Cách dùng "take turns" tiếng anh

· Phrase

Mang nghĩa"thay phiên nhau, lần lượt"

=if people take turns or take it in turns to do something, each of them does their share of it, one after the other


  • take turns doing something
  • take turns in doing something  
  • take turns to do something 

IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

  • We took turns steering the boat.
  • We took turns driving
  • You’ll have to take turns on the swing.
  • The students were taking turns reading aloud.
  • We took turns in pushing the bike along.
  • Dan and I usually take turns to cook.
  • We take turns helping mother do the housework. (IELTS TUTOR giải thích: Chúng tôi thay phiên nhau giúp mẹ làm công việc nhà)
  • You can't both use the bike at once. You'll have to take turns. (IELTS TUTOR giải thích: Các cậu không thể cả hai cùng một lúc sử dụng xe đạp được. Các cậu phải dùng lần lượt chứ)
  • The mothers in our group take turns driving the children to school.
  • Dozens of men and boys take turns trading shots with him. 
  • Mandy and Debbie took it in turns to look after the baby. 
  • We arranged that we should take turns to cook for whomsoever was on the same watch. 
  • Danskin and Smitty took turns behind the wheel and they became more tense as the day passed. 
  • They take turns coming back on weekends to run it. 
  • You'll have to take turns on the swing.
  • Small children find it almost impossible to take turns.
  • I asked them to take turns talking about the pictures. 
  • We take turns doing the dishes. 
  • So, instead, they used a large puppet and two actors who take turns dressing as the chimpanzee. 
  • And in every block the women took turns to watch the street.

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