Phrasal verb topic "travel"

· Phrasal Verb

1. Get away = Đi chơi = leave to go on holiday

IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

  • I need to get away for a few days 

2. Set off = Start a journey = khởi hành

IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

  • We set off early the next morning 

3. Take off = cất cánh = leave the ground, begin to fly

IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

  • The plane took off at 8:30 am 

3. Speed up = đẩy nhanh tốc độ = go faster

IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

    • The car suddenly sped up and went through a red light 

    4. Get on / get off =Lên xe, xuống xe = enter / leave a bus, train, plane

    IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

    • A lot of people usually get on / get off the train at Cambridge 

    5. See off =Đưa tiễn = go to the airport or station with sb to say goodbye to them

    IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

    • Anne saw Terry off at the station

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