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· Phrasal Verb

Phrasal Verb - cụm động từ - là một trong những nội dung cần thiết cho tất cả người học và muốn học tốt tiếng Anh. Học Phrasal verb vô cùng quan trọng chúng giúp chúng ta vừa có được vốn từ vựng nói riêng và vừa có có được những động từ tiếng Anh cần thiết nhất giúp người học tiếng Anh làm chủ trong giao tiếp. Sau đây sẽ là danh sách Phrasal Verb bắt đầu bằng từ COME mà bạn nên biết (có thể ứng dụng vào IELTS).

Ngoài ra, IELTS TUTOR đã hướng dẫn PHƯƠNG PHÁP HỌC CÁI GÌ CŨNG MAU TIẾN BỘ [Ứng dụng rất tốt vào học IELTS] , các bạn có thể tìm đọc.

Come about

Meaning: Happen, occur (diễn ra)

Example: Can you tell me how the accident CAME ABOUT?

Com across

Meaning 1: Give an appearance or impression; to project a certain image (tạo hình tượng)

Example: A business suit and briefcase help her to COME ACROSS as the competent professional she is.

Meaning 2: Find, usually by accident (vô tình tìm thấy)

Example: In the meadow he will COME ACROSS a rare flower.

Come after

Meaning 1: Pursue, follow (thuyết phục, theo sau)

Example: Don’t try to COME AFTER me.

Meaning 2: Follow, to succeed, be the successor of (nối tiếp sự thành công)

Example: Who CAME AFTER Richard the Lion heart?

Come along

Meaning 1: Accompany (đi chung)

Example: I’d like you to COME ALONG with me to the opera.

Meaning 2: Progress; to make progress (tiến bộ)

Example: Your English is really COMING ALONG!

Come apart

Meaning: Break, separate (tách rời)

Example: The cup just CAME APART in my hands.

Come around

Meaning: Change one’s mind (thay đổi suy nghĩ)

Example: Give her time, and she may COME AROUND and see things your way.

Come away

Meaning 1: Become separated from something (tách rời)

Example: The cakes have started to COME AWAY from the pan.

Meaning 2: Distance oneself (from) (rời xa)

Example: He goes to the park to COME AWAY from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Come at

Meaning 1: Get to, especially with effort or difficulty (đạt được)

Example: His precise meaning was not easy to COME AT.

Meaning 2: Attack, to harass (tấn công)

Example: As I backed away, he CAME AT me with a knife.

Meaning 3: Accept (a situation); agree to do; try (đồng ý)

Example: Nah, mate – I′m not going to COME AT that again. Too risky.

Come back

Meaning 1: Return to one’s possession, especially of memories (quay trở lại)

Example: Suddenly it all CAME BACK to him, the tea, the petite Madeleine, his mother.

Meaning 2: Return to a former state, usually a desirable one (trở thành)

Example: Many people counted him out, but he CAME BACK better than ever.

Meaning 3: Return (về)

Example: I left work and CAME BACK home early.

Come before

Meaning 1: Appear publicly in front of someone superior (đến trước mặt ai có quyền cao chức trọng)

Example: He was summoned to COME BEFORE the king.

Meaning 2: Be of greater importance (than) (quan trọng hơn)

Example: Looking out for your family should COME BEFORE making money.

Meaning 3: Be judged, decided or discussed by authority (bị chỉ trích)

Example: Jones’ behavior will COME BEFORE the board of directors.

Meaning 4: Precede (đứng trước)

Example: F COMES before G IN the alphabet.

Come between

Meaning: Affect negatively or cause discord between (someone) and another person (chen vào)

Example: Our love is so strong that nothing can COME between US.

Come by

Meaning 1: Obtain; to get, especially by chance or involuntarily (đạt được)

Example: A loyal friend is hard to COME BY.

Meaning 2: Come near to; pass; visit (đến gần)

Example: Your beau CAME BY while you were shopping.

Come down

Meaning 1: Reach a decision (quyết định)

Example: I can’t guess which way the board will COME DOWN on the project.

Meaning 2: Be passed through time (truyền đạt)

Example: Much wisdom has COME DOWN in the form of proverbs.

Meaning 3: Return from an elevated state of consciousness or emotion (bớt phấn khích)

Example: He finally CAME DOWN from his post-bonus high.

Meaning 4: Descend, fall down, collapse (sập đổ)

Example: A tree CAME DOWN and hit me on the head.

Meaning 5: Be demolished (bị phá hủy)

Example: The damage sustained in the fire is so great that the whole building will have to COME DOWN.

Meaning 6: Decrease (Giảm)

Example: Real estate prices have COME DOWN since the peak of the boom.

Come forth

Meaning: Move forward and into view, emerge, appear (di chuyển về phía trước)

Example: Suddenly a man appeared and CAME FORTH out of the fog.

Come from

Meaning: Have as one’s birthplace or nationality (đến từ)

Example: I COME FROM Thailand.

Come in

Meaning 1: Begin transmitting (truyền vào)

Example: This is Charlie 456 to base. COME IN, base. Do you read me?

Meaning 2: Function in the indicated manner (chức năng theo chỉ định)

Example: Four-wheel drive sure CAME IN handy while the bridge was washed out.

Meaning 3: Finish a race or similar competition in a particular position (đến đích)

Example: The horse I had bet on CAME IN fourth in the second race.

Meaning 4: Become available (có sẵn)

Example: Blueberries will be COMING IN next month.

Meaning 5: Have a strong enough signal to be able to be received well (có sóng)

Example: Most of the neighbors get 14 channels, but only two of them COME IN well here.

Meaning 6: Join or enter; to begin playing with a group (tham gia vào)

Example: They started together, but the drummer CAME IN late.

Meaning 7: Enter (đi vào)

Example: Please COME IN and look around.

Meaning 8: Arrive (đến)

Example: That flight just CAME IN.

Meaning 9: Become relevant, applicable or useful (liên quan, có ích)

Example: The third stage of the plan is where Team B COMES IN.

Come in for

Meaning: Be subjected to (liên quan, chịu)

Example: If you go into the forest, you’ll COME IN FOR a nasty surprise.

Come into

Meaning 1: Inherit (money) (thừa kế)

Example: After his father died, he CAME INTO a large fortune.

Meaning 2: Be a factor in (là nhân tố của)

Example: Money doesn’t COME INTO it.

Come off

Meaning 1: Have some success, to succeed (thành công)

Example: He tried his Chaplin impression, but it didn’t really COME OFF.

Meaning 2: To happen, take place (diễn ra)

Example: Did the trip to Paris ever COME OFF?

Come on

Meaning 1: Encouragement (lời động viên)

Example: COME ON, my son, it’s time to pack away your toys.

Meaning 2: Appear on a television broadcast (xuất hiện)

Example: I was going to turn off the TV, but my favorite show CAME ON.

Meaning 3: Progress, to develop (xây dựng)

Example: The new garden is COMING ON nicely.

Meaning 4: Encounter, discover; to come upon. (thấy, bắt gặp)

Example: Turning the corner, I CAME ON Julia sitting by the riverbank.

Meaning 5: Make a romantic or sexual advance to; to hit on (có cử chỉ lãng mank với)

Example: He was really COMING ON to me at the party.

Meaning 6: Start to (bắt đầu)

Example: It CAME ON to snow after dusk.

Come out in

Meaning: Be afflicted by (xuất hiện, nổi)

Example: He’s COME OUT IN spots.

Come out with

Meaning 1: Say something publicly and unexpectedly (nói những điều không ngờ)

Example: He COMES OUT WITH the strangest things!

Meaning 2: Make something available/to be produced or published (cho ra mắt)

Example: The company CAME OUT WITH a new line in just three months.

Come over

Meaning: Affect (ảnh hưởng)

Example: I apologise for my behaviour last night. I don’t know what CAME OVER me.

Come round

Meaning 1: Change one’s opinion to a prevailing one (thay đổi ý kiến về một quan điểm)

Example: He’s a reasonable man. I knew he’d COME ROUND eventually.

Meaning 2: Recover consciousness, to come to (tỉnh táo)

Example: After the blow to my head, I took a while to COME ROUND.

Meaning 3: Visit someone’s home or other regular place (ghé qua nơi nào)

Example: Would you like to COME ROUND for dinner tonight?

Come through

Meaning 1: Survive, to endure (sống sót)

Example: With such a weak heart he was lucky to COME THROUGH the operation.

Meaning 2: Succeed (thành công, chiến thắng)

Example: The team CAME THROUGH in the end and won the pennant.

Meaning 3: Not to let somebody down, keep one’s promise (không để mọi người sụp đổ)

Example: She really CAME THROUGH for us when the project was in trouble.

Come through with

Meaning: Provide something needed (cung cấp)
Example: Our representative in Thailand finally CAME THROUGH WITH the figures.

Come to

Meaning 1: Recover consciousness after fainting etc. (tình táo)

Example: She CAME TO with the aid of smelling salts.

Meaning 2: Total; to amount to (tổng cộng)

Example: How much does that COME TO?; the bill comes to £10 each.

Meaning 3: Devote attention to in due course; to come around to (chú ý)

Example: I’ll COME TO your question in a minute.

Meaning 4: Befall; to affect; happen to; come upon (ảnh hưởng)

Example: I pray no harm will COME TO you.

Meaning 5: Regard or specify, as narrowing a field of choices by category (liên quan)

Example: He’s the best when it COMES TO riveting detective fiction.

Come together

Meaning: Arrive at a destination with someone after having traveled there with each other (cùng đến)

Example: We bumped into each other earlier, so we CAME TOGETHER in a taxi.

Come under

Meaning 1: Come underneath (something) (núp dưới)

Example: Why don’t you COME UNDER my umbrella? There’s plenty of room.

Meaning 2: Be included or classified under (phân loại)

Example: To sympathisers, though, all of his crimes CAME UNDER the general heading of misdemeanors.

Meaning 3: Be subjected to, be under the auspices of (dưới sự giám soát)

Example: Eventually I was promoted, and a small team of recruits CAME UNDER my authority.

Come up

Meaning 1: Come towards, to approach (bước đến trước mặt)

Example: I was standing on the corner when Nick CAME UP and asked for a cigarette.

Meaning 2: Emerge or become known, especially unexpectedly (xảy ra bất ngờ)

Example: Unless anything COMES UP, I’ll be there every day this week.

Meaning 3: Happen (diễn ra)

Example: I’ll let you know if any vacancies COME UP.

Meaning 4: Appear (xuất hiện)

Example: He CAME UP before a judge and was fined a thousand dollars.

Meaning 5: Draw near in time (đến gần)

Example: The summer holidays are COMING UP.

Meaning 6: Rise (above the horizon)

Example: It’ll be warmer once the sun COMES UP.

Meaning 7: Begin to feel the effects of a recreational drug (dấu hiệu say xỉn)

Example: I could tell from her expression she was COMING UP already.

Come up with

Meaning: Invent, create, or think of. (nảy ra)

Example: How can you COME UP WITH such brilliant ideas?

Come upon

Meaning 1: Come across; to encounter; stumble upon; discover or find (tìm thấy)

Example: We CAME UPON the skeleton while we were hiking.

Meaning 2: Befall; to affect; happen to (xảy ra với)

Example: I pray no harm will COME UPON you.

Come with

Meaning: Join and come along (tham gia)

Example: We’re going out to lunch. Do you want to COME WITH?

Hi vọng danh sách Phrasal verb bắt đầu bằng từ COME ở trên có thể giúp bạn mở mang thêm và tìm được những từ phù hợp với mục đích cuộc hội thoại/ bài viết tiếng anh. Nếu bạn có thắc mắc, đừng ngần ngại để lại bình luận (comment) dưới đây!

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