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· Phrasal Verb

Phrasal Verb - cụm động từ - là một trong những nội dung cần thiết cho tất cả người học và muốn học tốt tiếng Anh. Học Phrasal verb vô cùng quan trọng chúng giúp chúng ta vừa có được vốn từ vựng nói riêng và vừa có có được những động từ tiếng Anh cần thiết nhất giúp người học tiếng Anh làm chủ trong giao tiếp. Sau đây sẽ là danh sách Phrasal Verb bắt đầu bằng từ GET mà bạn nên biết (có thể ứng dụng vào IELTS).

Ngoài ra, các bạn đừng quên ôn luyện "TẤT TẦN TẬT" TỪ & NGỮ (Vocabularies) NÊN BIẾT TRONG IELTS WRITING nhé!!

Get about

Meaning 1: Be mobile, physically active (linh hoạt)

Example: I can’t GET ABOUT so much since I hurt my hip.

Meaning 2: Become widely known (lan truyền)

Example: If this story GETS ABOUT then I’m finished.

Meaning 3: Visit a variety of different places (đi nhiều nơi)

Example: That’s the third party Brenda’s been to this week. She certainly GETS ABOUT.

Get across

Meaning 1: Cross; to move from one side (of something) to the other, literally or figuratively (băng qua)

Example: It’s impossible to GET ACROSS with all checkpoints closed.

Meaning 2: Successfully explain a thought or feeling (giải thích)

Example: How can I GET this ACROSS to the students?

Get ahead

Meaning: Progress (tiến tới)

Example: If this project goes well, it could really help me to GET AHEAD at work.

Get ahead of

Meaning: Move in front of (di chuyển lên trước)

Example: I GOT AHEAD OF her in line.

Get after

Meaning 1: Move into action in pursuit of something (hoàn thành, thực hiện)

Example: He’s wasting time at university not GETTING AFTER his degree.

Meaning 2: Move into action in attempt to catch or defeat another (hành động bắt thóp, đánh bại)

Example: Do you think the girl’s going to ask you out? GET AFTER her!

Meaning 3: Attempt to convince another to move into action (canh chừng, bắt ai đó làm gì)

Example: Parents GET AFTER their children to do homework for the best.

Get along

Meaning 1: Interact or coexist well, without argument or trouble (đối xử)

Example: I wish the kids would GET ALONG better.

Meaning 2: Survive; to do well enough (sống sót)

Example: She didn’t have a lot of money, but she had enough to GET ALONG.

Get along with

Meaning 1: Have a good relationship with someone (có mối quan hệ tốt)

Example: I hope I will GET ALONG WITH everyone.

Meaning 2: Deal with, handle (giải quyết)

Example: How are you GETTING ALONG WITH your schoolwork?

Get around

Meaning 1: Move to the other side of an obstruction (thoát ra khỏi)

Example: It might be a while before we can GET AROUND from this traffic jam.

Meaning 2: Come around something (đi xung quanh)

Example: Cross at the rocks when you GET AROUND the bend.

Meaning 3: Avoid or bypass an obstacle (trách né)

Example: Tax consultants look for ways to GET AROUND the law.

Meaning 4: Circumvent the obligation and performance of a chore (phá lệ)

Example: My brother always GETS AROUND cleaning his room himself.

Meaning 5: Transport oneself from place to place (di chuyển)

Example: Granny uses a wheelchair to GET AROUND.

Get around to

Meaning: Eventually begin or return to some procrastinated task (trở lại tiếp tục làm)

Example: Some day I’ll GET AROUND to organizing this mess.

Get at

Meaning 1: Manage to gain access to (kiếm quyền truy cập)

Example: I have a lot of money in my trust fund. I just can’t GET AT it.

Meaning 2: Understand or ascertain by investigation (tìm hiểu bằng cách điều tra)

Example: We need to GET AT the root cause of all this.

Meaning 3: Mean, signify (có ý gì)

Example: I don’t understand. What are you GETTING AT?

Meaning 4: Attack verbally or physically; to annoy, bother (tấn công)

Example: My cat was badly injured after the neighbour’s dog GOT AT her.

Meaning 5: Persuade by intimidation, to tamper with (thuyết phục bằng cách hâm dọa)

Example: That was a ridiculous verdict. I think the jury was GOT AT.

Meaning 6: Contact someone (liên hệ)

Example: I‘ve got some things to do for about an hour. After that, GET AT me.

Get away

Meaning 1: Take a break from one’s present circumstances (nghỉ ngơi)

Example: Next weekend we’re hoping to GET AWAY to the seaside.

Meaning 2: Start moving; to depart (bắt đầu đi)

Example: The train GOT AWAY exactly on time.

Meaning 3: Slip from one’s control (thoát khỏi sự kiểm soát)

Example: I can’t cope any more. Things are GETTING AWAY from me.

Meaning 4: Move away (from) (tránh xa)

Example: GET AWAY from me!

Meaning 5: Avoid capture; to escape (from) (trốn thoát)

Example: I almost caught the critter, but it GOT AWAY from me.

Get away from

Meaning: Start to talk about something that is not relevant to the discussion (đánh trống lãng)

Example: I think we’re GETTING AWAY FROM the point.

Get away with

Meaning: Escape punishment for (thoát khỏi sự trừng phạt)

Example: Our teacher’s so strict, he’d never let us GET AWAY WITH anything in class.

Get back

Meaning 1: Return to where one came from (trở lại)

Example: When I GET BACK from holiday, I expect the house to be tidy.

Meaning 2: Retrieve, to have an item returned (trả lại)

Example: I lent her my guitar over the Christmas holidays, and will GET it BACK when the term starts.

Meaning 3: Do something to hurt or harm someone who has hurt or harmed you (trả đũa)

Example: I’ll GET you BACK for this!

Get back at

Meaning: Retaliate against; to take revenge on (trả thù)

Example: She put toothpaste in his shoes to GET BACK AT him for the frog he left in her refrigerator.

Get back to

Meaning 1: Return to (trở lại)

Example: I’ll GET BACK TO work as soon as I’ve finished this game.

Meaning 2: Return contact with (liên lạc lại)

Example: I’ll GET BACK TO you when I have an answer.

Get behind

Meaning: Support (ủng hộ)

Example: She claims the publishers never really GOT BEHIND her new book.

Get behind with

Meaning: Be late paying installments for something (trả chậm)

Example: If they GET BEHIND WITH mortgage payments, they might lose their home.

Get by on

Meaning: Subsist; to succeed, survive, or manage, at least at a minimal level (thành công, sống sót)

Example: Do you think they can GET BY ON only one salary?

Get down

Meaning 1: Bring or come down; descend (leo xuống)

Example: The kitten climbed the tree, but then couldn’t GET DOWN again.

Meaning 2: Concentrate; attend (tập trung, tham gia)

Example: To GET DOWN to the matter at hand.

Meaning 3: Depress; discourage; fatigue (khiến ai buồn bã, thất vọng)

Example: Nothing GETS me DOWN so much as a rainy day.

Meaning 4: Swallow (nhai, nuốt)

Example: The pill was so large that he couldn’t GET it DOWN.

Meaning 5: Relax and enjoy oneself completely; be uninhibited in one’s enjoyment (giải trí)

Example: GETTING DOWN with a bunch of old friends.

Meaning 7: Duck or take cover, usually to avoid harm (núp)

Example: With bullets flying, all I could do was GET DOWN and pray.

Meaning 8: Leave the table after dining (dừng bữa ăn và rời đi)

Example: Mummy, can I GET DOWN?

Meaning 9: Record in writing (ghi chép)

Example: Quick, here’s a pen, GET this DOWN will you, before I forget.

Get down on

Meaning: Criticize (chỉ trích)

Example: Jane’s always GETTING DOWN ON the kids.

Get down to

Meaning: Start working seriously (làm việc nghiêm túc)

Example: After lunch we GOT DOWN TO discussing the issue of pay.

Get in

Meaning 1: Enter a place; to gain access (vào)

Example: If you want to GET IN, you’ll need the gate code and a key.

Meaning 2: Secure membership at a selective school (được nhận)

Example: All of our students who applied to university GOT IN.

Meaning 3: Be elected to some office (được chọn)

Example: Do the early results say our candidate will GET IN?

Get in with

Meaning: Become involved or associated with (tham gia)

Example: I’m very worried about her – she’s GOT IN WITH the wrong crowd.

Get into

Meaning 1: Move into an object, such that one ends up inside it (vào trong)

Example: She GOT INTO the car.

Meaning 2: Reach into an object (chạm)

Example: The small child GOT INTO everything.

Meaning 3: Become involved in a discussion, issue, or activity (tham gia vào)

Example: My sister has GOT INTO flower arranging recently.

Meaning 4: Enter an unfavourable state (dính vào)

Example: How did we GET INTO such a mess?

Meaning 5: Make behave uncharacteristically (cư xử không đàng hoàng)

Example: I don’t know what’s GOTTEN INTO that child.

Get off

Meaning 1: Escape (with usually only mild consequences) (trốn thoát)

Example: The vandal GOT OFF easy, with only a fine.

Meaning 2: Fall asleep (ngủ)

Example: If I wake up during the night, I cannot GET OFF again.

Meaning 3: Behave in an presumptuous, rude, or intrusive manner (hành xử vô lễ)

Example: Where do you GET OFF talking to me like that?

Meaning 4: Excite or arouse, especially in a sexual manner (hứng thú)

Example: Cat-woman‘s costume really GETS me OFF.

Meaning 5: Move (something) from being on top of (something else) to not being on top of it (lấy xuống)

Example: Could you GET the book OFF the top shelf for me?

Meaning 6: Kiss; to smooch (hôn)

Example: I’d like to GET OFF with him after the party.

Meaning 7: Stop touching or interfering with something or someone (dừng lại)

Example: Don’t tickle me – GET OFF!

Meaning 8: Complete a shift or a day’s work (hết việc hôm nay)

Example: If I can GET OFF early tomorrow, I’ll give you a ride home.

Meaning 9: Disembark, especially from mass transportation (xuống xe)

Example: You GET OFF the train at the third stop.

Get off on

Meaning: Be excited or aroused by; to derive pleasure from (ngừng thích)

Example: I don’t GET OFF on champagne.

Get on

Meaning 1: Board or mount (something), especially a vehicle (lên xe)

Example: Please GET ON the bus as quickly as possible.

Meaning 2: Be successful (thành công)

Example: She’s GETTING ON very well at school.

Meaning 3: Progress (with) (thực hiện)

Example: It’s time to GET ON with improving quality.

Meaning 4: Become late (trễ)

Example: Time is GETTING ON.

Meaning 5: Become old (già)

Example: My parents are visibly GETTING ON a bit these days.

Meaning 6: Gave a good relationship (có mối quan hệ tốt)

Example: I wish you and I could learn to GET ON.

Meaning 7: Commence (bắt đầu)

Example: The dishes need washing, the floor needs vacuuming, the laundry needs folding. GET ON it!

Get on to

Meaning 1: Contact (someone) in order to raise or discuss a certain matter (gọi ai đó làm việc)

Example: That pipe is leaking again. I’ll GET ON TO the plumber in the morning.

Meaning 2: Progress to; to start working on (bắt đầu làm việc)

Example: I haven’t got time to work on this report today; I’ll GET ON TO it tomorrow.

Get on for

Meaning: Be near a time (gần đến giờ)

Example: It was GETTING ON FOR noon.

Get on with

Meaning 1: Proceed with; to begin or continue, especially after an interruption (tiếp tục sau khi bị gián đoạn)

Example: I have to GET ON WITH my spring cleaning.

Meaning 2: Have a good relationship with (có mối quan hệ tốt với)

Example: Peter did not GET ON WITH his mother-in-law.

Get onto

Meaning 1: Move onto an object, especially one on which it is possible to stand (tiếp cận vật)

Example: The child will GET ONTO the merry-go-round.

Meaning 2: Contact a person or organisation about a particular matter (liên lạc)

Example: You should GET ONTO the manufacturers and complain.

Meaning 3: Connect, especially to the Internet or a network (kết nối)

Example: With my new computer, I can GET ONTO the Internet faster.

Meaning 4: Scold someone (mắng)

Example: My father GOT ONTO me for taking the car without asking.

Meaning 5: Introduce someone to something (bắt đầu thực thi)

Example: My mum GOT me ONTO this new diet and I’ve lost 5 kilos in the past two weeks.

Get out

Meaning 1: Leave or escape (rời đi, thoát)

Example: In case of fire, GET OUT by the nearest exit.

Meaning 2: Come out of a situation ; to escape a fate (thoát khỏi)

Example: Never take life seriously. Nobody GETS OUT alive anyways.

Meaning 3: Help someone leave (đưa ai ra ngoài)

Example: We must GET the children OUT first.

Meaning 4: Leave a vehicle such as a car (ra khỏi xe)

Example: I’ll GET OUT at the end of the road and walk from there.

Meaning 5: Become known (bị nhiều người biết đến)

Example: Somehow the secret GOT OUT.

Meaning 6: Spend free time out of the house (dành thời gian ra khỏi nhà)

Example: You work too hard. You should GET OUT more.

Meaning 7: Publish something, or make a product available (phát hàng, công bố)

Example: The organization has just GOTTEN their newsletter OUT.

Meaning 8: Say something with difficulty (nói năng khó khăn)

Example: He could hardly GET the words OUT for the tears.

Meaning 9: Clean something. To eliminate dirt or stains (dọn dẹp)

Example: This detergent will GET most household stains OUT.

Get out of

Meaning 1: Leave, exit, or become free of (rời đi)

Example: I can’t GET OUT OF this notion that she may have known all along.

Meaning 2: Circumvent some obligation entirely (hoàn thành)

Example: I only cheat so I can GET OUT OF doing work.

Meaning 3: Leave or exit a place (trốn thoát)

Example: If you’re smart, don’t sign the employment contract. Just GET OUT OF here while you still can.

Get over

Meaning 1: Overcome (vượt qua)

Example: I’m trying to GET OVER my fear of flying.

Meaning 2: Recover (from) (hồi phục)

Example: I’m having problems GETTING OVER a bad cold.

Meaning 3: Forget and move on (quên đi và bước tiếp)

Example: She was in love with me for 10 years, and still hasn’t GOT OVER the fact that the feeling wasn’t mutual.

Meaning 4: Successfully communicate; to get across (truyền đạt)

Example: In our lectures we need to GET OVER the importance of online safety.

Get over with

Meaning: Do something quickly and hastily; without procrastination (hoàn thành nhanh mà không bị trì hoãn)

Example: I hate getting shots, but it’s best just to GET it OVER WITH.

Get rid of

Meaning: Dispose (of); to remove; abolish; lose (thoát khỏi)

Example: I want to GET RID OF your influence over my life!

Get through

Meaning 1: Overcome; to endure (vượt qua)

Example: Military training was hard, but I GOT THROUGH it

Meaning 2: Complete; to finish (hoàn thành)

Example: She GOT THROUGH her book this morning!

Meaning 3: Be made successfully (thông qua)

Example: The call wouldn’t GET THROUGH no matter how many times I tried.

Get through to

Meaning 1: Make someone understand (khiến ai hiểu)

Example: I feel I’m not GETTING THROUGH TO some of the kids in my class.

Meaning 2: Reach a stage in a competition (vượt qua đến được)

Example: She GOT THROUGH TO the final round of interviews.

Get to

Meaning 1: Reach, arrive at (đến)

Example: I’ll call you when I GET TO the railway station.

Meaning 2: Have an opportunity to or be allowed to (có cơ hội, được cho phép)

Example: How come he GETS TO be hall monitor? No fair!

Meaning 3: Affect adversely; to upset or annoy (khiến thất vọng, phiền toái)

Example: This job’s really GETTING TO me. I don’t know how much longer I’ll last.

Meaning 4: Track down and intimidate (theo dõi, đe dọa)

Example: He’s refusing to testify. I think the Mob GOT TO him.

Get together

Meaning: Meet socially (gặp gỡ, hội tụ)

Example: Lily GOT the girls TOGETHER and told them about Anna’s accident.

Get up

Meaning 1: Move in an upwards direction; to ascend or climb (đi lên)

Example: I’m having difficulty GETTING UP the stairs.

Meaning 2: Rise from one’s bed (tỉnh dậy)

Example: I didn’t GET UP until midday.

Meaning 3: Move from a sitting or lying position to a standing position; to stand up (đứng dậy)

Example: GET up OFF the couch and clean this mess!

Meaning 4: Materialize; to grow stronger (mạnh hơn)

Example: As dusk fell a storm GOT UP.

Meaning 5: Bring together, amass (tích lũy)

Example: The general GOT UP a large body of men.

Meaning 6: Gather or grow larger by accretion (tăng lên)

Example: I could see that he was GETTING UP a temper.

Meaning 7: Criticize (chỉ trích)

Example: He GOT UP me about the mess I made in the kitchen.

Meaning 8: Dress in a certain way, especially extravagantly (mặc)

Example: She was all GOT UP in the most ridiculous frilly dress.

Get up to

Meaning: Do something, especially something that you should not do (làm việc gì mà đáng ra không nên)

Example: Recently he’s been GETTING UP TO all sorts of mischief

Get with

Meaning 1: Impregnate (giao phối)

Example: The stallion GOT WITH foal three out of four mares.

Meaning 2: Align oneself with (căn chỉnh bản thân)

Example: We have to GET WITH the times or we’ll be left behind.

Hi vọng danh sách Phrasal verb bắt đầu bằng từ GET ở trên có thể giúp bạn mở mang thêm và tìm được những từ phù hợp với mục đích cuộc hội thoại/ bài viết tiếng anh. Nếu bạn có thắc mắc, đừng ngần ngại để lại bình luận (comment) dưới đây!

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