"Tất tần tật" Collocation bắt đầu với S nên học trong tiếng anh

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Dưới đây, IELTS TUTOR xin chia sẻ với các bạn danh sách các collocation bắt đầu bằng chữ S nên biết trong tiếng anh cho các bạn.

safe and sound

not harmed, hurt or damaged in any way - an toàn

Ví dụ:

  • With the Lower East Side ankle deep in snow and slush, our vehicle sits safe and sound, parked streetside a few blocks over on Norfolk Street.
  • If that happens to you in your life, you come and talk to me about it and reassure them that they're safe and sound in your care.
  • My original wingman waited for me at the bottom of the ladder, relieved to see me safe and sound.
  • Sympathetic classmates made the call for her and learned that her mother was safe and sound.
  • We arrived safe and sound on Thursday evening and went direct to Chester Fried Chicken for dinner.

safe distance

far enough away from danger to be safe - khoảng cách an toàn

Ví dụ:

  • Continue westwards over heathery, grassy terrain at a safe distance from the edge of Canna's highest cliffs.
  • Perhaps he plans to observe Armageddon from a safe distance, through the lenses of his binoculars.
  • Both are ways of not-seeing, of either keeping a safe distance from, or misrecognising what there is to see of, the woman's difference.
  • From a safe distance, a disposal expert presses a button, triggering an explosion which blasts the mine to pieces.
  • They moonstomped in the aisles between the red booths and out into the street where the out of towners watched from a safe distance.

safety hazard

something that isn't safe or creates danger - mối đe dọa

Ví dụ:

  • When snags pose no safety hazard to golfers or course maintenance staff, consider leaving them in place.
  • They filed a safety hazard report that was immediately forwarded to our higher headquarters and to the Air Force wing based here.
  • Boulder recently outlawed the practice of standing in a road median with a sign, saying this activity is a safety hazard.
  • One businessman was told there were too many people on board and they could not wheel trolleys with hot drinks as it was a safety hazard.
  • The silk oaks were also to be removed because of concerns they might be a safety hazard.

safety record

a record showing how effective safety measures have been - hồ sơ/ biên bản an toàn

Ví dụ:

  • Like brand-name drugs, generics must be approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and have an excellent safety record.
  • The modern trimaran with its enormous stability and unsinkability is a very safe craft, and has now established an excellent safety record.
  • With each passing year, the safety record of the Indian Railways has been taking a beating.
  • To put the record straight, the UK nuclear submarine flotilla has a nuclear safety record second to none.
  • The aircraft has an unrivalled safety record throughout the world of aviation.

sales figures

figures showing the number of products sold - doanh số bán hàng

Ví dụ:

  • And books are being published and reaching sales figures that would make any publisher proud.       
  • Nevertheless, he mentioned that promotion activities that usually push up the sales figures had been stopped because of the strike.             
  • My publisher, flush with excitement over the sales figures, had his own plans for the book.             
  • But most authors would be pleased by such sales figures, especially as the books needed no promotion or packaging.          
  • How would the new tabloids, still hugging themselves over improved sales figures, cope?

sales force

all the people employed to sell a company's products - đội ngũ bán hàng

Ví dụ:

  • The reason is that many a sales force in India are either semi-retired or retired mentally.
  • The company has restructured its marketing department and strengthened its sales force.
  • More than 1,000 sales force management awards and 8,000 support staff awards were doled out as a result.
  • Apart from rejuvenating our sales force, we intend to deploy tricycle pushcarts and vending machines in housing colonies and bus stands.
  • Somehow, it seemed that one of their salesmen was selling far more glass than any of the other members of the sales force.

satisfy a need

to give or provide what somebody needs - thỏa mãn yêu cầu

Ví dụ:

  • The game managed to satisfy my need to maniacally blow things up.
  • Crunchy cereals, pretzels, soy nuts, veggie chips, even beef or turkey jerky can help satisfy the need to work the jaw while filling the stomach.
  • Finally, the leader will strive to satisfy the need for self-realization.
  • The show also pretends that girlfriends can satisfy your need for a family, should you not find a suitable husband.
  • And just to satisfy your need for instant gratification, turn to page 40 to find six quick meals you can fix in no time.

satisfy a requirement

to have what a requirement states or specifies - thỏa mãn yêu cầu

Ví dụ:

  • Technologies are not usually exclusively products of science, because they have to satisfy requirements such as utility, usability, and safety.
  • My daughter satisfied all the requirements to be accepted into the medical faculty.
  • You won't have to join the army if you don't satisfy their physical and mental requirements.

satisfy demand

to sell products in the quantities demanded by the market - đáp ứng nhu cầu

Ví dụ:

  • Although there will be enough capacity to satisfy demand in 2006, the excess of capacity over consumption will begin to shrink.
  • One answer might be that bands these days are simply not producing enough music to satisfy demand.
  • If there is not enough housing to satisfy demand, how could prices go down?
  • Most are destined for China to satisfy demand for traditional medicines believed to enhance health and sexual potency.
  • Although there will be enough capacity to satisfy demand next year, the excess of capacity over consumption will begin to shrink.

save lives

to prevent deaths, or stop people from dying - cứu mạng

Ví dụ:

  • Traffic chiefs have hit back at criticism that they are using speed cameras to make money, rather than save lives.
  • The Greens leader says the world can save lives if it acts quickly and Australia must be part of that.
  • In order to save lives, we still have rescues and search and rescue operations ongoing.
  • By raising money and awareness about the work of the RFDS, you are helping to save lives.
  • These lifebuoys are there to save lives and I hope these people don't find themselves responsible for a death.

save money

to keep money for the future - tiết kiệm tiền cho tương lai

Ví dụ:

  • I wish I'd saved more money when I was young.
  • We're trying to save money for the future, but everything's so expensive now.

    to pay less money - trả ít tiền

    Ví dụ:

    • You'll save money on every purchase if you have a discount card.
    • If we shop around to find the lowest prices, we'll save some money.

    save time

    to use less time - tiết kiệm thời gian

    Ví dụ:

    • To save time, this lure sends a mating signal out into the water to attract all the fish in the area.
    • To ease my back and save time, I screwed a piece of plywood to the top of a sawhorse and made a crude table to catch the piece of split wood.
    • To save time, pre-print the scoresheets with the players' names and numbers listed.
    • The material is clearly set out in short, terse points and this enables you to save time researching vast amounts of material.
    • Hand-me-downs such as cribs, bassinets, strollers, high chairs, and clothes can help save time and money.

    score a goal

    to get a goal in sport - ghi bàn

    Ví dụ:

    • It was a single blow to the face that handed Peterhead the only way that anyone was going to score a goal in this game.
    • We didn't want to attack too much because it would be crazy to lose the ball and let them score a goal.
    • These days, they score a goal and hope to stop their opponents from scoring an equaliser.
    • Lyon have eight minutes, plus stoppage time to score a goal and avoid being eliminated from the competition.
    • Kidderminster striker James Constable was the first player to score a goal in a final at the new Wembley.

    security forces

    military and police forces - lực lượng an ninh

    Ví dụ:

    • The security forces were aggressive, pushing forward until an elderly demonstrator suffered a heart attack.
    • This time, police and security forces did not follow orders to move against the crowd.
    • The Air Force is an expeditionary service, so its security forces should be equally expeditionary.
    • It broke down not because it met with stiff physical resistance from security forces but more because it was an ideological flop.
    • However, there was no information on whether security forces had encountered resistance as they retook the town.

    see what sb means

    to understand somebody's viewpoint or observation - hiểu người khác nghĩ gì

    Ví dụ:

    • When we travel further along the road to Foca, and take a detour into the Treskavica mountains, it is easier to see what she means.
    • You'll see what she means if you picture solid walls instead of the gray-leafed pineapple guava around the front yard and the backyard without papyrus and bamboo.
    • He's wonderfully memorable and skilful of course and I have a high regard for him but no real fondness, if you see what I mean.
    • Stir a blob of mild French mustard into the dressing for a spinach salad and you will see what I mean.
    • I want to be allowed to listen to extremely noisy music in complete silence, if you see what I mean.

    sense of direction

    a natural ability to know which direction you're going in - khả năng định hướng

    Ví dụ:

    • You have to forge along, carefully treading a new way, trusting that your sense of direction has you going toward the right destination.
    • The Lords of Karma with their faithful diligence and sense of direction neither leave any good action uncompensated nor any bad action unatoned.
    • I could always hop on the bus, but my unerring sense of direction would probably land me up at the opposite end of the island from my house.
    • I wanted to be where I used to be and have that powerful, strong sense of direction.
    • In the city he is a fish out of water with absolutely no sense of direction.

    sense of humour

    an ability to see and express humour, or the funny side of things - vui tính

    Ví dụ:

    • He has a sense of humour, is highly intelligent and blessedly was quite free of that terrible aura of ego that surrounds all ranking politicians.
    • He has a wicked and withering sense of humour, and continues to perform stand-up comedy around the country.
    • Sensing that the umpire didn't share his wicked sense of humour, Gibbs obliged but put his jumper on inside out, hiding his number.
    • Kenny endures disrespect with unshakeable good grace, a self-deprecating sense of humour, and an ockerism for every occasion.
    • He also had a sense of humour that veered into the absurd, which explains why he enjoyed interacting with the oddballs.

    serious accident

    an accident in which someone is badly injured or killed - tai nạn nghiêm trọng

    Ví dụ:

    • A NEW road surface in Grassington is proving too smooth a ride for local equestrians who fear a serious accident could be imminent.
    • Skipping an MoT test could mean that faults which could lead to a serious accident go undetected.
    • The road in Tunduffe has now gained such a high level of points that Gardai declare it treacherous and a serious accident risk.
    • A second serious accident took place on Sunday evening at the White Mills involving three vehicles, one of which was towing a car transporter.
    • Given the speed at which these vehicles approach the blind corners in the village it is only a matter of time before a serious accident occurs.

    serious illness

    a very harmful or dangerous illness - bệnh nặng

    Ví dụ:

    • However it can also be a serious illness, especially for people who are frail or already ill.
    • The raven indicates serious illness, obstacles to health and a decline in the life force.
    • Mr Rawlinson said Lee had been struck down with serious illness and his shop had previously flooded.
    • Adults, on the other hand, tend to overdramatize or put too much into everyday behavior as a result of having a serious illness.
    • Most Hongkongers will be forced to dip into their savings or call on financial support of their families during serious illness or accidents.

    serious injury

    a very bad injury - chấn thương nặng

    Ví dụ:

    • The other officer only escaped serious injury because she was wearing a protective body vest.
    • The driver escaped serious injury although the car was badly damaged in the impact.
    • The occupants escaped without serious injury after being woken by the alarm.
    • He did a goodish job, too, until a serious injury put him out of rugby for a year.
    • Police said the driver of the Range Rover was fortunate to escape without serious injury.

    serious mistake

    a very bad mistake - lỗi lầm nghiêm trọng

    Ví dụ:

    • I hope baseball sees fit to extend some leniency to a flawed human being who made a serious mistake.
    • But I think it is a serious mistake because it merely encourages the worse kind of one-sided, unfair attacks.
    • This was a serious mistake by the umpires at the town end and they completely misread the situation.
    • Those who say that the Republicans are taking the president's words out of context to misrepresent him make a serious mistake.

    serious relationship

    a romantic relationship that you take seriously - mối quan hệ nghiêm túc

    Ví dụ:

    • Some people are looking for a serious relationship, while some just want to chat, date or have casual relations.
    • We were both in pretty bad situations to have started a serious relationship.
    • They began and ended therapy with profiles that represented a couple in serious relationship distress.
    • Before I knew it, Marius and I crossed the line between roommates, and, well, bedmates and we had a serious relationship.
    • I don't think there is a difference between the way you start a casual relationship and the way you start what might be a serious relationship.

    seriously damage

    badly damage (of material objects) - hư hỏng nặng nề

    Ví dụ:

    • The cyclone is expected to seriously damage many buildings.
    • The flood seriously damaged most of my books and furniture.

    badly affect (of non-material or abstract things) - bị tác hại nặng

    Ví dụ:

    • Climate change is seriously damaging our children's future.
    • The company's public image will be seriously damaged by these reports.

    seriously ill

    very sick - bệnh nặng

    Ví dụ:

    • While catching a disease from your pet is rare, certain groups of people are more likely than others are to become seriously ill from a pet.
    • A spokeswoman acknowledged that allowing embryos to be tested to save a seriously ill brother or sister was a complex issue.
    • Graham finished up in Somerset this morning and set off on the next leg of his long journey, to visit his father who has been seriously ill.
    • Medical experts say a living will is important because it erases guesswork for families if a loved one becomes seriously ill.
    • If I did not know better, I would have to say that running is bad for you, with both of us seriously ill.

    seriously injured

    badly hurt or injured - chấn thương nặng

    Ví dụ:

    • A worker was seriously injured on Friday after falling 30 ft from scaffolding outside a house in Melksham.
    • One man died and two crewmen were seriously injured on Thursday night when their cargo ship sank near Sai Kung waters.
    • Over 15,500 have been seriously injured and it is estimated that over 50,000 will suffer from battle fatigue.
    • A section of fencing was damaged although it is not thought anyone was seriously injured.
    • One person was killed and another six seriously injured in two crashes on the A64 yesterday.

    seriously wounded

    badly hurt by a weapon - vết thương nặng (bởi vũ khí)

    Ví dụ:

    • Three of the soldiers that I knew as comrades were seriously wounded by shrapnel and gunfire.
    • Orwell joined the militias and went to the front where he was seriously wounded.
    • Haran and Kearney write compassionately but unsentimentally about the young soldiers who were seriously wounded in the war.
    • Several students rushed him and he seriously wounded one before being arrested.
    • Yuan told him that he and a group of men had seriously wounded another man in order to force him to repay a debt.

    serve a purpose

    to be useful, esp. in achieving an aim or performing a function - phục vụ mục đích

    Ví dụ:

    • The sectional championship program will provide a niche and serve a purpose for a broader range of individuals and teams.
    • I saved you because you and your lackeys over there serve a purpose.
    • The syncopated rhythms and island musical flares serve a purpose to the song, rather than being a succession of cartoon tropes.
    • The syncopated rhythms and island musical flares serve a purpose to the song, rather than being a succession of cartoon tropes.
    • Historically, grand juries were sometimes used in American law to serve a purpose similar to an investigatory commission.

    serve interests

    to benefit or support the interests of someone or something - ủng hộ sở thích

    Ví dụ:

    • Nobody denies that the topmost task of the Labor Ministry is to serve the interest of workers.
    • According to the government's Philippine News Agency, KBP believes that the Japanese standard would be the one that will best serve the interest of Filipinos.
    • That level of growth serves the interest of a few and these are the ones who are deemed to be the power behind the throne.

    set a date

    to decide the date on which something in the future will happen - lên kế hoạch/ ngày

    Ví dụ:

    • He knew he had to set a date of departure so he could bid his farewells accordingly, that much was obvious.
    • If he can't respond empathically, calmly speak your disappointment and set a date for his departure.
    • However provoked, the dayanim adjourned without a decision and set a date for a second trial.
    • The countries will set a date for the second round of the working-group session through diplomatic channels, the source said.
    • If satisfied with their findings, the family will then consult an astrologer to set a date.

    set a goal

    to decide what it is you'll try to achieve - đặt mục tiêu

    Ví dụ:

    • The WWRC set a goal of planting 1,000 trees to help reforest the community.
    • Entering this season, Benson set a goal of finishing no worse than sixth in the points race.
    • The moment you set a goal and achieve it, somebody will eventually beat your record and surpass your goal!
    • We made a list and set a goal of playing at least one club on the list by summer's end.
    • A car sharing company, FlexCar, has set a goal of being carbon-neutral.

    set a record

    to achieve a new record in sport, sales, profits, losses, etc. - đạt được thành tích mới

    Ví dụ:

    • But, by the time Al caught his last major-league game, he had set a record by catching in more than 1,900 games.
    • Whether he's trying to set a record for the longest French kiss or getting the pulp beat out of him, his life is never far from exciting.
    • The following season Jackett recruited a number of new defensive players and set a record of seven consecutive home clean sheets, all victories.
    • Chefs at a leading hotel in the kingdom set a record for whipping up the longest-ever Yule Log cake masterpiece in the Middle East.
    • The Society of London Theatre reported that 2007 set a record for attendance in London.

    set a standard

    to set or establish a certain level of quality - đặt tiêu chuẩn

    Ví dụ:

    • His fortifications at Bunker Hill set a standard of service for engineers that continues to this day.
    • It also set a standard by which I subconsciously measure all burgundies and Pinot Noirs.
    • As promised, the Belgian polis showed zero tolerance and set a standard for policing football supporters, other forces might aspire to.
    • But Julia set a standard for far more than a genre that has grown exponentially ever since.
    • They set a standard for the orthography of the language, based on its Old Norse roots and similar to that of Icelandic.

    set an alarm

    to set the time at which the alarm in a phone or alarm clock will ring - đặt báo thức

    Ví dụ:

    • Just as some people awake at the same time each day whether or not they set an alarm, Matta has an internal shot clock.
    • You could also set an alarm clock to awaken you at a designated time.
    • Goods being offered at ultra-low prices should always set alarm bells ringing.
    • Operators can use a touchscreen to raise or lower the temperature and to set alarms to warn of malfunctions that may affect the temperature.

    set fire to | set on fire

    to make something start burning - khiến phát sáng/ nổ/ lửa

    Ví dụ:

    • An arson attack victim has spoken of her fear after finding that firebugs had set fire to her front door.
    • He then set fire to the flat in an attempt to cover up what he had done, before making good his escape.
    • Often the entire base of the bamboo clump is set on fire to facilitate the easy removal of dead bamboo.
    • On June 10, 1991, the University's mink farm was set on fire after a timed incendiary device was detonated.

    set free

    to let someone or something go free - thả (tự do)

    Ví dụ:

    • This was the second time for the rebels to set free abducted members of security forces in recent weeks.
    • The rebels waging the armed insurgency have in the past also set free soldiers or policemen captured during fighting with government forces.
    • All the time he was talking, I was staring at the equipment laid out in front of us and inwardly pining to be set free on it all afternoon.
    • Two of the alleged conspirators have already been set free in Germany for the same reason.
    • He was set free on Police bail pending his second trial on the original charges.

    set menu

    a complete meal with several courses for a fixed price - thực đơn theo set

    Ví dụ:

    • The Dining Room offers a set menu, in which every table gets its own whole roast turkey.
    • We all order the same dish, off a set menu, but in our individually distinctive voices.
    • In this vein, the restaurant is currently offering a lovingly crafted serotinal set menu for the London Restaurant Festival.
    • At Restaurant la Chamade, a pounds 29 set menu includes snails in cream with ham, grilled piglet and Reblochon cheese.
    • After a day outdoors, even the faddiest eater among our group was happy to tuck in to the set menu before bedtime.

    short memory

    If you have a short memory, you can forget things soon after they've happened - trí nhớ ngắn

    Ví dụ:

    • A few beers and a short memory can drive away the day's problems, so the thinking goes.
    • You look back at the last two or three years, you have a short memory, so you think it will always be thus.
    • Those who have damned Woods's second consecutive Masters win as dull have short memory spans.
    • But in Ireland coalition crises come and go, and the electorate proves to have a short memory.
    • The deputy either has a very short memory or is suffering from political amnesia.

    social justice

    fair distribution of wealth, opportunities and privileges in society - công lý xã hội

    Ví dụ:

    • The leadership has been changed from military warriors to social justice warriors.
    • Some of them admit they're afraid that social justice warriors will ruin video games.
    • We get it, you hate social justice warriors, whatever you perceive those to be.
    • I'm not claiming to know the answers, but you don't have to be a social justice warrior to notice something is going very wrong somewhere.
    • Any gathering on this scale calling for peace and social justice would have been exciting.

    social life

    the part of life involving friends and social activities - đời sống xã hội

    Ví dụ:

    • In social life he loved the fishing rod which incidentally was one of the gifts of the Offertory Procession at his Requiem Mass.
    • The food itself, even though important, is, in the main, a way of coalescing social life.
    • Visiting is a mainstay of social life, mostly within the circle of extended family.
    • The more differentiated modern societies become, the greater becomes the possible scope for expressively staging social life.
    • This primarily involves questions about a society's culture, social life, and public sphere.

    solve a problem

    to find the solution to a problem - tìm giải pháp

    Ví dụ:

    • Since time and matter are limited, the resources to solve a problem or to build a complex structure are also limited.
    • As soon as someone tells us how invocations of the supernatural will help us solve a problem, they will be embraced immediately.
    • To solve a problem, you're therefore never very interested in Hindu law in the abstract.
    • Public opinion, even good public opinion, will never stop a horror show, or solve a problem.
    • Say we're sitting around, having a brainstorming sesh to solve a problem.

    spare time

    time when you're free to do whatever you want to do - thời gian rảnh

    Ví dụ:

    • Somehow, with the help of his managers, he runs the company while devoting most of his spare time to refereeing and his family.
    • The Sea Scouts have a fleet of dinghies but this will mean I can practise in my spare time.
    • Many are retired or semi-retired former dog owners who are happy to look after pets in their spare time.
    • In fact, in his spare time, he started tinkering a bit with some metalwork for just such a rifle.
    • But Debbie may not have much spare time for long because she has big plans for the future.

    speedy recovery

    a quicker recovery from illness or injury than usual - hồi phục nhanh chóng

    Ví dụ:

    • We send our love to a wonderful woman and all the best for a speedy recovery.
    • All his of colleagues in the club and his many friends in the wider community wish him a speedy recovery from his illness.
    • The key to a speedy recovery is to quickly get some carbs into your system.
    • He had always been a fast healer, but even he was surprised at his speedy recovery.
    • We would like to pass on our best wishes to the other families involved in this tragedy, and hope that a speedy recovery ensues.

    spend your life

    to use the time you have in life - dành thời gian cuộc đời

    Ví dụ:

    • If you want to spend your life chasing nickel-and-dime papers, you go right ahead.
    • Who said you had to spend your life deleting unwanted e-mail?
    • You won't spend your whole life worrying about money, I hope.
    • Alan spent most of his working life in England, but when he retired he moved to Spain.

    stay awake

    to remain awake, or not go to sleep - thức

    Ví dụ:

    • On this day, Hindus fast and stay awake all night taking part in prayers, meditation and poojas.
    • Or if you can't stay awake, catch up with all the highlights on BBC ONE, evening primetime on Monday 25 March.
    • At night, one of the monks always had to stay awake keeping an eye on the water clock or the sand clock.
    • It's betelnuts, the mildly narcotic seeds from the fruit of the betel pepper, used by truck drivers and labourers to help them stay awake.
    • She was reasonably nocturnal and could stay awake all night when really necessary.

    stay tuned

    keep watching a television broadcast or keep listening to a radio broadcast - bình tĩnh chờ

    Ví dụ:

    • Of course the criminals with victorious armies needn't worry too much yet, but stay tuned.
    • We're currently sorting through the bash of pictures, so stay tuned for photos!
    • Stay tuned for an amazing insight into one athlete's thoughts and experiences after returning a positive drug test.
    • I try not to be conscious of music philosophy, but to stay tuned to attitude and phraseology and the musical vocabulary of the area that spawned me.
    • Stay tuned to your local, fear-mongering newscast to learn absolutely no information of value.

    steady job

    a job that offers constant work and a reliable income - công việc ổn định

    Ví dụ:

    • The father's lack of a steady job, substance abuse, incarceration and domestic violence were among the reasons for not marrying.
    • Find a nice girl and settle down, bring up some children, get a steady job in management.
    • He was a trained painter and decorator with a steady job and a loving family.
    • The company offers a steady job with decent pay and great benefits after college.
    • But suddenly, in this economy, nursing looks more attractive, the prospect of a steady job with guaranteed work at the end of a degree.

    steady relationship

    a serious and stable romantic relationship - mối quan hệ nghiêm túc, bền vững

    Ví dụ:

    • Date rapes have occurred at every stage of involvement, ranging from a pickup in a bar to a first date to a steady relationship.
    • The effect of this revision has been to transform Scotland's regular flirtation with recession into a steady relationship with economic buoyancy.
    • Relationship type mattered with students saying that it is important to use condoms in a casual relationship, but less so in a steady relationship.

    stiff competition

    strong competition from rivals or opponents - đối đầu mạnh mẽ

    Ví dụ:

    • The heifer beat off stiff competition from nine other heifers and eighteen bulls to win the prestigious award.
    • The boom in India's tech industry also means stiff competition for good software developers.
    • They were also given vital tips to hone their innate skills, which would help them face the stiff competition.
    • The stiff competition included every maker of sweet indulgent snacks from cookies to candies to ice cream.
    • In the health arena, however, milk will continue to face stiff competition from its own fruity cousins drinkable yogurts and smoothies.

    straight after

    immediately after something happens or finishes - ngay sau khi

    Ví dụ:

    • Follow the road over the stopstreet and straight after the hotel you will get the entrance to the complex.
    • Coming into the home straight after a fast-paced race, Irish raider Helvetio moves to the head of the field and looks to be cruising.
    • Um, one thing, not a good idea to take kids to the park and spin on things straight after ice creams.
    • It's disappointing straight after the match, but I was beaten by a class player.
    • I did a Masters straight after my BA as I was couldn't decide between finding a job and trying to finish my studies.

    straight ahead

    directly in front - thẳng trước mặt

    Ví dụ:

    • As you go towards the house, the oast is on the right and there is an agricultural barn straight ahead.
    • He had adopted a vacant stare and purposely looked straight ahead as the woman spoke.
    • As the oncoming car turned into the straight ahead of them it dipped its headlights.
    • Steve hoisted the assault rifle off his shoulder, and placed the stock against his shoulder, aiming straight ahead.
    • Suddenly she took off, like a streak, straight ahead, and vanished out of sight.

    straight answer

    an honest and direct answer to a question - câu hỏi thẳng thắn

    Ví dụ:

    • But this is one time when no one should accept not getting a straight answer.
    • But the people he deals with are all evasive to the point that he can't get a straight answer.
    • The only way to truly find out why would be to ask all the coaches how they voted and even then it might be hard to get a straight answer.
    • Rosemary asked him what the problem was but she could not get a straight answer from him.
    • The younger woman kept silent, wishing her mother would just give her a straight answer for a change and stop lecturing.

    straight away

    immediately - ngay lập tức

    Ví dụ:

    • I was careful on the opening lap and could tell straight away that we had lost a lot of the downforce I had been used to.
    • He told the players he was resigning in the dressing room after the match and then left straight away.
    • The lift bumped to a gentle stop at the ground floor and the doors opened, Catherine hurried out straight away and made a beeline for the exit.
    • When I met Melanie I just clicked with her straight away, and I have always got on with her.
    • Also, we are able to utilise him straight away to prevent simple situations from developing into nightmares.

    strike a balance (btw)

    to find a balanced position that's reasonable and fair for all or both sides - cân bằng cho hai bên

    Ví dụ:

    • I try to strike a balance between attention grabbing and classical designs.
    • What he, in fact every one of us needs, is to strike a balance and stay on an even course.
    • The stories strike a balance between being autobiographical and being about society at large.
    • Creamy cones of havarti strike a balance with these salt-and-vinegar stars.
    • I am trying to strike a balance between assertive and fair and stubborn and inflexible.

    strongly support

    to support or believe in somebody or something very much - cực kì ủng hộ

    Ví dụ:

    • We strongly support our volunteer local organizing committees, whose good will and hard work are the keys to success.
    • Although I'm generally undecided about legalizing gambling, I strongly support legalizing poker, e.g. California.
    • The study focuses on math and language arts, and the results strongly support these hypotheses.
    • Many studies strongly support the premise that oxidative stress plays an important role in this carcinogenic process.
    • Our results strongly support the hypothesis of a refolding of the unraveled keratin molecules.

    sure sign

    a sign or evidence that something is happening or definitely true - dấu hiệu chắc chắn

    Ví dụ:

    • He heard her grumbling something unintelligible, a sure sign that she was frustrated.
    • So many mishaps in so short a space of time is a sure sign that there is something seriously wrong with the complex.
    • If your bridge elbow is locked, this is a sure sign of of poor balance and weight distribution.
    • Normally, that ought to be a sure sign to someone like me that I really ought to forget about it.
    • It is a sure sign of mirth when the beards of the guests shake with laughter.

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