Tổng hợp word formation bắt đầu bằng J trong tiếng Anh

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Nắm Vững WORD BUILDING - WORD FORMATION - WORD FAMILY - CẤU TẠO TỪ là cách "Nhanh Nhất" Giúp Em Mở Rộng Vốn Từ!. Dưới đây là danh sách tổng hợp word formation bắt đầu bằng J trong tiếng Anh mà các em nên biết trong tiếng anh.

JOY (N/V) - niềm vui/ vui mừng

I've observed their joy and wonder, and I've seen their fear and sadness in the face of events they cannot control.

JOYFUL (ADJ) - vui mừng/ mang lại niềm vui

Such a host of sparrows twitter that it reminds one more of a stream joyful sound than of a compound of little utterances.

JOYFULLY (ADV) - hân hoan

His joyfully mysterious grin strangely comforted her because it made him appear gentler, less severe.

ENJOY (V) - thích thú/ được hưởng

Many travellers are denied the opportunity to enjoy a quiet drink, she added.

ENJOYABLE (ADJ) - thú vị

It's also enjoyable to see the piano player venture out from his piano stool, and take to the stage in an unstoppable floorshow.

ENJOYMENT (N) - sự thích thú

It certainly adds to the enjoyment, making the Vanquish an easier car to get to know.

JOYOUS (ADJ) - vui mừng

He picks the naive approach and joyous colours and forms creating a montage of the flora, fauna and people of South Asia.

JOYOUSLY (ADV) - vui vẻ

The film is joyously overpopulated with old biddies envious of Shen in both her old and young edition.

OVERJOYED (ADJ) - vui mừng khôn xiết

Both students and teachers were overjoyed when DMS clocks were declared the winners.

KILLJOY (N) - người làm mất vui/ kẻ phá đám

Angry mums and dads say the council is a killjoy for putting up signs forbidding ball games on a green between Overbrook and Bevisland.

JOY-RIDE (N/V) - cuộc đi chơi lén bằng xe người khác

Eventually we catch him with our bike as he goes for a joyride right back to where he stole it from.

JUDGE (V/N) - phán xét/ người phân xử

However a judge had to adjourn passing sentence because the defendant must be returned to prison to finish an earlier sentence.

JUDGEMENT (N) - sự xét xử/ sự phê bình

The foolhardiness of playing into that would be so great that we ought to question Roberts' judgement if he does.

JUDGMENTAL (ADJ) - phán xét

For all three classes of problems, forecasting will benefit by using a combination of statistical and judgemental forecasting procedures.

JUDICIOUS (ADJ) - sáng suốt/ có suy xét

They too believed in historic inevitability, but felt it judicious to help history along with a bit with military force.

MISJUDGE (V) - đánh giá sai

But still, Taiwan should never discount the possibility that China might misjudge the situation.

MISJUDGMENT (N) - có tư tưởng sai lầm

The tragedy is something you will have to live with through a momentary lapse of concentration and misjudgement.

JUST (ADV/ADJ) - chỉ/ công bằng

If you want to be more than just ordinary then at some point you’re going to have to learn to burn your boats.

UNJUST (ADJ) - không đúng/ bất công

This agreement of 1215 was the chief defence against unjust and arbitrary rule in England.

JUSTICE (N) - công lý

Whether he has done sufficient justice to the reasonableness of faith is an open question.

INJUSTICE (N) - sự bất công

To consign to oblivion the memory of these gallant suffering few would be culpable injustice.

JUSTIFY (V) - bào chữa

We would never want to do scattershot acquisitions and then have to think up strategies to justify them.

JUSTIFIABLE (ADJ) - hợp lý/ có thể bào chữa

In this case, the words of the judge who approved his removal have caused justifiable outrage.

UNJUSTIFIABLE (ADJ) - không thể bào chữa

I grant that this is real, but the risk they are proposing to take is excessive and unjustifiable.

JUSTIFICATION (N) - sự biện hộ

Is there a justification for retaining the word in literature from the past, when its use would have reflected common parlance?


The writers community believes the protests over the book are unjustified and ridiculous.

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