"Tất tần tật" từ vựng Academic bắt đầu bằng L nên học trong tiếng anh

· Academic words

Dưới đây IELTS TUTOR xin gửi đến các bạn danh sách các từ vựng Academic bắt đầu bằng chữ L nên học trong tiếng anh.

1. Laborious

Requiring or showing much effort - khó nhọc, gian khổ/ cần cù, chịu khó

IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

  • They may be work trucks, but pickups needn't be laborious to drive, the No.2 auto maker maintains.
  • A manual count is a laborious process whereby each ballot is scrutinised individually by local electoral officials.
  • No ploughs were allowed, with the idea of making the prisoners' work laborious, so the convicts responded with the government stroke.
  • India, for instance, makes short-term assignments impractical because of laborious visa requirements.
  • He grows perpetual carnations, a laborious and painstaking business, putting a collar on each one to prevent it from splitting before a show.

2. Languish

Become weak or feeble, be forced to remain in an unpleasant place – úa tàn, ốm yếu

IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

    • That is why, according to traditional theology, unbaptized babies have to languish in limbo for all eternity.
    • The surface of the table has become distressed by time. There would be no space beneath such a thing to languish.
    • While equities languish, precious metals such as gold have seen their value soar as investors seek a safe haven during uncertain times.
    • More than 40 million Indonesians languish in unemployment, official data shows.
    • Why do you have to go to law school and live with your girlfriend and leave me behind to languish and molder in this cursed workplace?

    3. Lately

    recently - gần đây

    IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

      • James, real quickly, we've mentioned the sequoias, but lately haven't talked about the importance of these trees.
      • And I'm freaking hungry because all I've been eating lately is rabbit food.
      • Linda had been cautious around the men at first, though she hadn't snubbed them, but lately she was beginning to warm up to their attentions.
      • This is surely one of the best accounts of the concerto to be released lately.
      • Work had been slow lately and he had to go hunt on his own account, which is why he was out that night.

      4. Latent

      Existing but not yet developed, apparent or active - ngấm ngầm

      IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

        • In healthy patients, the acute infection is asymptomatic and becomes latent within the neuroparenchyma.
        • Adding to latent mistrust of West Paksitan among Bengalis was the duumvirate's removal of him from Prime Ministership.
        • latent fingerprint examiner must then review the list for a final determination.
        • During latent infection, the viral genome persists as an episome, and viral gene expression is highly restricted.
        • It is mostly the latent heat from condensation of the water vapor that energizes the storm.

        5. Lateral

        Of, at, to or from the side or sides - ở bên

        IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

          • The results show that lateral roots play an important role in anchorage, and that co-operation between roots may be the most significant factor.
          • The bulk of axial water movement through the elongation zone occurs through xylem elements in the midrib and large lateral veins.
          • Side plates are decorative additions placed on the lateral margins of flintlock muskets opposite the lock plate.
          • Those near the midline project to ventral muscle, whereas lateral neurons project to muscles derived from the dorsal muscle mass.
          • Their major breakthrough was relocating the exhaust ports from a peripheral to a lateral position.

          6. Lavish

          Very rich, elaborate, luxurious, generous - nhiều, rộng rãi

          IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

            • Geneva had wanted a lavish one, filled with gifts and smiles, dance and music, and food that tasted of ambrosia.
            • The lavish event was then rounded off nicely with quiet Tequila and Jagermeister nightcaps and jovial banter amongst the attendees.
            • The lucky quartet have now been happily rehoused in conditions much more lavish than they were used to.
            • She dedicated her lavish folio volume, in large print, to her brother-in-law, Sir Charles Cavendish, in gratitude.
            • With its detailed narrative, lavish photography and all-star cast, this was more of a short film than an ad.​

            7. Laurel

            Honor or praise, To honor, especially with an award or a prize – vinh dự, nguyệt quế

            IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

              • Laurel will produce aromatic fruit pies, nut-filled cookies and biscotti, and other nostalgic treats in their seasons.
              • Laurel makes an attractive alternative with its large, glossy light-reflecting leaves and wide capacity.
              • They enjoyed the laurels of their military victory. 
              • The player earned his laurels from years of hard work.

              8. Lax

              Not strict severe or careful - lỏng lẻo, không nghiêm

              IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

                • The underworked muscles become lax and will lengthen, and the overworked ones shorten and will become tight.
                • He told police that security there was so lax others had already successfully targeted it before him.
                • Each state then set its own standards for naturalizing new citizens, and New York's were lax.
                • Is this Government so slack, so lax, and so incompetent that it has not actually considered that issue before today?
                • It's that lax moral turpitude that's made Britain the great world power it is today.

                9. Legacy

                Handed down by a predecessor - thừa kế

                IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

                  • Mendieta's legacy seems to ripple outward like circles of waves radiating from a stone cast in the water.
                  • Shaw requested that the income from his legacy should be distributed to subsidise cultural activities in Carlow.
                  • legacy is something which we deposit into this life that will outlast us for generations to come.
                  • For his mate, Faye, was a Seer, blessed with second sight, a legacy of her Romany forebears.
                  • While Sinn Fein has come a long way in a relatively short space of time, its mirky legacy remains.

                  10. Leisure

                  Time spent not working, not busy-free, in an unhurried way - thì giờ rỗi rãi

                  IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

                    • Leisure time spent in masculine environments such as black boardinghouses, city quays, grog shops, and city jails all facilitated friendships.
                    • Leisure and relaxation are not laziness but rather an appreciation of taste and quality in life.
                    • Leisure activities including birdwatching, fishing, canoeing and wildfowling are permitted.
                    • Leisure activities available in the county include beach activities, rambling, cycling, sea fishing, canoeing, sailing and horse riding.

                    11. Legendary

                    Described in legends, famous - huyền thoại, cổ tích

                    IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

                      • There was one last shuffle of positions as they prepared for another legendary story.
                      • The temple, now identified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, replicates the legendary Chariot of the Sun.
                      • The best known and most prevalent of legendary figures in the rock paintings of western Arnhem Land are the mimi.
                      • The legendary ash tree of Scandinavia, Yggdrasil, forms the basis of Norse mythology.
                      • But the legendary creations disappeared in July, when Rosa, a married, 60-year-old father of two, underwent sextuple heart bypass surgery.

                      12. Legible

                      Clear enough to read - rõ ràng, dễ đọc

                      IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

                        • Some parts are painted white to assist with light diffusion, but the essential texture and character of the material is still legible.
                        • Short correspondence like thank-you notes can be handwritten if your handwriting is legible.
                        • I continued reading past the scribbles, where the handwriting once again became legible.
                        • Records that were not legible or understandable could not be assessed for appropriateness.
                        • I stared at the note, wishing that the mystery person had more legible handwriting.

                        13. League

                        A class of quality or excellence - đồng minh, liên minh

                        IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

                          • Consolation was a UEFA Cup place and FA Premier League Manager of the Year Award for Burley.
                          • Shearer remains the highest scoring player in Premier League history with 260 goals in 441 appearances.
                          • Winners of some selected domestic League Cup competitions are also admitted.
                          • Between the two coups, the four interned Awami League leaders were assassinated by army men in Dhaka Central Jail.
                          • The final is played in May, on the Wednesday ten days before the Champions League final.

                          14. Legislate

                          Make laws - làm luật

                          IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

                            • After a six-week deadlock, the third estate proclaimed itself a National Assembly with sole power to legislate taxation.
                            • The Scottish executive plans to legislate to change the law, extending rights of adoption.
                            • But something about having to legislate those rules of fair play rankles me.
                            • Furthermore, the council was a purely advisory body and had no powers to legislate.
                            • That is what we mean when we say the States cannot legislate about these matters in federal jurisdiction.

                            15. Lenient

                            Not strict, merciful – khoan dung

                            IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

                              • The rule seems to be lenient when it comes to dealing with the persons who have a friend at court, so to say.
                              • He said the daytime curfew was very restrictive and said they took a more lenient view.
                              • However, three factors eventually tipped the balance in favor of comparatively lenient policies.
                              • The British press has been atypically lenient in its review of his atrociously indecorous behaviour.
                              • It is the view of the Attorney General that the total sentence of twelve years was, in all the circumstances, unduly lenient.

                              16. Lethal

                              Able to cause death - gây chết người

                              IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

                                • Even in good conditions 70 miles per hour on the motorway is a potentially lethal speed if you are tailgating the car in front.
                                • A leaked memo indicates the police were authorized to use lethal force if they felt threatened.
                                • If it is needed, a defibrillating shock interrupts the potentially lethal rhythm and gives it the chance to start beating normally.
                                • Special calculations are used when translating animal LD50 values to possible lethal dose values for humans.
                                • The intent, of course, is to accomplish the mission without having to resort to lethal force.

                                17. Lexical

                                Of words - thuộc từ vựng học

                                IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

                                  • Thus we see that lexical elements can surface different hyponymies depending on the inclusion chain that is followed.
                                  • The use of pseudowords in addition to real words allowed us to assess suffixation without support of lexical knowledge.
                                  • The paper considers similarities and differences between names in Hebrew and Arabic as a specific lexical group within their vocabularies.
                                  • Experiments 1 and 2 investigated the influence of an orthographic lexical context upon spoken word discrimination.
                                  • Oral-language assessments must measure the essential elements of knowing a language, not just lexical knowledge

                                  18. Liability

                                  A person or thing likely to cause embarrassment or trouble, a debt, the state of being liable: của nợ, trách nhiệm pháp lý

                                  IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

                                    • The Chapter opens with a discussion of the general principles governing a bank's liability.
                                    • Other communities place restrictions on owners, such as requiring that they carry liability insurance or muzzle their pets in public.
                                    • Erratic though its incidence is, the liability is a tax upon the ownership of land.
                                    • However, it is not clear how far this undercuts the arguments for limited liability.
                                    • The funds covered expenses for the boxers' undercards, medical bills, liability insurance, and the boxing commission.

                                    19. Liberalize

                                    Make less strict - mở rộng tự do

                                    IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

                                      • Measures to reduce border costs, harmonize technical standards, and liberalize public procurement expose firms to the rigours of competition.
                                      • Even before the war, the movement to liberalize world trade further had stalled.
                                      • He introduced many new reforms which attempted to modernize and liberalize the system rather than destroy it.
                                      • Johnston predicts that Japan will be compelled to liberalize its strict immigration policies.
                                      • Would you suggest that we liberalize our markets like the electricity deregulation in California?

                                      20. Linger

                                      Be slow or reluctant to leave, spend a long time - kéo dài, chậm trễ

                                      IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

                                        • During the first ten days of July the lodge is surrounded by male steinbocks, that linger for a few days before seeking cooler habitats.
                                        • Ireland will be the richer as the memories linger on, she told the thousands that had gathered.
                                        • The cost of the debt will linger on long after the World Cup has come and gone.
                                        • Rigid chairs and bland decor did not encourage us to linger over coffee, mugged or otherwise.
                                        • Six decades on, few of the legacies of the war and the independence of its former colony linger on.

                                        21. Linguist

                                        A person skilled in foreign languages, a person who studies linguistics - nhà ngôn ngữ học, người biết nhiều thứ tiếng

                                        IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

                                          • He is a linguist and fluently speaks in Urdu, Persian, Tamil, Nepali, Bengali, Hindi and Assamese, besides English and Khasi languages.
                                          • As a Chomskyan linguist I would argue in favour of an ethical system based on our own innate ethics.
                                          • A true Renaissance man, he is described by biographers as an artist, poet, writer, journalist, linguist, naturalist, and philosopher.
                                          • The major data source for the linguist is not a corpus of attested utterances but a native speaker's intuitions.
                                          • Peter Farb, a linguist and anthropologist, carried out a fascinating study about baby talk.

                                          22. Liquidate

                                          Converts assets into cash – thanh lý/ thanh toán

                                          IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

                                            • Whenever one becomes insolvent, liquidate it and create a new one under new management.
                                            • The consumer operation will keep running for a few weeks to liquidate inventory.
                                            • You might even be forced to liquidate personal assets to pay off creditors.
                                            • The only way out from the deadlock situation is to liquidate the scandalous holding and start anew.
                                            • One wonders how the inoperative council is supposed to generate the much needed finances to liquidate the debts.

                                            23. Loathe

                                            Feel hatred and disgust for - ghét, kinh tởm

                                            IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

                                              • This new experience had given her a sense of peace which she was loathe to let go of.
                                              • While she was a singer first and foremost, she is loathe to choose between her two loves.
                                              • Minutes are precious and Mason is loathe to fritter them away on technical difficulties.
                                              • I know the generality of them, therefore I am loathe to put in an opinion when I do not know the full facts.
                                              • The Geordies love him, opponents loathe him but he's crafty, cunning and still top class.

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