Tổng hợp word formation bắt đầu bằng V trong tiếng Anh

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Nắm Vững WORD BUILDING - WORD FORMATION - WORD FAMILY - CẤU TẠO TỪ là cách "Nhanh Nhất" Giúp Em Mở Rộng Vốn Từ!. Dưới đây là danh sách tổng hợp word formation bắt đầu bằng V trong tiếng Anh mà các em nên biết trong tiếng anh.

VACATE (V) - bỏ trống, hủy

The German luxury car giant has given the Austrian gunmaker until the first of the year to vacate the premises.

VACANT (ADJ) - trống, khuyết, rãnh rỗi

Deacon flipped on his bright headlights as he pulled onto a dark and vacant road.

VACANCY (N) - khoảng trống, sự nhàn rỗi

He was sitting towards the back of the vehicle, staring with a fixed expression into vacancy.

VALID (ADJ) - có hiệu lực, hợp lệ, có căn cứ

Although I've travelled a lot without a valid ticket, I've never bought or sold to a ticket tout.

VALIDITY (N) - giá trị (pháp lý), hiệu lực

So any publication thereafter would not destroy any validity that this patent might have?

INVALIDITY (N) - sự không có hiệu lực, sự tàn phế

The problem with Lichtman's system, however, is that it's traded statistical invalidity for subjective imprecision.

VALIDATE (V) - làm cho có giá trị, phê chuẩn

The purpose here is to validate previously established model predictions that relate slideway errors to manufacturing inaccuracies.

INVALID (N/ADJ/V) - người bệnh tật/ tàn phế, không có hiệu lực/ trở thành tàn phế, làm cho tàn phế

Improper induction and therefore invalid argument, cried a geeky voice in Jocelyn's head.

INVALIDATE (V) - làm mất hiệu lực

The court held that the statute did not invalidate the tenancy agreement but merely regulated its circumvention through the imposition of fines.

VALIDATION (N) - sự phê chuẩn, sự thừa nhận

Rejected in his own country, the one-time toast of Broadway has finally to rely for validation on the subsidised theatre in England.

VALIDLY (ADV) - hợp lệ

Unfortunately these arguments do not validly demonstrate the existence of a divine being.

VALUE (N/V) - giá trị, ý nghĩa/ đánh giá, coi trọng

The difference between the expected value and the certainty equivalent is the risk premium for the gamble.

VALUED (ADJ) - được quý trọng

These women had never felt valued as children and still felt unappreciated.

VALUABLE (ADJ/N) - có giá trị, có thể đánh giá được/ đồ quý giá

The Derbyshire-born yachtswoman also had to reverse her yacht after the rudder snagged an object, losing her valuable time.


The survey allegedly takes only four minutes to complete, and it provides people like my corporate paymasters with invaluable information.

VALUABLES (N) - đồ quý giá

Jean's mother's engagement ring was also stolen along with other family rings and valuables.

DEVALUE (V) - làm mất giá

People who see the world in terms of evil and sin will tend to devalue the material world.

OVERVALUE (V) - đánh giá quá cao

The method is simplistic and tends to overvalue the brands, but it is used by brand buyers for that very reason.

REVALUE (V) - đánh giá lại

The auditor-general thereupon revoked his directive to revalue all properties at changeover.

VARY (V) - thay đổi, khác nhau

These vary from country to country but generally include headlamp converters, spare bulbs, a nationality sticker and a warning triangle.

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VARIED (ADJ) - khác nhau, lắm vẻ

Their circle of friends, their schoolmates, and their athletic teams are much more varied than those of even a generation ago.

INVARIABLE (ADJ/N) - cố định

An invariable theme at prayer meetings and in Gandhi's voluminous writings was the urgency to bring devotion in accord with conduct.

INVARIABLY (ADV) - lúc nào cũng vậy

His criticisms, though occasionally biting, were never vicious, and invariably constructive.

VARIABILITY (N) - tính hay thay đổi, tính biến thiên

The spectral variability of natural materials has been known for a long time from laboratory studies.

VARIABLE (N/ADJ) - biến số/ hay thay đổi

Fixed or variable interest rates are applied, with payments spread over 24 to 48 months.

VARIABLY (ADV) - vô cùng, thay đổi

Faint and fine suturai lineations, incompletely reflecting tabulation, variably developed over surface.

VARIANT (N/ADJ) - biến thế/ hay thay đổi, khác nhau

A variant of the Gursky crowd scene, Klitschko depicts the scene of a prizefight in Germany.

VARIATION (N) - sự biến đổi/ sự biến thiên

We assay variation in a natural population to assess whether microsatellite markers can be informative for future studies in this species.

VISION (N/V) - tầm nhìn, ảo tưởng/ tưởng tượng

She shares our vision and aspirations for this unique venture, and brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to the project.

VISUAL (ADJ) - (thuộc) thị giác

A number of small watercolours and several large canvases all describe similar visual subject matter.

VISUALIZE (V) - hình dung, mường tượng

They visualize a landscape where the streets are paved with gold, with a house in a pristine suburbs and a hefty bank balance.

VISUALIZATION (N) - sự hình dung, sự mường tượng

It is important to remove any mucous covering the mucosa to allow adequate visualization.

VISIONARY (ADJ/N) - tưởng tượng, hảo huyền/ những người có suy nghĩ hảo huyền

And that is why this ebullient, energetic and visionary leader suddenly became mute and reclusive.

ENVISION (V) - hình dung, mường tượng

I envision a course where professors hand out programs written by other students in previous semesters.

VITAL (ADJ) - quan trọng, sinh động

By continuous living tradition and a vital power of rejuvenescence, this land has readjusted itself through unnumbered transformations.

VITALLY (ADV) - vô cùng, đầy sức sống

It is vitally important that the people here are united in this thrust to depopulate the country area.

VITALITY (N) - sức sống, khả năng tồn tại

Why would I lend it any other meaning than the one that gives me joy, some vitality and in the face of unreasoned reality?

VOLUNTARY (ADJ) - tình nguyện, tự ý

More voluntary helpers are needed in Kilconduff cemetery on Saturday mornings at 10 am to help with the digging, cleaning, strimming and weeding.

VOLUNTEER (ADJ/N/V) - tình nguyện/ tình nguyện viên/ xung phong làm

He is too affable, too open, too ready to volunteer a view on issues that worry or interest him.

VOLUNTARILY (ADV) - tình nguyện, tự nguyện

Rather than reconfiguring the Court in one fell swoop, they must proceed member by member, as justices die or leave voluntarily.

INVOLUNTARILY (ADV) - không cố ý, vô tình

Think of North East, and the mind involuntarily conjures up images of lofty hills and sloping vales.

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