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Bên cạnh Collocation bắt đầu bằng ACollocation bắt đầu bằng B, hôm nay, IELTS TUTOR sẽ tiếp tục với các Collocation bắt đầu bằng chữ C nhé!

call a meeting

to order or invite people to hold a meeting - mời ai đó họp

Ví dụ:

  • Our CEO has called a meeting of all senior marketing staff.
  • We were at an emergency meeting called by the mayor when the cyclone hit.
  • Maybe he should call a meeting with is chosen henchmen and discuss the plan, because they are not working on the same wavelength here.
  • He also urged the Government to direct the BDA to call a meeting of farmers to decide on the compensation.

call a name

to say somebody's name loudly - kêu lớn tên

Ví dụ:​

  • When I call your name, put up your hand.
  • If your name wasn't called, it means you can go now.

call an election

to decide that an election will be held -

Ví dụ:​

• The prime minister has to call an election before the end of the year.

• The government was under a lot of pressure, but it refused to call new elections.

• Martin will likely call an election sometime after assuming leadership of the country.

call attention to

to make someone notice or consider someone or something - khiến ai đó chú ý

Ví dụ:​

  • Should we call attention to the problem, or just forget about it?
  • The protesters are calling attention to the issue of homelessness.
  • Analogous to the phenomenon of simultaneous contrast, the colors of paint call attention to the colors of commonplace things.       
  • Sleeveless, short or cap sleeves or tight sleeves call attention to, and display, the arms.          
  • The campesinos set up camp in front of the Governor's palace and at times blocked streets to call attention to their demands.

call in sick

to telephone your place of work and say you're not coming because you're sick - cáo bệnh

Ví dụ:​

  • I don't feel well, so I'd better call in sick.
  • We've had three people calling in sick, so it must be a virus.
  • Some of the staff said they would call in sick if they came back to work unchecked.           
  • I had to call in sick for about four days, which really cheesed me off.
  • Suffering from flu symptoms one day, she decided to call in sick.

call the police

to telephone the police, esp. in an emergency - gọi cảnh sát

Ví dụ:​

  • When I realised we'd been robbed, I called the police.
  • Why didn't the neighbours call the police when they heard her screams?
  • I mean, if someone solicits you to do something like that, wouldn't you call the police?        
  • I'm somewhat skeptical because if someone ever solicited me to kill someone, I'd call the police.      
  • Drivers must now call the police immediately if their vehicles break down on elevated roads, tunnels and bridges across the Huangpu River.

can't afford

unable to buy or do something because it's too expensive or problematic - không thể chi trả

Ví dụ:​

  • We went to Italy last year, but we can't afford a holiday this year.
  • You can't afford to have any more days off or you'll lose your job.
  • We especially like to promote the small Indie developers who can't afford big hype publicity.           
  • Uptown girl, you know I can't afford to buy her pearls, but maybe someday when my ship comes in, she'll understand what kind of guy I am.    
  • Patent trolls prey on companies that can't afford the costs of an extended lawsuit and so cough up the cash to settle instead.

can't help

unable to stop yourself doing something you shouldn't do - không ngừng làm gì

Ví dụ:​

  • We know it's serious, but we can't help smiling.
  • I tried not to cough, but I just couldn't help it.
  • He is one of those guys who's a total freak and an absolute hot mess, but you also kinda can't help liking him anyway.             
  • Listening to this radio show, though, you can't help but fall in love with music to listen to at the midnight hour.      
  • Standing in this forest, in the shadows of the mountains, at the edge of the oceanic abyss, I can't help thinking about Judas Iscariot.

can't stand

dislike someone or something very much - không thể chịu đựng

Ví dụ:​

  • I can't stand my sister's husband. He's an idiot.
  • Jenny can't stand the sight of blood, so she wouldn't make a very good nurse.
  • Cool-season annuals such as clarkia, Iceland poppy, lobelia, pansy, and stock can't stand intense summer heat.
  • can't stand listening to those politico smart-asses with their machine-gun delivery of sleep-inducing minutiae of political maneuvering.
  • You've always said how much you cherished my independence, but lately you've been bossing me around so much I just can't stand it.

casual clothes

comfortable clothes you wear in your free time - quần áo thông thường

Ví dụ:​

  • It's not a formal occasion, so casual clothes are fine.
  • They sell suits and business clothes, but they also sell a few casual clothes.
  • Cool and feminine in silk and lace, or clad in casual clothes, streaming with sweat today's woman can be beautiful either way.
  • It felt strangely comforting to towel off and put my worn, old, casual clothes on.
  • The women, still extremely decorative in their casual clothes, are here to watch, not to play.

casual relationship

a relationship that isn't serious or long-term - mối quan hệ không nghiêm túc hay lâu dài

Ví dụ:​

  • It's just a casual relationship, but we enjoy each other's company.
  • We thought we were in a casual relationship, but it soon became quite serious.
  • I don't think there is a difference between the way you start a casual relationship and the way you start what might be a serious relationship.
  • Relationship type mattered with students saying that it is important to use condoms in a casual relationship, but less so in a steady relationship.
  • We cannot expect to have a casual relationship with heritage.

catch a cold

to become sick after being infected with a cold virus - nhiễm bệnh

Ví dụ:​

  • If you get caught in the rain, you might catch a cold.
  • Lee had a nasty cold last week, and three of us caught it from him.
  • When it comes to the Internet, when the US sneezes, the rest of us catch a cold.
  • The rain is coming down in sheets, and while I'm hungry, I have no particular desire to get soaking wet and catch a cold.

catch a glimpse

to see something or someone for a moment only - nhìn thoáng qua 

Ví dụ:​

  • Justin's fans caught a glimpse of him as he left the airport.
  • I could only catch a glimpse as it sped by, but I'm pretty sure it was Melanie on the bus.
  • He is famously uxorious but seldom lets the cameras catch a glimpse of Moira, his wife.
  • Scores of office workers hung out of windows to catch a glimpse of the Prime Minister as he arrived.

catch sight of

to suddenly see something or someone - vô tình thấy gì

Ví dụ:​

  • After catching sight of her in the crowd, I went over and talked to her.
  • If I ever catch sight of you with those boys again, you'll be in big trouble.
  • There's a creepy moment when you catch sight of your own bottom reflected in the changing room mirror.
  • She and her colleagues spent the next 4 hours tramping around the mountain slopes trying to catch sight of a trogon actually calling.

cause trouble

to create problems or difficulties for somebody or something - tạo vấn đề cho người khác

Ví dụ:​

  • The floods are causing trouble all over the country, especially for farmers.
  • Do you realize the sort of trouble this information could cause if it ever got out?
to start fights or incite violence - gây sự

Ví dụ:​

  • You boys aren't going to cause any trouble, are you?
  • If you ever cause trouble in this club again, you'll be barred for life!

centre of attention

the main focus of interest or attention - việc được chú ý

Ví dụ:​

  • I'm shy, so I don't like being the centre of attention.
  • As soon as Princess Diana entered a room, she'd become the centre of everyone's attention.
  • In congested Broadway, the histrionics of a team from Koothu-p-pattarai is the centre of attention.
  • Like a bold boy at a children's party, he still insists on being the centre of attention even though it's not his birthday.

certain amount

some, or not very much but more than very little - một lượng nhất định

Ví dụ:​

  • Some doctors believe a certain amount of red wine is good for you.
  • There's a certain amount of truth in what he says, but it's not the whole story.
  • But that same fellow feeling also supplies me with a certain amount of cynicism.
  • This essay is apparently a revised version of one which appeared earlier, and which aroused a certain amount of comment and ire.
  • certain amount of inflation is needed anyway to provide market signals to increase production and investment.

change your mind

to change your opinion or decision - thay đổi suy nghĩ

Ví dụ:​

  • I was going to go, but I changed my mind and stayed home.
  • He's made up his mind, and nothing you can say will make him change it.
  • The cooling-off period allows you to change your mind and cancel the contract without any reason.
  • If you ever even thought of a life as a professional gambler, this book might change your mind.

claim responsibility

to say that you're responsible for something - nhận trách nhiệm

Ví dụ:​

  • No-one's claimed responsibility for the embassy bombing yet.
  • Dr Lechter claimed sole responsibility for a series of shocking murders.
  • Do you claim responsibility for changing the boundaries of taste in film culture?
  • Hacking group the Script Kiddies appeared to claim responsibility for the attack.

clean energy

energy or power supply that doesn't pollute or damage environments in its production or use - nhiên liệu sạch

Ví dụ:​

  • Solar, wind and battery technologies create clean energy, but coal and oil don't.
  • Energy from nuclear power plants isn't clean because deadly radioactive waste is created.
  • They hope to do so by developing alternative energy sources, promoting energy conservation and supporting clean energy production.
  • I must agree with Mr Derbyshire that clean energy from renewable sources is the way forward.

clear message

a message that's easy to understand - thông điệp dễ hiểu

Ví dụ:​

  • The latest poll numbers send a very clear message to the government.
  • The message I left him was perfectly clear, so he must have understood it.
  • Tanis looked at Merlin without a word, but the expression on his face spoke a clear message.

clear understanding

an understanding that's free of confusion or doubt- dễ hiểu, không nghi vấn

Ví dụ:​

  • Scientists now have a clear understanding of what causes climate change.
  • After reading his book, I had a much clearer understanding of the subject.
  • But we had a clear understanding between ourselves that there was a distinction between the political contest and the personal friendship.
  • Early adopters and fast followers have established a clear understanding of these activities and how to execute on them.

close the gap

to reduce the difference between people or things - giảm/ rút ngắn khoảng cách

Ví dụ:​

  • Cathy's still running second, but she's closing the gap.
  • The gap between rich and poor hasn't been closed. It's getting wider all the time.
  • I lost a lot of time at the start of the race and I tried to close the gap as much as possible.
  • Now, thanks to a combination of a skunkworks project within Google, and an enterprising Java developer, Google has done much to close the gap.
  • Big Prairie and Gun Salute came running late to close the gap, but ran out of race track as Rush Bay held on to win by a neck.

come close (to)

almost do something, achieve something, complete something, etc. - gần đạt được điều gì

Ví dụ:​

  • We didn't win the game, but we came close.
  • We came really close to reaching a decision today.
  • They are streaking by at speeds that come close to breaking the sound barrier.
  • The gull waited until she had come close enough, and then nipped at her fingers.

come to a conclusion

to conclude, decide or believe something after thinking about it - kết luận

Ví dụ:​

  • I'm sorry, but we've come to the conclusion that you're not the right person for the job.
  • The conclusion the jury came to was based solely on the evidence they'd heard.
  • We are approached with dozens of cases every year but many don't ever come to a conclusion as the health boards drag the process out so long.
  • I mean, our show is essentially a crime show, where forensics enter into it and actually come to a conclusion about solving the case.
  • But I have come to a conclusion about our fear and what we must do about it, and in part, this revelation entered my life just the other day.

come to a realization

to become aware of something - cảnh giác điều gì

Ví dụ:​

  • How did you come to the realization that you were a talented musician?
  • After coming to the sudden realization that he loved her, he asked her to marry him.
  • I've come to the realization lately that I've been holing up in my apartment way too much for far too long.
  • I've come to the realization that I more or less float shiftlessly from one idea or desire to the next.
  • He wasn't really surprised, since he had quickly come to the realization that most of his class was composed of ditzy, empty-headed folk.

come to an end

to finish, of an event, a performance, a meeting, etc. - kết thúc sự kiện

Ví dụ:​

  • After three hours, the meeting finally came to an end.
  • The lights will come on as soon as the concert comes to an end.
  • There is strong evidence that the downswing that drove stock markets to multi-year lows earlier this year have come to an end.
  • The removals man today warned that his York family business could now come to an end after more than 50 years.
  • Relationships come to an end through bereavement or because one or both partners want to leave.

come to expect

learn to expect that something is likely to happen - mong chờ điều gì sẽ diễn ra

Ví dụ:​

  • We've come to expect this sort of thing.
  • Since the traffic got worse, we've come to expect long delays like this.
  • He was much more genuine and soft spoken than any of us expected, nothing like the verbose figurehead I'd come to expect.
  • Although there are subtle changes on Parade, it's not radically dissimilar to what fans have come to expect
  • We've simply stuck to our knitting, giving viewers the kind of top-quality, original programming they've come to expect from us.

come true

to become real, or what you'd hoped for - điều gì thành hiện thực

Ví dụ:​

  • I hope all your wishes come true.
  • I suppose it is a dream come true for her, now she is actually going out with him.
  • She never thought her dream of winning a gold medal would come true, but it did.
  • The ultimate dream is about to come true for a nine-year-old football fanatic.
  • Although Rachel is busy all hours of the day, she has managed to make at least one of her domestic dreams come true.

comfort food

food you eat to make yourself feel better, esp. food you liked as a child - thức ăn khiến bạn thấy dễ chịu

Ví dụ:​

  • If I'm sad I get some vanilla ice cream, my favourite comfort food.
  • Comfort foods made her feel better, but they also made her put on weight
  • Main courses range from sandwiches and burgers to well-presented comfort food such as haddock and chips and haggis, neeps and tatties.
  • This is comfort food at its best, whether you crave warmth, sweetness and stodge or simply want to feed your nostalgia.

commit suicide

to deliberately kill oneself: tự sát

Ví dụ:​

  • If you're thinking about comitting suicide, you must tell somebody.
  • If Jason hadn't been bullied at school, he wouldn't have committed suicide.
  • Theseus exiled his son because he thought his son had caused his wife to commit suicide.
  • Cassandra clearly identified with the woman, although she evidently has no plans to commit suicide herself.

common knowledge

something that nearly everyone knows: kiến thức mọi người đều biết

Ví dụ:​

  • The fact that too much sugar is bad for you will soon be common knowledge.
  • It's common knowledge round here that Bill cheats on his wife, but she's got no idea.
  • It is common knowledge that when a hole is excavated, and then refilled with soil, settling can occur at the site. 
  • He concluded first that common knowledge did not suggest that baking was unhealthful.

common language

a language that both you and the person you're talking to can speak - ngôn ngữ chung

Ví dụ:​

  • Sayoko is Japanese and Bao is Chinese, and their common language is English.
  • English is often the only common language that people from different countries have.
  • The use of a common language is extremely helpful in the cities, where Gabonese from all of the different ethnic groups come together to live. 
  • Women do not in general share sport as a common language or as a means of bonding in the same way.
  • A common language represents an important mechanism for overcoming physical impediments to communication

completely different

totally different - hoàn toàn khác nhau

Ví dụ:​

  • I didn't recognise her after all these years. She looks completely different.
  • The second time we did the experiment, we got completely different results.
  • The Spanish conquest brought with it a completely different architectural sensibility.
  • Now for something completely different for those of you who are getting weary of the political natter. 
  • I live in an area of microclimates, where the weather can be completely different around the corner.

conduct research

to organize and carry out research into something - bắt đầu nghiên cứu

Ví dụ:​

  • We're conducting research into the links between stress and cancer.
  • The research was conducted over a period of five years.
  • Computerised databases and the internet have made it easier to conduct research.
  • It enables students to use e-mail to conduct research, share information and work in collaboration with others.

consider a possibility

to think about a possible choice, solution, outcome, etc. - nghĩ về khả năng/ kết quả

Ví dụ:​

  • Have you considered the possibility of returning to full-time study?
  • Before deciding how to invest your money, you should consider a wide range of possibilities
  • All this having been said, consider the possibility of mildly challenging the parent who admits to turning the decision over to the child.
  • It's now respectable amongst astrobiologists to consider the possibility of life in the clouds of Venus.

contact details

details you need to contact someone, like a telephone number, email address, etc. - thông tin liên lạc

Ví dụ:​

  • Can you give me your contact details, please?
  • You can find all our contact details on our website.
  • The following is an outline of the main courses which commence September and the contact details from the colleges which provide them.
  • The guide covers benefits in detail and provides contact details for relevant agencies.
  • The first was basic core information such as contact details and information on the legal areas practiced by the solicitor.

cost a fortune

cost a lot of money - tốn nhiều tiền

Ví dụ:​

  • Everything on the menu costs a fortune. Let's go somewhere else.
  • A week in a four-star hotel costs a small fortune these days.
  • The charity stresses joining the club need not cost a fortune as UK taxpayers can gift-aid donations to reclaim the tax they have paid.
  • Officials also knew that upgrading the building to meet seismic standards would cost a fortune.

cross sb's mind

to briefly think of something - nghĩ về điều gì

Ví dụ:​

  • It was a difficult job, but quitting never even crossed my mind.
  • When did the idea of getting married first cross your mind?
  • I refrained from falling to my knees and kissing their rings, but it did cross my mind
  • I never seriously envisaged going back there, even if it did cross my mind for sentimental reasons.

crystal clear

completely clear or transparent - hoàn toàn rõ ràng

Ví dụ:​

  • The water around the island was crystal clear.
  • After I'd cleaned the windows, they looked crystal clear.
easy to understand or very obvious - dễ hiểu

Ví dụ:​

  • She's a great teacher. Her explanations are always crystal clear.
  • In gangster films, the bad guys often say, "I hope I've made myself crystal clear."

cut costs

to reduce costs - cắt giảm chi phí

Ví dụ:​

  • Companies try to cut costs to increase their profits.
  • They could've cut costs by reducing their bonuses, but they reduced our wages instead.
  • A switch from steel to polyphthalamide for an outboard motor component has reduced the parts count, lowered weight and cut cost.

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