành động vô lý

A benign endurance, a sort of affable inattention, settles like snow upon the landscape.

ATTENTIVE (ADJ) - đáng lưu tâm

If someone is unable to be attentive to the needs of others, they cannot be trusted with land.

INATTENTIVE (ADJ) - không chú ý

Early family therapy models tended to focus narrowly on the interior of the family, inattentive to larger sociocultural influences.

ATTRACT (V) - hút

He attracted a following of peasants, Old Believers, Ural mineworkers, and non-Russians such as Bashkirs and Kalmyks.

ATTRACTION (N) - điểm thu hút

In various capsules of the attraction they juggled, clowned and showed off their acrobatic skills to the delight of other passengers.

ATTRACTIVENESS (N) - sự thu hút

In the experiment, artificial nests were evenly distributed in territories of different attractiveness.


Carnegie Hall has an attractively designed website with all you'd expect for one of the world's major concert venues.


Long distance coaches are unattractive in the US, partly because of their high exposure to fuel and inflationary wage costs.

UNATTRACTIVELY (ADV) - một cách khó ưa

This extra ageing in oak barrels does not benefit all cognacs, and some will take on an unattractively dry, planky taste.

AUTHENTIC (ADJ) - Đáng tin

In recent years, Disney's park designers have filled the place with what look like real antiques, genuine artifacts, authentic junk.

AUTHENTICITY (N) - tính xác thật

They play with a conviction and authenticity far beyond their tender years.


It is a way of moving into the future by taking over one's destiny, authentically and with resolve.

AUTHENTICATE (V) - xác thực là đúng

The Chancellor's Department dealt with the judiciary and it was also the custodian of the Great Seal to authenticate government decrees.


Popular culture is decadent and degenerate, and we're doomed as a civilisation to a relentless decline into inauthentic, commercialised pap.

ADVANTAGE (V/N) - Lợi thế, có lợi

The advantage of each technique and the results reported are summarized, highlighting the potential applicably to other reader domains.

DISADVANTAGE (N) - sự bất lợi

These labels can suffer from the disadvantage that they can be difficult for a user to open when the self-adhesive label is adhered to a product.


These traits are adaptively advantageous when people are confronted with suffering, illness, or death, which is inevitable with advancing age.

DISADVANTAGEOUS (ADJ) - không có lợi

In my profession it may even be disadvantageous because it happens that we play a piece in a different key.

ADVISE (V) - khuyên

They advise potential investors to deal only with reputable jewellers and dealers who have been in the business for a long time.

ADVICE (N) - lời khuyên

Less advice, less informed choice, less education does not mean less terminations.

ADVISER (= ADVISOR) (N) - cố vấn

She accompanies the bride to her new home and functions as a companion, adviser and confidante.

ADVISABLE (ADJ) - thích hợp

It's soapy, slippery, and no good for hair and leaves the bottoms of your feet much too slick to make it advisable for bathtime.

INADVISABLE (ADJ) - không nên

It is inadvisable to turn up for a job interview without the European Computer Driving Licence, the licence to drive computers.

ADVISEDLY (ADV) - thận trọng

This kiwi kook, and I use the term kook advisedly, is taking nurturing to a whole new level.

ADVISORY (ADJ) - cho ý kiến

There is bound to be an ethical uproar when the advisory body reports its recommendations.

AFFECT (V/N) - (sự) ảnh hưởng

Ocean currents greatly affect Earth's climate by transferring heat from the tropics to the polar regions.

AFFECTION (N) - sự ảnh hưởng

Smith's love of her home and the affection of her family mean that her wanderlust never stops her returning to Lanarkshire.


She was still affectionate towards the family, but she didn't warm up to people as easily as she once had.


This series of paintings affectionately evokes the experience of watching movies.

AFFORD (V) - Ban cho, có khả năng

In other words, we can't afford to properly police copyright laws so we'll try and use emotional blackmail to keep people in line.

AFFORDABLE (ADJ) - có khả năng chi trả

That means spotting the trends even before the trendoids do, turning the ideas into affordable clothes, and making the apparel fly off the racks.

UN-AFFORDABLE (ADJ) - không có khả năng chi trả

Risks are spread among pools of insured people so that premiums for individuals are not unaffordable.

AGREE (V) - Đồng ý

He says he might be a holdout at the start of the next season if the team doesn't agree to pay him more.

AGREEMENT (N) - hợp đồng, giao kèo

Luke is called home to Pine River, Colorado to reclaim the ranch his father lost in a gentlemen's agreement.

AGREEABLE (ADJ) - sẵn sàng đồng ý

Marshall was quite agreeable and for 10 minutes we discussed common places.

AGREEABLY (ADV) - thú vị, dễ chịu

Parents and children, youths and older men spend their free time in these places agreeably and merrily.

DISAGREE (V) - không đồng ý

Mainstream scientists dare not disagree with the monolithic block that is Darwinian orthodoxy.

DISAGREEMENT (N) - sự khác nhau/ bất đồng

In other words, the NPR broadcast was motivated by sheer malice, based on political disagreement.

ALARM (N) - Còi báo động

He used his phone and his watch as an alarm clock, and he slept on an air mattress.

ALARMING (ADJ) - làm sợ hãi

The research is alarming for anyone concerned about online freedom of speech.

ALARMINGLY (ADV) - đáng lo ngại

Me and Keith got caught by an alarmingly large gust of wind and ended up in the drink.

ALARMIST (N) - người gieo nỗi sợ

Don't doomsday and alarmist theories need evidence to support their tenability, also?

ALLEGE (V) - Cho là, khẳng định

It might suit his book to allege that, but that is not the position of my honourable friend.

ALLEGATION (N) - sự viện lý

When an allegation of fraud is based upon nondisclosure, there can be no fraud absent a duty to speak.

ALLEGED (ADJ) - bị cho là

Sensitive to the alleged and often real rebuffs of friends, but also to the demands of ecclesiastical authority, he was often at its mercy.

ALLEGEDLY (ADV) - được cho là

He said the ship's navigator was allegedly watching a football match when the ferry collided with the islet.

AMAZE (V) - Làm kinh ngạc

It never ceased to amaze us that this trick worked day after day, week after week without the fools wising up to us.

AMAZEMENT (N) - sự sửng sốt

It means a sense of amazement as I watch athletes make demands on their bodies and emotions I would never dream possible.

AMAZING (ADJ) - làm kinh ngạc

This amazing feat is consistent with the westerly airstream prevalent in the latitude of South Africa.

AMAZINGLY (ADV) - đáng kinh ngạc

In the normally tradition-bound world of musical instruments, synthetic drumheads took over in an amazingly short time.

AUTHOR (N) - Tác giả

Cabot is an author, and is a consultant to the Australian Women's health advisory service and has her own call-in radio show.

AUTHORIZE (V) - ủy quyền

This will open up a space in the unit, and we can then authorize to fill the unit.

UNAUTHORIZED (V) - trái phép, lạm dụng

The United States Government classifies information according to the degree which the unauthorized disclosure would damage national security.

AUTHORITY (N) - người có uy tín, sự ủy thác

The hagiocracy can only be kept going by an appeal to the authority of tradition.

AUTHORIZATION (N) - sự cho phép

The preference of the attending physician and wishes of the family determine whether authorization is obtained.

AUTHORITATIVE (ADJ) - hống hách, có uy quyền

The language and style were militant, authoritative, and riddled with the easy obscenities typical of male talk.


A Web tool should make data from diverse agencies available to nonexpert, remote users.

AVAILABILITY (N) - sự có sẵn/ có hiệu lực

Forest quadrats showed a less pronounced seasonal decline in light availability.

UNAVAILABLE (ADJ) - không dùng được

If this is unavailable to you, my best substitution guess would be half thick yogurt and half cottage cheese.

UNAVAILABILITY (N) - tính chất không dùng được

The present policy of only having one signatory should be amended to include two signatories in case of the unavailability of the treasurer.

AVOID (V) - Tránh né

To win in a competition, it is often necessary to avoid playing by the rules.

AVOIDANCE (N) - sự tránh xa

Additional benefits of dispersal from the natal area might be avoidance of high levels of inbreeding or avoidance of local resource competition.

AVOIDABLE (ADJ) - có thể tránh được

The second line of defense against avoidable carcinogenic exposures is the reduction or phase-out of toxics in use.

UNAVOIDABLE (ADJ) - không thể tránh được

Appendicitis appears to be simply the unavoidable downside of a particular vestigial structure.

UNAVOIDABLY (ADV) - không thể tránh được

People unavoidably pay a collective price for the misdeeds and wrongs of their leaders.

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