"Tất tần tật" Collocation bắt đầu với Q nên học trong tiếng anh

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Hôm nay, IELTS TUTOR sẽ chia sẻ thêm về các collocation bắt đầu bằng chữ Q nên học trong tiếng anh cho các bạn nha.

Ngoài ra, các bạn có thể tham khảo "Tất tần tật" Collocation bắt đầu với P nên học trong tiếng anh mà IELTS TUTOR đã chia sẽ trước đó nha.

quality of life

the level of personal satisfaction, happiness and health in somebody's life - chất lượng cuộc sống

Ví dụ:

  • Those who climb into their cars at six in the morning to commute to Dublin know full well that their quality of life has declined.
  • He said that people's quality of life is likely to improve as a result of the reduction in the number of heavy goods vehicles.
  • This article was insulting to all men and women who have excruciating pain and severe loss of quality of life from osteoporosis.
  • Life is not just about living and dying and as such we all should be able to enjoy a certain quality of life.
  • For many, the quality of life has deteriorated and they succumb to pressure.

quick reply

a prompt or almost immediate reply to a letter or email - trả lời nhanh

Ví dụ:

  • There's a person in America still sleeping the sleep of the just to whom I bunged an e-mail hours ago in the confident but foolish expectation of a quick reply.
  • Scribbling a quick reply, I stood up to go to the pencil sharpener.
  • Thank you for sending such a quick reply.
  • Their reply wasn't as quick as it should've been.

quiet life

a simple and peaceful way of living - cuộc sống đơn giản

Ví dụ:

  • Off the pitch, O'Sullivan leads a quiet life away from the helter-skelter of international rugby.
  • And he admits he cannot wait to pull on a first team shirt after savouring the quiet life of reserve team football with the Black Cats.
  • By now, Archer could be forgiven for thinking that she had earned her right to a quiet life of flat champagne and cheap shopping trips.
  • Nellie, who was aged seventy years, lived a quiet life and was a deeply religious lady.
  • This may sound horribly sad and depressing to all you free teens but in fact I liked the quiet life.

quit a job

to tell an employer you no longer want your job - nghỉ việc

Ví dụ:

  • You may recall I told you about Lil who quit his job here to start a charter yacht business.
  • Our friend who moved to California in May for a new job has quit the job and headed back east.
  • I eventually quit the job a year later, packed up my bags and my son and ran away from it all to start all over again.
  • If you find that your job is boring you to death or you find a better opportunity, you can quit your job and change with no problems.
  • A postmaster bound and gagged by two masked robbers during a dawn raid on his village store has told police he wants to quit his job.

quit drinking

to stop drinking alcohol - bỏ rượu/ bia

Ví dụ:

  • My stepdad has quit drinking coffee and consumes great quantities of green tea.
  • He quit drinking his five sodas per day, started eating scheduled meals and avoided fat.
  • Although I had quit drinking, I began using drugs by myself in an attempt to feel better.
  • How did she quit drinking five years ago, and how did she maintain abstinence for several years?
  • quit drinking coffee and bought a bottle of caffeine tablets.

quit smoking

to stop smoking cigarettes - bỏ hút thuốc

Ví dụ:

  • Now I get referrals from medical doctors who have seen their patients lose weight or quit smoking.
  • Leary had always said that he would never ever quit smoking, but a few years ago he did.
  • Supervised vigorous aerobic exercise programs improve smoking abstinence rates in women trying to quit smoking.
  • In women seeking to quit smoking, combination therapy with bupropion and the nicotine patch appears to produce the best long-term results.
  • The nicotine patch your doctor has recommended will help make it easier to quit smoking or using smokeless tobacco.

quite a lot

quite often, or quite a large amount: khá nhiều

Ví dụ:

  • We've noticed he's been swinging the ball away from the bat quite a lot all the time.
  • I think we may well find ourselves walking out that way quite a lot in the months to come.
  • The ground floor is a warren of rooms crammed with every kind of device you ever saw in an ironmonger's, and quite a lot more besides.
  • People are quite shocked when they realise I'm a little old biddy with quite a lot of ill health, because I don't come over like that.
  • And while the bar obviously has its quiet nights in the depths of winter, there is still quite a lot going on even then.

quite good

fairly good - khá tốt

Ví dụ:

  • The included manual is fairly simple but quite good, with exploded diagrams in more languages than you can shake a stick at.
  • But overall the car seems quite good and I think we are in good shape again for the race.
  • Obviously, there is a bit of liberty between the subtitles and the dialogue in the dubbed track, but the dub is quite good.
  • The audio, presented in its original mono, is quite good as well, with only a hint of residual hiss.
  • Many of them were quite good at it, having made a living as Broadway hoofers before they went west.

quite often

fairly often - khá thường xuyên

Ví dụ:

  • Political ideologies are quite often opportunistic with respect to institutional questions.
  • It is not that this principle is wrong, but that the pursuit of it is most often being done to the detriment of others as we can see quite often.
  • It is basically because the unmindful energy out in the world is very insidious, as is, quite often at any rate, our own personal unmindfulness.
  • To many, violence has become an intrinsic part of their lives and quite often goes unquestioned and unchallenged.
  • Social scientists, and anthropologists in particular, quite often make bold statements about the importance of sociality in human life.

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