"Tất tần tật" Collocation bắt đầu với M nên học trong tiếng anh

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Bên cạnh chuyên mục Điểm báo hằng ngày, như hôm qua IELTS TUTOR vừa đăng điểm bào bài Pandemic Parenting Was Already Relentless. Then Came Summer. (New York Times), đây là cách rất tốt để bạn có thể bổ sung từ vựng cũng như cấu trúc nhé. Hôm nay, IELTS TUTOR sẽ chia sẻ thêm về các collocation bắt đầu bằng chữ M nên học trong tiếng anh cho các bạn nha.

main course

the largest course in a meal - món chính

Ví dụ:

  • The evening meal was also two courses with the main course being some form of meat accompanied with potatoes and either vegetables or a salad.
  • In fact different kinds of bread made in different ways accompanied the main course at meals.
  • Once the size of the main course was set, the sizes of the other sails followed, graded according to the mast and height above deck.
  • For a main course, try nasi goreng, seasoned rice layered with egg and shrimp, served with beef satay and a big, crispy shrimp cracker.
  • Stews, roasts, and casseroles with vegetable, salads, sour pickles, and sauerkraut make up the usual main course.

main road

a wide road with lots of traffic - đường chính/ đường lớn

Ví dụ:

  • Late in the evening, Frank Cain is driving down an unlighted stretch of the main road into San Marcello, near Jensen Hill.
  • At approximately 250 metres from the main road is a small unregarded house and in this house lives the most unsuspecting person in the world.
  • Teams dug through the debris after clearing part of the main road and rebuilding the mine brattices as they advanced.
  • The main road bridge across the Clarence River was washed away and access was only by punt across the river.
  • As we reach the main road, thankfully the pace starts to subside, with athletes stringing out in front and behind me.

make a bed

to neatly arrange the sheets, blankets and pillows on a bed - dọn gường

Ví dụ:

  • According the comments, I don't know how to make a bed properly.
  • They also relearn simple tasks, such as how to cook, make a bed, and go to the grocery store.
  • Make a bed of bibb lettuce and watercress leaves on each plate. Arrange the grapefruit and avocado sections on top.
  • Make a bed of risotto on the palm of one hand, put a tablespoon of ragu into the centre, close your hand and complete the ball with a little more risotto.

make a decision

to decide what to do - quyết định

Ví dụ:

  • As version upgrades can easily take 12 months, customers will soon have to make a decision about their future plans.
  • There were pros and cons and I reckoned I'd need a day or two to weigh them up and make a decision.
  • I reckon that whatever court it be, it should base on facts to make a decision and make a judgment.
  • When I'm forced to make a decision, I'll often use some random means to help me make up my mind.
  • Give yourself a little time to let the sadness recede and then make a decision.

make a difference

to cause a situation or condition to change - thay đổi

Ví dụ:

  • You can make a difference, as long as you live in a swing state and don't throw away your vote on a third party!
  • You can be a leader in transforming your community into a drug-free area and make a difference to the world tomorrow.
  • Screening a patient for an illness carries with it the implicit promise that we can make a difference by treating the illness.
  • They spoke in a careworn fashion that made me give up hope that music and art might make a difference to anything.
  • We can make a difference in helping families become stewards of God's precious gift of time together.

make a fortune

to make a huge amount of money - phạt tài

Ví dụ:

  • Writing books about how to make a fortune on the Internet seems like a great method.
  • However, their quick wits and intelligence often brings them through, and they may make a fortune from nothing.
  • They all charge such extortionate admission charges they must make a fortune.
  • Each spring, boatyards and suppliers make a fortune repairing and replacing parts damaged during the harsh winter months.
  • He was an expert topiarist and his friends said he could make a fortune if got some brochures done and set his sights beyond the village.

make a fuss

to create unnecessary excitement or concern about something - làm lớn chuyện không cần thiết

Ví dụ:

  • It seems to be one of the rules of life nowadays that those who want to get something done have to make a fuss, and keep on making a fuss.
  • Time to actually talk to patients, make a fuss of the kids and have a laugh.
  • The airline originally attempted to triple the fee for the ticket change, but reckoned without Gabereau's ability to make a fuss.
  • Do any of you really believe that a teacher sits at home plotting how to make a fuss about any one kid at school?
  • There was a toughness about him which made him make light of illnesses most of us would make a fuss about.

make a living

to earn money for the things you need in life - kiếm sống

Ví dụ:

  • Millions of us manage to make a living every day without wearing the skins of dead minks.
  • He said the book was of interest to natives, emigrants and blow-ins like himself who are in the town to make a living.
  • Many people became miners to make a living and thousands died of miner's diseases such as black lung and silicosis.
  • My dad had been a trumpeter, too, but became a pianist because it was easier to make a living that way.
  • If you can whip up a decent bhelpuri rest assured you will make a living in Mumbai city.

make a mess

to create an untidy or disorganized state or situation - làm rối tung

Ví dụ:

  • It'll make a mess of it if you put it into the Middle East equation as well.
  • We can do whatever we want as long as we don't make a mess or at least clean up after ourselves.
  • The cooks could serve a similar dish to the spaghetti but with short pasta, which is less likely to make a mess.
  • Poor workmanship by the decoration team may still make a mess of your house even though you have paid for good materials.
  • We don't make a mess in the kitchen and we're mostly out of the library anyway.

make a mistake

to do something that's wrong or has bad results - gây lỗi

Ví dụ:

  • I have a bit of dyslexia and like to take time when composing email, posts, coding, and such to make sure that I don't make a mistake.
  • If you make a mistake, wipe away the pencil mark with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol.
  • If you do make a mistake with a hybrid tea, a floribunda or a shrub rose, it is not too much trouble to pull it up.
  • Note that if your new drive is unformatted, all you'll get if you make a mistake is an error.
  • I would want none of my people ever to make a mistake or ever to get tired or ever miss a fact in a statement.

make a note (of)

to write down something so that you don't forget it - ghi chú

Ví dụ:

  • To start, make a note of the colors and textures in your home's building stone, roofing tiles and garden walls.
  • Less frequently, patients keep their record booklet and make a note of the result and dose following a telephone call from the hospital.
  • All agreed it was a good idea to make a note of what they had eaten if they noticed their baby seemed more gassy or fussy.
  • When you fuel yourself with foods that your body is craving, make a note of how they've sated your appetite or how you felt after eating them.
  • He'd put on his favourite records, sometimes singing along, and I'd make a note of the ones I liked best.

make a profit

to make money from business or investments - kiếm lời

Ví dụ:

  • Entrepreneurs have no qualms about destroying traditional ways of life if they can make a profit.
  • But what they are basically looking for is evidence that the horseman is trying to make a profit.
  • Never mind, anyone who wants to make a profit from education is obviously evil and best kept far from our little ones.
  • Very few villagers own lots of land large enough to be able to make a profit from selling their crops in the market.
  • We know blogging has hit the mainstream for sure when companies are trying to make a profit on what started as a grass-roots effort.

make a reservation

to book or reserve a seat on a train, a table in a restaurant, a room in a hotel, etc. - đặt hẹn

Ví dụ:

  • Each time you make a reservation, the room status is updated and the customer details are added to your hotel database.
  • Try to make a reservation for the low season or the shoulder season for the cheapest fare.
  • Whether or not you are a Sound of Music fan, make a reservation and enjoy a delicious meal in a beautiful setting.

make amends

to do something to show you're sorry for your bad behaviour in the past - cải tà quy chánh

Ví dụ:

  • Countless rug burns and torn knee ligaments later, they tried to make amends by vacating the dome for a retro stadium.
  • The event was organized by the District Council to make amends with locals disgruntled by weeks of traffic delays caused by roadworks.
  • I can be quite hard and cruel sometimes, I know that, but I do feel contrition and try to make amends.
  • Before the game their players arranged a private meeting in which they pledged to make amends for a disappointing league placing.
  • In these instances, it is rare for the more illustrious team not to make amends for their sloppiness second time around.

make an appointment

to arrange a date and time to visit an office, clinic, dentist, doctor, etc. - đặt hẹn

Ví dụ:

  • She was dismayed to discover that when she phoned to make an appointment for a routine check-up late last year she could not do so.
  • Some GUM clinics have drop in times, when you don't need to make an appointment.
  • I'd make an appointment with him or another accredited plastic surgeon to discuss your options.
  • You can make an appointment by calling 931-3385, or just stop in if you happen to be passing by and feel a yen to yak.

make an effort

to put time and energy into doing something - cố gắng vào việc gì

Ví dụ:

  • It is important for us to cooperate with each other and make an effort to take a bold leap.
  • I was too stunned to make an effort to piece together my disheveled appearance.
  • I didn't make an effort to disguise my emotions or hide my tears, which were slowly beginning to fall.
  • All residents are asked to make an effort to support this initiative and children are also encouraged to participate.
  • People should make an effort to learn more about it before they go dissing it, because there's lots of different kinds of feminism.

make an excuse

to give a reason for doing something you shouldn't do, or for not doing something you should do - biện hộ

Ví dụ:

  • If they turn you down or make an excuse, thank them anyway and tell them to have a nice day.
  • But I realise they all need time on their own and make an excuse that I need cash from the hole in the wall.
  • On the day she arrives at his hut, she attempts to make an excuse that she cannot play the piano because it is out of tune.
  • Are you often short with others, and do you make excuses for your shortness?
  • He is not proud of his criminality, but he also doesn't make excuses for it.

make an offer

to state a price you're willing to pay for something - đưa thỏa thuận

Ví dụ:

  • You can make an offer to buy but the seller can accept or refuse the offer.
  • But, the ones who can really make an offer that can't be refused are the Indians, or, in particular, any Bihari.
  • You don't know whether to cast caution to the wind and make an offer, or wait to see if something better comes along.
  • Reportedly, he's close to a deal with the Giants, while the Yankees have yet to make an offer.
  • An official college transcript is not reviewed until the company decides to make an offer.

make arrangements

to arrange all aspects of an event such as a wedding, funeral, meeting, conference, etc. - sắp xếp

Ví dụ:

  • Fees are payable termly, in advance, although many schools will make arrangements for fees to be paid on a monthly basis throughout the year.
  • Smith was also empowered to make arrangements for a mass meeting, but action was delayed until the following month.
  • I'll just go take Blake to make arrangements and the rest of you sit tight.
  • If you make arrangements to pay some creditors but not others, you could run into difficulties again.
  • It may be necessary to make arrangements for a banker's draft prior to the sale.

make believe

to pretend that something is real or true - giả vờ một việc là sự thật

Ví dụ:

  • I always thought that those psycho girls who stalked band members and actors were just make believe, until now.
  • A group of little girls slap makeup on a friend and make her the bride in a make believe wedding.
  • I'm going to make believe I am acting before an audience and forget that I am doing 10 days in the hoosegow.
  • The make believe world of predicate logic was a mere conservative extension of finitism.
  • She had enjoyed slipping away into their make believe world and pretending she was the heroine.

make changes

to change something in specific ways - thay đổi

Ví dụ:

  • I knew I needed to make changes and I went on holiday for a few days to visit a friend and totally unplugged from work.
  • As we conclude that the leaders have failed to make changes, we are currently in dire need of new blood in leadership positions.
  • Now, as a managing director of The Transitions Institute, she's helping executives make changes like the one she just made.
  • They are against the Bill and hope to make changes before it reaches its final reading.

make clear

to make something easy to understand, or to express yourself clearly - làm rõ

Ví dụ:

  • There, he needs to eat crow, apologise for his mistakes and make clear that he is turning a new page.
  • Hull, however, would draw up an agreement which would make clear it owns the meadows and will be responsible for their upkeep.
  • The internal rhyme of issue and tissue, and their complex play of meanings make clear this fusion of flesh and fabric.
  • It does no more than make clear the extent of the liability for the tort in which the tortfeasor joins and thus does not advance the analysis.
  • I want to make clear again that the minutes of the meeting will show that no clear position was reached on this.

make friends

to form new friendships - kết bạn

Ví dụ:

  • What kind of women did she make friends with, and what kind of men did she date?
  • For some reason, it seems as though here you make friends with more people from around the world than from Canada alone.
  • Find out how a smooth-talking felon managed to build trust and make friends in a small town.
  • Not only is it a chance to gen up on language skills, it is a fabulous opportunity to make friends abroad and travel in Europe.
  • You are a person who can make friends in the highest social categories as well as with persons of an inferior status.

make progress

to get closer to a goal, or to improve in ability - tiến trình

Ví dụ:

  • The report deprecates the failure to make progress to remedy the effects of previous discriminatory legislation affecting property rights.
  • Yesterday, the Rotunda Hospital in Dublin reported that the two-week old quins were continuing to make progress.
  • However, the transmission has a tendency to kick down into first gear all too easily, which can make progress around town a little jerky.
  • Ron, is this something the president can chip away at and make progress on between now and November?
  • We are prepared to roll up our sleeves and work for as long as necessary to make progress.

make sb feel sth

to cause somebody to feel a certain way - khiến ai đó cảm thấy

Ví dụ:

  • I've just realised that I'm speaking from the position of someone who doesn't find that rules make me feel safe.
  • I thought it was one of those vituperative, ugly personal hate contributions I sometimes get which make me feel ill all day.
  • He made me drink this glass of chalky, orangey liquid, insisting that it would make me feel better.
  • Please, if you are going to send me hate mail, at least make me feel like you worked at it.
  • It may not do anything for my friend's mood, but it will make me feel a whole lot better, that's for sure.

make sense

If an idea, plan or action "makes sense", it's sensible and rational and not stupid or likely to fail. - một kế hoạch hợp lí

Ví dụ:

  • Getting into a car with a drunk driver doesn't make sense, does it?
  • Voting for politicians who'll cut taxes for rich people only makes sense if you're rich.

If a sentence or statement "makes sense", it can be understood by the people who read it or hear it - một mệnh đề dễ hiểu

Ví dụ:

  • "Chickens can't fly" makes sense, but "flies can't chicken" makes no sense at all.
  • Einstein's theory of relativity made sense to very few people when he first wrote about it.

make sth easy

to cause something to be less difficult - đơn giản hóa

Ví dụ:

  • The loose electrons make it easy for electricity to flow through these materials, so they are known as electrical conductors.
  • Plus, having hundreds of voluptuous women on their side would make it easy to recruit more men.
  • Some gums now make it easy for dairy processors to add the benefits of soluble fiber to products without imparting an undesirable thickness.
  • Sallee's arrangements are simple, singable and make it easy to teach adherence to the printed page.
  • Three mooring buoys at her bow and stern make it easy to find your way up and down.

make sure

to check so that you're sure about something - chắc chắc rằng

Ví dụ:

  • When working with contact cement, make sure your work area is well ventilated.
  • Before the key goes into the ignition, before the gear goes into drive, make sure you weigh all the risks.
  • Start by finding a list of practices near where you live, as surgeries have boundary limits and you need to make sure you're within their area.
  • Merriman plays as both a defensive end and outside linebacker, and quarterbacks better make sure they know where he is.

married couple

two people who are married to one another - cặp đôi đã kết hôn

Ví dụ:

  • Everyone knows we will some day be a happily married couple, destined for great things.
  • The film is a remake of a 1977 film which saw George Segal and Jane Fonda playing a married couple who turn to crime to pay the bills.
  • Looking back I suppose it was quite comical, we must have looked like a right old married couple.
  • One day a married couple presented themselves at the lost property office to report the loss of the wife's wristlet watch.
  • As Marian and Lewes continued to live together as man and wife, people generally began to accept them as a married couple.

mass market

the great majority of people who buy goods in a society - thị trường đại chúng

Ví dụ:

  • It's now vital that the company produce a new mid-range car with mass market appeal.
  • What had been a niche market for technology nerds soon became a mass market as consumers discovered the benefits of computing, said Atherton.
  • They could gear their production to produce vast amounts of whatever the mass market wanted.
  • Stardust will be coming out soon in a mass market paperback edition, with a cover that is meant to look like an old brass-bound diary.
  • Others are mass market publications that are an inexpensive introduction to classics.

medical care

help given to someone who's sick or injured - chăm sóc người bệnh

Ví dụ:

  • Some infants may need to be admitted to the hospital for medical care in order to stabilize acute condition.
  • Anyone who begins to have recurring, shaking chills up to one year after returning home from abroad should seek professional medical care.
  • A web of social, medical, legal and political circumstances conspire against the medical care of women inmates.
  • In the case of medical care, I'd like to see an end of the private sector and people jumping the queue because they have more money than others.
  • She got away with this, but are we to be mercilessly reduced to cogs in the wheels of medical care systems over which we have lost all control?

medical history

all the illnesses, injuries and treatments that someone has had in the past - bệnh sử

Ví dụ:

  • Also available is an online shopping service that lists recommended foods based on a person's medical history.
  • Her prior medical history was otherwise only remarkable for a quiescent ulcerative colitis.
  • His past medical history is significant for multiple hospitalizations for rhabdomyolysis, diabetes, hepatitis C, and psoriasis.
  • When taking a medical history, it is also important to take a dietary history to ask about the use of laxatives or diuretics.
  • Many physicians make a presumptive diagnosis of allergic rhinitis based on the medical history.

meet a need

to provide what is needed - đáp ứng nhu cầu

Ví dụ:

  • Yet again, we're being offered a product to meet a need that doesn't exist.
  • The Empanadas Bites meet a need for a hot, savory, high-protein breakfast and a snack option.
  • Dr. Stopes has attempted to meet the need of such seekers, and her book will certainly be warmly welcomed by them.
  • Officials of Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Ventura County said Friday that there are not enough men who have volunteered to meet the need in the county.

meet a standard

to reach a certain standard or level of quality, safety, etc. - đáp ứng tiêu chuẩn

Ví dụ:

  • If the metric does not meet standards, it might indicate a problem with training, or it might signal a significant problem that will affect the wing's performance.
  • In November 2002, officials there concluded that Kugler, but not his coauthors, was guilty of negligence and that the paper didn't meet standards of good scientific practice.
  • What are the basic minimum requirements for one to set up a restaurant and do these so called restaurants meet the standards?
  • Many private homes have closed, being unable to meet the standards, disrupting the lives of many elderly and very frail people.
  • She has also trained herself to meet the standards of a graceful, understanding, good-tempered and virtuous wife.

meet a target

to reach the number or amount set as a target, e.g. in sales, profits, savings, website traffic, etc. - đạt tiêu chuẩn

Ví dụ:

  • Amien said that his party has failed to meet the target to become one of the big three winners in the legislative election.
  • Reymond said that the agency would still pin its hopes primarily on proceeds from banks' divestment programs to meet the target.
  • Those who were not able to meet the target suffered a penalty and were likely fired.
  • Family Planning Association official, as saying he is optimistic Indonesia can meet the target because it has managed already to limit its birthrate.

mental illness

illness causing thoughts or feelings that seriously disrupt a person's normal state of mind - bệnh tâm thần

Ví dụ:

  • Finally let me address prevention of mental illness and promotion of mental health.
  • The exhibit looks at the lives of people living with mental illness within mental institutions.
  • It is time that this Government took mental illness and mental health seriously.
  • A delusional disorder is a mental illness within the meaning of the Mental Health Act.
  • The future effects are unknown, but drug experts fear they may include irreversible brain damage or mental illness.

miles away

far away, or a long way from a particular place - xa

Ví dụ:

  • His writings state the abbey founded a large farmstead, or grange, and a water mill 20 miles away near Wharram Percy, south of Malton.
  • A sharp metallic clang could be heard, echoing throughout the whole forest stirring up many different animals from even miles away.
  • But scarcely 20 miles away, a new four-lane toll road is a giant step backward.
  • He could spot hypocrisy, pomposity, smugness, snobbery, tomfoolery and turpitude from miles away.
  • Sometimes he would get that faraway look, like he was a million miles away.

miss a flight

to arrive too late to board a flight on a plane - lỡ chuyến bay

Ví dụ:

  • If you miss a flight, the airline will likely cancel the down line.
  • Why not institute a policy whereby those who've paid up front are guaranteed their seats and if they miss the flight, then tough luck?
  • I fell asleep at the airport and nearly missed my flight.
  • The flight I was close to missing was the last one of the day.

miss a goal

to try to score a goal, but fail - lỡ ghi điểm

Ví dụ:

  • But the attack will miss the goal poaching capabilities of nippy corner-forward Billy Sheehan.
  • Lionel doesn't often miss goals when he gets the chance to score them.
  • If Andrea had missed that goal in the last minute, her team wouldn't have won.

miss an opportunity

to have an opportunity to do something, but fail to do it - lỡ cơ hội

Ví dụ:

  • However, he would not miss an opportunity to stare poverty and human misery in its face in any of the countries he visited.
  • He had a natural affinity with the tribe and would never miss an opportunity to be with them, interact with them and frequently get into discussions with them.
  • He would never miss an opportunity, in the prologues or epilogues to these programs, to discourse upon the importance of being frightened, of having your spine tingled.
  • There's no way for me to find out a girl's attitude toward kino without giving it a try and pushing some limits, so I never miss an opportunity to touch her.

mixed feelings

different emotions, or conflicting impulses, felt at the same time - cảm xúc lẫn lộn

Ví dụ:

  • I had mixed feelings, however, about the imposition of Western literary references on the study.
  • However, the Oompa-Loompas, a rare tribe of identical pygmies who work for Wonka provoke mixed feelings.
  • Rather than being a time for full-hearted celebration, it was a time for deeply mixed feelings.
  • He was preparing to attend a college prep school, something he had mixed feelings about.
  • All these details whirl round the hub of a performance by Stephens that excites decidedly mixed feelings.

moral obligation

moral requirement to do something because you know it's the right thing to do - nghĩa vụ đạo đức

Ví dụ:

  • In came moral obligation bonds, in came lenient judges and cops, in came the most extravagant state government in the nation.
  • On the other hand, a duty is a moral obligation to do one specific thing over another without the freedom to decide.
  • His moral obligation would be to give us the names of the donors of the black money.
  • Rob, though, feels a professional and moral obligation to put technicalities in plain terms.
  • What was once given as a gesture of goodwill has become a moral obligation.

more or less

somewhat, fairly or almost - gần như

Ví dụ:

  • The game was more or less over, so we left.
  • Most people said they were more or less happy in their jobs.

approximately - tương đương

Ví dụ:

  • I spent $50 a day, more or less.
  • Their farm's on 50 acres of land, more or less an acre or two.

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