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Hôm nay, IELTS TUTOR sẽ chia sẻ thêm về các collocation bắt đầu bằng chữ U nên học trong tiếng anh cho các bạn nha.

ulterior motive

the hidden reason or purpose behind an action - lí do đằng sau

Ví dụ:

  • Is he really behind Jill and her dream to fulfill her dead husband's destiny, or is there an ulterior motive behind his caring compassion?
  • All this doesn't necessarily mean there's no ulterior motive behind the Corning action.
  • He said that they made him feel welcome and he had an ulterior motive in inveigling himself into their company.
  • Town mayor Councillor Martin Leathley said there was no ulterior motive behind the change of job title.
  • Was there some ulterior motive behind his innocent smile that was tinted from within?

ultimate goal

final objective or goal - mục tiêu cuối cùng

Ví dụ:

  • Promoting sensual pleasure, selfish interest, consumerism and individualism should not be the ultimate goal.
  • So my ultimate goal of acquiring enough knowledge to conquer the stock market isn't a product of megalomania?
  • The ultimate goal is to articulate, provisionally, a new theoretical and historical contextualization of early modern prosody.
  • The ultimate goal is to have all the sections on private land protected by easements sold to the CTA by landowners.
  • The principal and ultimate goal of command and control is to ensure the fulfillment of set tasks under any circumstances.

uncertain future

a future that's likely to be worse than the present - tương lai không chắc chắn

Ví dụ:

  • As the close season draws to an end many hundreds of professional footballers face an uncertain future.
  • They were released on bail following a public outcry but still faced an uncertain future.
  • Tahixha thought she heard bells ringing distantly, magical, ethereal chimes whispering of an uncertain future.
  • The fading grandeur of its shops and its Victorian public buildings stands testimony to a golden past but a very uncertain future.
  • The football club may still have an uncertain future, but fans were on cloud nine after a 3-1 win

unconditional love

love that isn't based on conditions or requirements - tình yêu không điều kiện

Ví dụ:

  • This kind of effort requires such an outpouring of unconditional love that it is exhausting and totally draining.
  • We profess that people of any age are included in God's unconditional love and redemptive grace.
  • She was on her way to total freedom, unconditional love, and God was going to be with her every bit of the way.
  • Her intentions have since then become clear and her unconditional love of the children is obvious.
  • Because despite what they can think of us at times, we have an unconditional love that will never be broken.

undergo surgery

to have a surgical procedure or operation - thực hiện phẫu thuật

Ví dụ:

  • We did this several years ago in a clinical study, in patients who had aneurysms who were scheduled to undergo surgery.
  • Warming people up before they undergo surgery seems to reduce their risk of wound infection.
  • He's begun hormone treatment, has adopted a female name, and hopes to undergo surgery within the next two years.
  • He claims that with his new drug developed from traditional medicinal herbs, one need not undergo surgery.
  • When he was 45, he had to undergo surgery for five bypasses.

undergo treatment

to have treatment for a medical condition - thực hiện các phương pháp điều trị

Ví dụ:

  • These steps include not donating blood, tissue or organs, and ensuring they tell their doctors and dentists if they undergo treatment in future.
  • The youngster had to undergo treatment which included radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
  • Last year I underwent treatment for skin cancer.
  • What treatments have you undergone for your acne?

unemployment benefit

a regular payment from the government to help someone who can't find a job - lợi ích thất nghiệp

Ví dụ:

  • Four months later 10 million came out on a one-day general strike against plans to cut unemployment benefit rights and 2 million demonstrated.
  • Some claimants for unemployment benefit will only receive a reduced rate of payment due to changes announced in the Budget.
  • Born in Belfast, he left school at 15, subsisting on unemployment benefit after service in the British army.
  • Putting up the minimum wage and increasing unemployment benefit are not the way ahead.
  • The number of people claiming unemployment benefit in July dropped to 1,981 compared to 2,021 in June.

unfair advantage

an advantage that isn't fair or hasn't been earned - lợi ích không công bằng

Ví dụ:

  • Bishop said that this bars any team with just one standout pitcher from garnering an unfair advantage over other clubs in the league.
  • All watches are synchronised to ensure all games start at the same time to ensure nobody has an unfair advantage.
  • Women have this naturally in their blood so how do you prove that the levels are unnatural and giving the athlete an unfair advantage.
  • According to one story, they took unfair advantage by attacking when a parley was in progress.
  • If buying your child an unfair advantage in life isn't social engineering, I don't know what is.

unusually wealthy

much wealthier than other people in the same position or with the same job - giàu hơn người cùng vị trí, sự giàu có bất bình thường

Ví dụ:

  • Politicians who become unusually wealthy are almost always corrupt.
  • I didn't say he'd stolen government money. I just said he's unusually wealthy.
  • And you achieved unusual wealth chiefly by the powers and strategies of your character.

upper limit

the highest level or amount allowed - giới hạn/ số lượng vượt quá mức cho phép

Ví dụ:

  • This implies that the acyl chains are more isotropically distributed and that the estimate of S is an upper limit.
  • This high degree of twist, although common in ophiacodontids, represents the upper limit recorded for pelycosaurs.
  • There will be some upper limit on the complexity of the knots constructible with this many atoms.
  • The patient who was negative for the test and positive for the gold standard had a troponin T concentration just above the upper limit of normal.
  • Again, branched catenoids can exist only if an upper limit for the distance of neighbouring nets is not exceeded.

urban development

the building or development of towns and cities - sự phát triển thành thị

Ví dụ:

  • A structural urban development plan for the capital divides the city into five areas that will function as pillars for the development work.
  • I have never understood why the idea of a bunch of union thugs standing in the way of urban development is called a green ban.
  • The squatters settled in the flat part of the ravine, on top of the cemetery, but did not build a good city in terms of urban development.
  • Do we need to create, for instance a buffer zone between the National Park area and the urban development?
  • The growth in population is part of the city council's urban development strategy.

urban renewal

the renewal of poor parts of a city by improving services and attracting investment - nâng cấp thành thị thông qua cung cấp dịch vụ hoặc thu hút đầu tư

Ví dụ:

  • Some of the cities have embarked on programmes of urban renewal, with varying degrees of success.
  • The Councillor called on the Government to make urban renewal more attractive for developers.
  • It was devoted explicitly to urban renewal in this notorious slum region of the city.
  • A citizen's movement has sprung up in Leipzig to protest against the city's strategy for urban renewal.
  • But the minister rejected these claims and said this latest funding is part of a six-year programme of urban renewal investment.

urban sprawl

the poorly-regulated spread of urban development into the countryside near a city - sự mở rộng thành thị

Ví dụ:

  • Due to the geographical limitations of the sea on one side and mountains on the other, the urban sprawl is confined to one area.
  • It may be appropriate at this point to emphasise that uncaptured betterment tends to contribute to urban sprawl in three ways.
  • Nearly all the reclaimed land made available by the construction of the Aswan Dam has been eaten up by insatiable urban sprawl.
  • Trading urban sprawl for expansive green fields and terraces for neighbourless living surely suggests a burning desire for a change of pace.
  • Loss of rural farm and forestlands in the face of urban sprawl is a growing concern in the United States.

used car

a car that's already been owned by someone - xe đã qua sử dụng

Ví dụ:

  • The factory, which relines used car tyres, is situated in Boralasgamuwa, a suburb of Colombo.
  • Now he is focusing his attention on creating used car superstores with the same clientele.
  • The law says your used car must be of satisfactory quality, as described and reasonably fit for its purpose.
  • Through the twilit streets of Arlington, past used car lots and restaurants, she tracked the tail lights of his car.
  • So ask your mechanic to inspect the car as if you were going to be buying it now, as a used car.

utterly ridiculous

completely ridiculous or unreasonable - hoàn toàn lố bịch/ không hợp lí

Ví dụ:

  • Despite the fact that no one was watching I have never felt so utterly ridiculous in my whole life.
  • It was silly and vain, self-referentially clever and quite utterly ridiculous.
  • Cheerleading, which I thought utterly ridiculous, was in her interpretation very sexy.
  • For people to go out and say my agent made a mistake is utterly ridiculous and insane.
  • This practice is so utterly ridiculous to any body but lawyers, that men not versant with courts of justice will not believe it.

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