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Idiom là những câu/cụm từ được người bản xứ thường xuyên sử dụng trong giao tiếp hằng ngày. Nếu bạn đang có ý định thi IELTS hoặc muốn nâng cao khả năng giao tiếp bằng tiếng Anh thì nhất định không thể bỏ qua bài viết này. "Sự có mặt" của idiom trong bài giao tiếp (IELTS speaking) là một trong những tiêu chí giúp bạn đạt điểm cao. Dưới đây là danh sách những Idioms bắt đầu bằng chữ "S". Ngoài ra, các bạn đừng quên xem MÔ TẢ TỪ A ĐẾN Z QUY TRÌNH TRONG PHÒNG THI IELTS SPEAKING PART 2 SẼ NHƯ NÀO? để nhớ bài nhé!

Scare the Living Daylights Out of Someone

Meaning: To shock or frighten one very suddenly or severely. (hù bất ngờ)

Example: Don't sneak up on me like that—you scared the living daylights out of me!

See Eye to Eye

Meaning: To agree with someone; to share someone's position or opinion (đồng ý)

Example: His mother and I don't see eye to eye about his decision to drop out of college.

Seize (Take) the Bull By the Horns

Meaning: Attack a problem directly (giải quyết trực diện)

Example: There’s no sense in waiting for another report—we need to seize the bull by the horns and deal with the product recall.

Seize the Day

Meaning: Take an opportunity (chợp lấy cơ hội)

Example: We should seize the day while prices are low. That won’t last forever.

Sell Like Hotcakes

Meaning: To be sold quickly and in large quantities (bán đắt hàng)

Example: This record has been selling like hotcakes—I can't keep it in stock!

Set the World on Fire

Meaning: To do wonderful or exciting things that cause a great or remarkable sensation in the world (tạo dấu ấn với thế giới)

Example: As a girl, Janet dreamed of setting the world on fire as a famous actress.

Show One’s True Colors

Meaning: To reveal what one truly believes, thinks, or wants (lộ ra suy nghĩ/ mong muốn)

Example: Dave said all along that he only wanted this deal because it was in the company's best interest, but he showed his true colors once he realized that he wouldn't get any special commission for his efforts.

Show Your Cards

Meaning: To make one's plans, intentions, ideas, or resources known to others, especially those previously hidden or kept secret. (lộ ra chiến thuật, ý tưởng)

Example: In business negotiations, it's important that you don't show your cards right away, or you might risk losing out on the best deal possible.

Sick as a Dog

Meaning: Very ill (bệnh nặng)

Example: I haven't been avoiding you, I've just been sick as a dog.​

Sight for Sore Eyes

Meaning: Someone or something that one is excited or overjoyed to see (khung cảnh khiến bạn thích thú/ vui vẻ)

Example: Charlie, I can't believe you're back in town! Get over here, you're a sight for sore eyes!

Sink or Swim

Meaning: To either be successful right away or succumb to failure (chìm hoặc bơi, thất bại hoặc thành công)

Example: The teacher expects you to have all the background material already learned, so you'll have to sink or swim the moment you start the course.

Sing a Different Tune

Meaning: To change one's opinion, behavior, or attitude, especially suddenly or abruptly (thay đổi quan điểm bất ngờ)

Example: He never used to support that political candidate, but he's singing a different tune all of a sudden.

Six Feet Under

Meaning: Dead and buried (chết)

Example: Even though Michael Jackson is six feet under, his recordings are still making money.

Sleep Like a Baby

Meaning: To experience a very deep and restful sleep; to sleep soundly (ngủ sâu)

Example: I can't believe you finished a triathlon! You're going to sleep like a baby tonight.

Sleep with the Fishes

Meaning: To be murdered (bị giết/ bị loại bỏ)

Example: Don't worry, boss, that no-good snitch will be sleeping with the fishes before sunrise.

Small Beer/ Potatoes

Meaning: Weak or inferior / Unimportant things (thứ không quan trọng/ kém chất lượng)

Example: We’re wasting our time on small potatoes. Let’s get to the big news that made us have this meeting.

Smell a Rat

Meaning: When we feel that something someone or something is not honest (cảm thấy có gì không trung thực)

Example: I smell a rat. If John was off from work all week because he was sick, why has he got a suntan?

Spare The Rod And Spoil The Child

Meaning: If you avoid disciplining your child for behaving badly, they will never grow out of that bad behavior and will become spoiled as a result (nếu không phạt thì trẻ em sẽ học thói hư)

Example: I just think it's crazy that Susan and Jonathan let their children dictate the terms of the house like that. They have got to lay down the law—spare the rod and spoil the child.​

Speak of the Devil (and He Shall Appear)

Meaning: An acknowledgment of a person who has arrived just as or after they were being discussed (giống câu nhắc tào tháo, tào tháo đến)

Example: John: "Hey everyone, sorry I'm late!" Dave: "Well, speak of the devil, and he shall appear! We were just talking about something funny you said the other day."

Spick and Span

Meaning: Totally clean and/or organized (sạch sẽ, ngăn nắp)

Example: I plan to spend the day cleaning so that this place is spick and span when my mother-in-law arrives.

Spill the Beans

Meaning: To reveal something that was meant to be a secret (tiết lộ bí mật)

Example: We had everything organized for Bruce's surprise party, but Kate accidentally spilled the beans to him at work.

Stab Someone in the Back

Meaning: To betray someone's confidence or trust (phản bội)

Example: These companies all want to pretend like they're your friend, but they'll stab you in the back the moment it makes financial sense for them.

Stand On One’s Own Two Feet

Meaning: To be strong and independent; to not need the help, guidance, or resources of another person (tự lập, không cần sự giúp đỡ của ai)

Example: He never left home after high school, so he never learned to stand on his own two feet.​

Stick (one) Nose in(to) (something)

Meaning: To involve or insert oneself in an intrusive or nosy manner into something that is not one's business or responsibility. (chõ mũi vào chuyện của người khác)

Example: I wish our neighbors would quit sticking their noses in and just leave us alone!

Swim with (the) Sharks

Meaning: To take a major risk (liều lĩnh)

Example: If you want to reach the island with the treasure, you’ve got to swim with the sharks for a while.

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